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Cherry Blossoms in the Evening, by Matsubayashi Keigetsu, Kabuki-za, Tokyo, Japan 1951 {{PD}}

If you’re an astrology aficionado, you’ve likely been focused for some time on the potentials of this current (as Jupiter and Saturn started out within orb of each other in Capricorn early December-ish, with Saturn going into Aquarius first) and future connection (perfecting at 8:14 AM of the 21st at 00 Aquarius 28 as Jupiter catches up). There’s a lot of material out there, so I won’t try to be definitive; I’ll just offer a few observations. One thing we should note right away is that this is an aspect happening now, and that means it’s happening to everyone–and that makes where it falls in the individual natal chart of prime importance, in terms of sorting out the meaning for each one of us.

What effect we can expect in the natal House where this conjunction occurs? We might want to look at Jupiter in Capricorn as previous beliefs about rules, or maybe freedom provided by structure or an intact system, the scaffolding beneath the social order, or beliefs in institutions, authorities, or elders, and Saturn in Capricorn as the hammer coming down, suggesting areas where we have become completely hemmed in, if possible even more so than ever before, and these applying to one or more subjects of the natal House(s) holding Capricorn. With Saturn’s move into Aquarius, we take a Higher Mind perspective: I see why this is as it is, I understand the human need for boundaries, for understanding the nature of things–and I see where I should (and can most effectively) rebel, and gain true independence. We can flag which barriers need to come down, which authorities to support, and with Jupiter’s Aquarius debut, we start sorting our place in the social order, asking ourselves, to which groups do I genuinely belong, and where should I strike out on my own?

There are so many possible permutations of this, so many potential manifestations, but we can sum up at least one related idea as ‘More Or Less’. We may see a marked expansion of one thing even as we see a diminishing of another. These may be complementary (happening in tandem–more water in the glass means less air) or they may not relate to each other at all (a glass of air, and a glass of water, and ne’er the twain shall meet), or loss and gain, the modernizing of beliefs and life structures (to include those institutions and others we support and regard as holding authority), beliefs coming up against reality (and vice versa), more rules, greater restrictions, real-world opportunities that could lead to positions of authority, an elevation in status, or that might age us in place!

Also consider the way the conjunction could unite matters of the two Houses ruled by these planets. It’ll be a pairing with the Saturn-ruled House following the Jupiter-ruled one, meaning that the larger idea of the consequences of learning from and dealing with matters of one House lead to development of our attitudes toward matters of the following one. For instance, if you have Sagittarius on the 1st and so Capricorn on the 2nd, you may see how your personal efforts to expand, reach out to the world, go adventurin’, to teach or learn, or the famous, bachelor-esque, ‘can’t pin me down’ attitude has brought about some sort of Capricornian development affecting personal assets, earning capabilities, talent expression, or the way you feel about and see yourself. Maybe one’s cavalier attitude in dating the boss’ daughter has made her father consider you unsuited for promotion–or maybe your sunny optimism has created reward, a chance at talent expression, or a promotion you might not have otherwise been offered.

Embrace the Real, or Fail to Heal: For the 19th, we’re offered a crisp, clear view of reality–will we take it in? We see precisely where we are able to exercise our power and prerogatives in the real world (Saturn sxt Juno), and are offered a chance to not only adjust our thinking accordingly, aided by fine-tuned instincts, but find we’re at a point where past efforts coalesce into perceptible results (Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, Mercury qnx Sedna). There’s only one issue, really, but it’s a major one: we may also become aware of how much we gain by keeping alive our wounds (Venus trine Chiron). Love can heal, but for some of us, it will be a struggle to let go of something we’ve seen pay off so handsomely.

The Devil Made Me Do It: Our challenge for the 20th is to sort fact from fancy, as what’s at stake is much more important than we realize in the moment. We may be tempted to violate our highest values, do what’s unhealthy, spill secrets, harm relationships (this either because we can’t keep what we know to ourselves or because of our own desire to be disruptive), all possibly driven by a deeply held belief that we’re being held back or held down. That’s not true; if we go with unfettered fantasy today, we cause our own downfall (Neptune opp Vesta, Venus qnx Black Moon Lilith and Uranus, and parallel Saturn, Mercury sesq Hygeia).

Be Optimistic: The 21st sees both the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and the Solstice, the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere, the shortest in the Southern. Personal effects may be momentarily overshadowed by larger matters, societal or even global ones–and that’s okay, though in all arenas there will be intimations, at the very least, of shifts in power (Pluto semi-sq Ceres). We’ll have plenty of time going forward to consider the conjunction’s effects; right now enjoy that tinge of optimism in the air (Venus parallel Jupiter). Until then, stay safe, and enjoy this point of extremes in our yearly trip around the Sun!