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Venus may encourage (or maybe force) us to look at ourselves, as much as she may comment on relationships or finances, during this period. ‘Rokeby Venus’ 1644 By
Diego Velázquez {{PD}}

Why oh why does everything feel as if it has a hidden side, or contains a trap, or involves something we aren’t informed on? Blame it on Venus entering deep-dive, mysterious Scorpio, and the Sun entering Sagittarius, the latter prompting us to look for the facts–and Venus continuing to seduce us with the idea that there’s something yet to be discovered.

For the 21st we add to the Venus theme an inability to know what to do (Mars contra-parallel Neptune) and perceptual difficulties around knowing what’s healthy for us (Mercury square Hygeia). The result may be that we act foolishly (or at least, not ideally) because we just don’t see what’s good for us! So, proceed with caution.

By the 22nd we still have choice and action difficulties, mainly driven by distorted ideas of who we are or by wonky thinking (Merc qnx Mars and contra-parallel Hygeia, Sun sesq Mars)–but, if we can embrace a role centered in personal responsibility (which automatically then confers personal authority) we can gain, benefit, or maybe even discover some of those things we were sure were being kept from us (Venus trine Ceres). A great time for negotiation, especially if you are aware of your own worth.

The 23rd we’re flooded with creative thoughts (Merc trine Neptune) but may not feel we have the authority to pursue creative goals–or it may feel as if the ways in which we’re not qualified are being pointed out left and right (Sun sq Ceres). However, that spotlighting of supposed-weaknesses is actually a great thing, because once we ‘clap back’ to the idea we’re not prepared, we discover how truly ready we are to pursue our ambitions (Sun nov Zeus). So the real impediment isn’t our skill level–we discover we’re perfectly well-equipped–it’s our failure to know what our creative impulses are really worth, how they’ll pay off or affect our relationships (Venus sesq Neptune). We can gauge all this by a simple metric: if that shiny goal or thing or reward or love or pot of gold isn’t opposed our highest values (that is, if the getting of it doesn’t require us to do something we judge as ‘wrong’), then we should go for it, knowing that fear of being inadequate to the task is just a ghost boo-hoo-hooing around in our minds (Venus contra-parallel Vesta).

On the 24th there’s really only one thing before us: Love and/ or Prosperity/ Talents face off against all those things we’ve buried, ignored, or denied in order to keep the relationship, the effort, the performance, or the venture afloat. Meet issues honestly–the clock’s run out on at least one matter you’ve been avoiding for too long–and the only way to handle it and still receive its benefits is to go through it, to unflinchingly admit what must change, what must be acknowledged, what’s long overdue for recognition or acceptance or to take on a new form, a new version of itself, one that until now has been, dare we say, thwarted. Time to fly (Venus opp Black Moon Lilith).

The Weekly Word Image is the reading of a Will, where of all who gather, only one inherits. What are our expectations in life? If we’re not careful, we can easily start to believe that something that might come our way, should come our way–and that soon segues into believing we are owed, deserve it, have earned it–and that can become the assumption that it’s winner take all. I believe we’ve had this kind of image lately because there’s an overwhelming sense in the Collective psyche that there are certain things we’re owed, and we’re going to insist on having our way–no matter what. It’s our responsibility as individuals to check our own assumptions, to pull back and accept a reasonable perspective based on the evidence, to acknowledge that just because ‘we want’ doesn’t mean circumstances must automatically conform (or that because we want, we must then be ‘right’), and that we should consider taking a beat, rather than just bulling our way forward, hell or high water.