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Photo By Emma Brick, Japan Folk Stage Art, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Full Moon perfects at 2:05 PM PDT on the 1st at 9 Aries 08, the Moon and Earth meeting just after passing over Chiron (the Earth by a couple of days, the Moon by a couple of hours), and with which the Full Moon is still conjoined. It suggests that FM events arise from our wounds–not necessarily hurtful at present (in fact, hurts that are likely tucked away, out of sight, or which we think we’ve grown past), but injuries centered in those factors of personal autonomy, expression of Will, leadership, and temper/ anger that we’ve not yet faced and/ or processed. These can be ego wounds (held purely within the emotions or psyche) or they may be related to actions taken and the repercussions and reactions these brought, or to actions not taken, and our regrets, particularly about things we could’ve been or roles we could’ve played, that are now (to our way of thinking) out of reach.

Since this is a Full Moon in Aries, it brings to culmination something about identity and role, especially about who we think we are. It’s the Self-image, the sum total of all our choices, viewed through the mental lens (Aries rules the head, after all–it’s where we ‘look out’ from at the world). This Moon is very much about conclusions or arriving at a pinnacle related to the Self-image we carry inside, and at least some of that may involve how singular we feel, how connected to others, how independent, how ‘different’, and how this state might wound us, as well. The semi-sextile the Moon makes to Uranus makes us aware of all the ways we may ‘stick out’, be unusual or seen as ‘foreign’, and it could emphasize our sense of being alone, or conversely, our sense of being a part of ‘the Group’, but perhaps not adequately appreciated or even seen.

The Full Moon also makes a novile to Ceres, the asteroid at 29 tense degrees, suggesting a crisis situation that we can address in some brilliant way. The implication is that what happens at the FM sparks a new way of approaching health and what we ingest (in all forms, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, especially when this intake is unconscious, shown by the presence of the Moon in the equation), gives us clever ways to benefit from, support, and interact with Mother Nature (and this can be anything from understanding and respecting our own impulses and nature to caring for our little piece of the planet), and can show us adept ways to negotiate for what we want (remember Ceres was able to negotiate even with someone as powerful as Pluto/ Hades and successfully get her desires met, within reason–and that might be something to remember here, that if our asks are appropriate, we can get them). And that leads us to this: in the overall scheme of things, this aspect promises we will find excellent and beneficial ways of dealing with Power, whether it’s expressing our own, gaining more, or dealing with those who have the power to influence us.

And that’s it, a very simple but striking aspect picture for this Aries Full Moon: it’s about us, our role and how we see ourselves, it’s about the Power picture in our lives, it’s about where and how we might feel isolated/ ostracized and just as much where we feel we fit in, and it suggests another important effort to ‘get along’ with Mother Nature.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images’. Let’s also note the Sabian for the Sun, source of the Moon’s light: ‘Having Passed Through Narrow Rapids, A Canoe Reaches Calm Waters’. The combined message seems to be that Full Moon events will offer a new take on what already is, will re-frame the status quo in such a way that we reach a peaceful détente with whatever has been harrowing or threatening personal serenity. Obviously, there’s a lot that can torment us nowadays, but this promises a fresh understanding of and approach to what has been trying–and that’s nothing but good.

Together Sabians and aspects tell us that we will enjoy a new and more tranquil sense of ‘I Am’–I for one couldn’t ask for more.

I’m taking some time off, and don’t know at this point when I’ll be back. I’ll pop in when I can. Thank you to All! And have a wonderful October!