By Fritz Overbeck c1905 {{PD}}

Hi Julie,
We’ve talked about this a little
(this is from a client), but I’d like to know more about my Venus conjunct the south node in my 2nd (Chiron there as well). How this affects my friendships, love and money. How can I work with these energies better. Also maybe more about the south node/north node in general. Thank you!

Hello! First we need to note how your Chiron in Aries in the 2nd sits in the 29th degree; this may be the most important thing about it, as it invests the sense of Self-worth, talent expression, and earning ability (2nd), and the sense of autonomy and agency, and the ability to act, choose, and do (Aries) with a perpetual dual aura of woundedness and of giftedness, which is under continual and enormous pressure, on the one hand to simply survive, and on the other hand to prove itself, once and for all.

The result of this influence of extremes may be confidence that periodically collapses into Self-questioning; a sureness in the possession of unique talents that fluctuates with a feeling that either those talents will never be appreciated, or that you will never be able to adequately express them; and possibly a too-strong idea that you are responsible for everything that does and ever has happened to you, that alternates with a belief that your circumstances would be different, if not for the influence (and sometimes persecution) of others.

Chiron here is a very tender spot, a wound always open to injury as well as a belief in unusual giftedness that is one’s greatest asset, and being conjoined the very close South Node-Venus conjunction, it draws the varied facets of the Chirotic nature directly into the values, the sense of yourself as a woman, into your ideas of Love and Money and relationships as a whole, into matters of the 3rd (thought processes, communication, agreements and contracts, sibling relationships, the early and local environments) and 8th (other people’s resources, cooperative ventures, particularly those where you are subordinate to or dependent on someone else, what you share with others and they with you, and some matters of human nature that may be secret or ‘hidden’) Houses ruled by Venus, and imbues it all with a sense of knowing or experience drawn from the past (SN).

One of the issues may be a perpetual mix-up in your own perceptions: is it me, or is it them? you may ask yourself–and essentially, it’s both! though of course, your own perceptual nature drives how you react to both your own thoughts and outside Chirotic influences.

So this may be a heavy, always-on-your-mind influence that presses you to act, to show what you can do–and we see this pressure principally channeled in Chiron as apex to a Fist of God with the very close Neptune/Midheaven-Zeus square as its base. Zeus is in Virgo in the 7th=fastidious attention to goals and ambitions, controlled expression through the Arts, the desire for a discerning audience, a vulnerability to criticism and critique that could separate you from your most inspired plans; and Neptune/ MC are only one minute apart in Sagittarius in the 10th=you want to share your factual knowledge and your inner ‘knowing’, to reach out, to bring disparate elements of the world together, to teach, to impart, with an awareness of the width of human experience, and you want to be known for this, you want it to be seen as your vocation/ career in the forms your ambitions dictate, to be seen as manifesting pure creativity–and yet the square says that they’re conflicts here.

My guess is those contrasts are seated in the friction between what you’ve been taught and what you believe, and the ways those have been contradicted by feedback and personal experience, all as it has formed your Self-concepts, especially as they refer to talent expression (2nd House)–and those shape both the experience of the wound, and the expression of the gift (both Chiron). But, since belief is the underpinning of both the Chirotic perceptions (via the lens they impose) and as they figure in to the creative energy, the public role, and the sense of empowerment (all through locating 10th House Neptune, the MC, and Juno in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter), we see that a look at Jupiter, as both belief and ‘the facts of the matter’, is in order.

Jupiter is late in Taurus in the 3rd, conjoined Black Moon Lilith (the mathematical point representing what we ignore or deny, or matters that enrage us at the way they violate our rights). This suggests that what you believe is strongly influenced by the mind, which we’ve seen is inextricably linked with both the Chiron wounds and the asset, talent, and Self-assessment picture. It also implies that those matters you’d rather not deal with, or that make you so angry you might explode, are thoroughly ignored, tucked away in a dark vault of the mind–probably so that they don’t spoil a perceptual picture that relies heavily on taking a positive tack to keep you both active, moving forward, and productive, without forcing the processing of the ways you’ve been hurt or feel put down–so overall, a likely healthy mechanism, and for the most part it probably allows you to exclude what could otherwise become obsessive or debilitating and overly critical Self-assessments.

The most striking thing about your Jupiter is that it sits sextile your Mercury-Sun in Pisces in the 1st, forming the base of a Finger of God with apex the Libra North Node. Aha! Suppression that would in other situations cause dysfunction in this case allows you to move forward in ways that are true to who you are and that allows cooperation and collaboration. So, what we can see around your Chiron is that it’s a kind of pivot point, connecting the sense of vulnerability and fear of being overwhelmed by others (your Aries Chiron–the last thing it wants is to lose autonomy!) reaching/ connected to other vital dynamics that allow you to balance influences in such a way that they optimize function. That is, you’ve got a well-oiled machine there–so digging at various parts or functions will only disturb what is already carefully balanced. Trust yourself, and the Universe, which will pipe up when you need to attend to something, and know that it’s not really necessary for you to excavate certain energies–just allow them to work as they naturally do.

Real-Life Symbols of Chiron: LeBron James

So I was contemplating Chiron (as we all do, in idle moments) and a commercial came on TV with LeBron James, whose bottom half was a motorcycle–and suddenly that clicked as a kind of modern-day Chiron figure! Though Chiron was a centaur, his parentage made him special; as the offspring of the Titan Cronus, who had taken equine form, and the nymph Philyra, Chiron was a Being beyond human and yet intimately familiar with many of humanity’s most painful experiences. He was abandoned by his mother, and it’s this part of the myth that likely led to him being representative of the primal wound, one so deep within the psyche that it figures in absolutely everything one does and is.

Chiron was unusual in that, unlike his fellow centaurs, he cultivated a life of the mind, beyond the lusts of the inherent animal nature, fostered by and tutored by the god Apollo. This represents that other major facet of astrological Chiron, its designation of one’s unique and very particular talent or gift, an area or process in which you’re innately educated and wise. And that leads us to how a basketball star (one who is unusually beloved, with little criticism or censure coming his way) may in some small way vibe to the Chiron essence.

LeBron James’s Chiron sits in Gemini in the Whole Sign 1st, but above the horizon, which in the Placidus system would place it in the 12th (birth data: 30 December 1984, 4:04 PM Akron, Ohio, USA). Right away we see someone with the facility to communicate through his own Beingness (the Chirotic gift)–he is the message, in a certain way–and this can carry a spiritual or ‘Cosmic’ knowing–and, we might surmise that his ability is rooted at least in part in an awareness of how much words can mean, of the impact they can have, with the significator of ‘the Wound’ in Gemini.

Ruler Mercury sits in the 7th, conjoined Uranus, ruler of the 9th, both in Sagittarius but not positioned in opposition to Chiron=communicating Higher Mind to all others, to an ‘audience’, through one’s Art (in this case, athletics, well signified by Sagittarius). Merc rules the 1st and 4th=there’s a harmony here between identity (1st) and the deepest inner Self (4th)–not to mention that James was raised to be what he shows to the world.

Most interesting in the Chiron-themed picture, though, may be the way, if we’re generous with our orbs (as we often need to be in natal work, in order to get a truly complete picture), we see Chiron as apex to a loose Finger of God with base of Pluto in Scorpio in the 6th and Neptune (which is widely conjoined the Sun, symbol of the Self/ Soul) in Capricorn in the 8th. So, the Chirotic skills are perfect for supporting change (this may even be seen as a duty) in service to the ideal (Neptune) that benefits everyone (8th).

Did I say most interesting? Maybe this is even more compelling: Chiron is apex to a tight Fist of God with base of a Cardinal square (and those demand action) between Vesta in Libra in the 5th and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th=tension between the sense that one must honor others even as one observes the restrictions and disparities in the social order can be reconciled via the Chiron energies; that is, through communication that heals, and expression of the gift for communing and networking.

LeBron has recently been involved in promoting voting and educating others not just on right and need to vote, but on how to go about it to insure one’s voice is heard. That’s the ultimate communication, the ultimate Geminian networking, that lifts the Chirotic energy to a Transpersonal level: I use my gift to make sure you are heard.

A final thing of note is that transiting Saturn, Pluto, Pallas, and Jupiter are all for various spans of time conjoining LeBron’s natal Jupiter, encouraging him to share what he knows in the name of making permanent meaningful change to the reality picture, to transform with wisdom and ‘the facts’ so that things are closer to those principles of freedom and enlightenment through knowledge (both Jupiter) that we all believe in.

See my book, Chiron in the Natal Chart here. And to follow next week, a third installment on Chiron–plus, a little something for this weekend later today. Stay safe and healthy!