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By Édouard Manet c1865 {{PD}}

There are two reasons the 17th may be disconcerting, and maybe disorienting, as well: we’ll be navigating relationships and/ or financial matters without benefit of the instinctive nature, and our alienation from our own sensibilities could result in a feeling of being adrift, without any inner impulses and ‘knowing’ to guide us (Venus contra-parallel Sedna); the other factor is likely to be the impact of the unexpected, the shock or surprise, the erraticism of ourselves or others, or the Will of the group, on our thinking and perceptions (Mercury opp Uranus). The combined effect is one of not feeling our own center, and also feeling there’s no way to contact a reliable external source to steady ourselves. The solution? Focus on the feeling and intuitive nature via the Capricorn Moon, which enters the sign at 8:35 AM PST. We can ground ourselves in the rules and frameworks that are already familiar, letting go of that free-wheelin’ impulse of the Sagittarius Moon that preceded it and instead finding a sense of grounding through rote, routine, and reliable constructs. It’s not glamorous, but does give us a steady base from which to operate effectively–which can be pretty appealing when the alternative is feeling rudderless and lost in the uncertainty of fog.

The 18th we are in the groove–yesterday’s disorientation lifts and is replaced by certainties in both our place in things and our knowledge of them–and so offers a steady platform from which to operate. This happens a lot faster for those who embraced the rules and other Capricornian elements available through the Moon; for others it may be a slow road back to effectiveness, one tortured by those matters we’ve hidden even from ourselves, for of course they haven’t gone away at all (Neptune semi-sq Black Moon Lilith). Orient via highest values, commitments, beliefs, ambitions, past experience, and the personal authority you hold (Juno qnx NN, Jupiter parallel Ceres, Venus parallel Zeus, Merc sxt Vesta and nov SN, Sun sxt Saturn) and apply efforts toward these through practical and productive means (the Capricorn Moon). This can be a highly rewarding day, when goals can not just be approached but potentially reached, and you can have significant impact on your own situation, materially or through values and commitments reinforced or even cast in stone. Good luck, and make the most of it!

The 19th we may find ourselves once again alienated from our own consciousness, disconnected from both the spiritual and the animal nature–how can that possibly be? We may be actively rejecting: 1) some element of reality that displeases us (and likely forces us to acknowledge something we’d rather ignore, if we do accept it), 2) love or support as it actually exists, rather than as we wish it did, 3) our own responsibility in things, and/ or 4) what our own instincts are trying to warn us about. It’s a day to be seriously straight with ourselves. Never mind others and their behavior–it’s ourselves we must get right with (Chiron sesq Juno, Venus sq Saturn, contra-parallel BML, and qnx Sedna, Merc contra-parallel Uranus, Sun opp Sedna).

The word for today is ‘perspective’. On the 20th we should get a much needed break, garner a reward, or enjoy true communion or gratification through relationship. Keep in mind, though, that our attitude may automatically be that we not only deserve what we’re getting, we’re owed it, because we’re ‘better’. That’s not true; we may or may not have earned the good we’re receiving, so we mustn’t allow the ego to exaggerate our worthiness–that is, we’re all worthy as human beings (that’s the source of our reward!), and hard work will be given its due, but none of us is more worthy than another just because we’re enjoying the Universe’s momentary largesse (Venus parallel Juno).

Usually I include Friday’s forecast with the Weekend Report, but today it seemed like it was more of a piece with the weekdays–so here it is. Have a wonderful and safe week!

The Weekly Word Image is an unexpected, and out-of-season, but wonderful homemade gift. For me it was chocolate dipped macaroons (these are some of the rare cookies I can eat) delivered (contact-less) in a Christmas tin; it was a delightful boost that made me feel loved, a small gesture of out-sized importance in these difficult times. Look around you–there’s some unanticipated gift you’ve been given, too; chances are it’s not as obvious as mine in its holiday tin, but no less meaningful, no less nurturing to the spirit.