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By Hendrik Voogd 1807 {{PD}}

The 30th Is A Good Day To . . . know that what we have been turning away from or trying not to think about is where all the Love, Beauty, and Rewards reside today. Our previous disinclination to deal with certain matters is based in either delusional thinking or having been misled, and that’s caused us to fear what will actually benefit us, once we face it. Somehow, someway, what seems a little dark and mysterious and so maybe scary holds something highly worthwhile for us. Plunge in; what had been a beautiful secret you’d been keeping from yourself can become an excellent asset or reward fully available to you, mystery, shame, and fear-free. Bonus for those who were misled: if you can understand the why behind someone’s deception, you gain a clearer vision of who they are, and you’ll see the situation open up for you via the application of equal measures of empathy and a sense of control/ knowledge within the relationship that elevates your standing.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.