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The Arnold Children, Western Washington, 1939 Photo By Dorothea Lange, available through the US Library of Congress

On the 1st we’re still ridin’ that Full Moon wave (or are they tremors, in humble Taurus?) It’s a matter of trying to square (see what I did there, between Merc and Saturn?) thinking with reality, communication go-aheads with information shut-downs, and travel inclinations with staying put. It’s important to know that the pressure we feel to ‘prove ourselves’ in some way is actually an echo of things we’ve repressed or denied–so that tension is Self-inflicted, and so unnecessary (Juno contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith). In this state of mind, it may seem impossible to use the love in relationships and talent expression to heal what ails us, but that’s exactly what we must do; get past the apparent difficulty, and the ability to ‘fix’ things will occur via supportive relationships and the receipt of timely resources (Venus opp Chiron).

On the 2nd we’d be wise to draw on lessons from the past, and specifically to use what we’ve learned to adjust our approach (especially in terms of what’s practical for us) to shape the future (Pallas qnx NN, Sun nov SN).

The 3rd sees Mercury station direct, and though that could signal a lightening of the thought processes and a general opening up of communications, it could just as easily still feel like a troublesome monkey sitting on your chest if you have anything close to 25 Libra or in hard aspect to that spot–‘when will it move?’ may be the only thing you can think. Ambition and power acquisition and/ or making an impact in our world are all on our minds (Merc parallel Zeus and Juno); take care not to be so distracted by goals that you neglect relationship or financial matters where others are counting on you (Venus qnx Uranus).

Oh! On the 4th our eyes are likely to still be on those aims and wants we were thinking about yesterday–but today we are empowered to go after them, despite the difficulties presented by a mind clouded by matters we’d rather ignore or are in denial of. Have confidence, in spite of the way the social order, or the actual facts of the matter, create problems for us, though be aware that too much focus on desire fulfillment just isn’t healthy. If you find yourself in a mental muddle, take a step back and give the mind a little time to clear–those same opportunities will still be there in the morning (Juno parallel and Jupiter sq Zeus, Merc contra-parallel BML, Sun sq Hygeia).

For the 5th our actions and options need to be consciously chosen in light of our actual empowerment situation–we can’t pretend to have more power, or less power, than we really do, and still expect to get a good, accurate result. Jealousy, a desire for love, greed, or a willingness to compromise values are all super-unwise–don’t even chance it (Mars qnx Juno, Venus contra-parallel Pallas).

Not quite a full week, I know. Looking for the Full Moon that led into this? It’s here– Stay sane, stay hopeful, dear Readers!