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‘Portrait of the Artist’s Son (Heikki Järnefelt)’
By Eero Järnefelt 1887 {{PD}}

This week I’m going to lump Friday in with the weekdays, as it appears to have a ‘set the stage’ vibe for the weekend. And for today, the 15th, we experience a post-eclipse sorting out that requires attention to those things we may find inconvenient (especially our own erraticism) and or what we’d rather ignore or deny (Mercury sesq Uranus and Black Moon Lilith). This benefits both planning centered on ambitions and desire fulfillment and real world matters, allowing us to get a fix on the far horizon, and should be the theme of our week (Merc sxt Zeus, Venus sxt Saturn and entering Sagittarius, Merc nov Pallas). The thing we need to know, though, is that now’s not the time to act, especially on goals and ambitions (Mars contra-parallel and then opp Zeus); this need to remain static continues through Friday the 18th. Use this period to plan, strategize, and consider–you’ll be glad you did, as the mind is naturally attuned to facts, while real-world knowledge from the past presents us with usable alternatives in the present (Saturn nov South Node), with illumination of most situations in their ‘best light’ by the time of the Superior Conjunction on the 19th.

The 16th continues this trend, with the added needed to consider physical matters with a Higher Mind perspective, as Saturn enters Aquarius. We gain, especially via the social scene, when we show others we’re willing to be responsible for ourselves (Jupiter sxt Juno), rather than looking to others to ‘fix’ what’s not working. The 17th builds on previous trends by delivering a little reward of Love or Money that reflects what we truly value, and truly desire–so that’s something to look forward to, with benefits coming from a stroke of genius within relationships, values expression, or in working toward our goals (Venus nov Zeus).

The 18th asks us to deploy our smarts, to take advantage of past social ‘investments’ for what they can yield now, and to be willing to listen to that interior voice known as instinct, because it can inspire ‘right’ choice (Jupiter nov SN, Venus sxt Pallas, Sun qnx Sedna). What’s wise is found in relationship dynamics and in cold, hard numbers, though today it’s still vital we don’t definitively act or choose, because we won’t do or choose well (Mars opp Zeus)–that comes tomorrow.