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‘Thirty-six Peaks of Mount Huang Recollected’ By Shitao 1705 {{PD}}

The Full Moon peaks at 7:28 PM PST of the 29th at 8 Cancer 53, novile Sedna, in wide square to Chiron (and we can read the Wounded Healer as arm to a T, with this Sun/ Moon-Earth opposition), sextile Black Moon Lilith-Uranus, widely trine Ceres, and quincunx Pallas. Is it opposed Mercury? In my opinion, no, as Merc is more than 5 degrees ahead, making it not only a too-large orb for a Full Moon situation but also showing us that the solidity of the Full Moon won’t be available when the transiting Moon catches up to oppose Mercury; Luna will leave Earth behind, so that the impact of Moon opposed Mercury (arriving about 11 hours after the Full Moon) will be a fleeting and solely emotional one, with the feeling nature flooding and possibly overwhelming the mental processes, post-Lunar culmination(very probably prompted by whatever the Full Moon has brought to fulfillment or conclusion).

A Full Moon in Cancer is a peak of caring, feeling, or emotional investment; from here on out we draw back, emotionally speaking, and begin to lessen the emotional impetus behind decisions and perceptions in direct proportion to the way a more objective perspective grows. This is the point when we know how we feel, what we care about; it’s in the aspects the Full Moon makes that we may see our actual emotional stance, particularly around matters generally ruled by the Moon (feelings, intuitions, mothers and motherhood, nurturing, vulnerability, and so on), about matters specifically ruled by the Moon in the personal natal chart (and if the FM aspects the natal Moon, we may have a bonanza of feeling to sort through), concerning matters of the House where the Full Moon occurs, as well as about matters related to the House containing Cancer or bodies posited therein within the natal chart (some of these are redundant, but you get my drift: Moon, Moon, Moon!)

Often the Full Moon can bring a sudden and even surprising recognition of how we feel. In Cancer that sensibility is, in a way, doubled: we see how we feel about feeling! In this instance, the feelings themselves may become the center of attention, beyond whatever spurs them. That can mean that we can potentially turn more of our attention toward ourselves than out into the world–and with the current Full Moon’s set of aspects, this promises to be a potent and largely Self-focused examination of our emotional interaction with the world, and the emotional sensations this generates inside us.

The Cancer Full Moon offers a kind of brilliant insight to those things we aren’t normally conscious of, that we may hide even from ourselves (novile to Sedna). This is valuable information, not to be lightly dismissed, though the temptation is to do just that: the brilliance of a novile is too easily seen as obvious and natural, with the assumption that we’ll see it just as clearly later–which we very well may not.

The Chiron T-square and the quincunx to Pallas speak of each other: if we insist that hurt is stopping our progress (either because we’ve not overcome the wound, or because we blame someone else for the insurmountable harm, or both), it will take adjusting our attitude in order to see what’s wise–that is, we can either re-frame things (which likely involves admitting we needn’t wallow in victimhood), or ignore the need to modify our sense of what’s wise (as currently we are almost certainly seeing our hurt as a statement of what’s just–we are hurt and want others to know what’s wrong and ‘who done it’).

The sextile to the Black Moon Lilith point and Uranus says that we can take an original and inventive approach to solving our issues, if we are willing to admit they exist! and they are indeed under our control (and/ or that we can be assisted by taking a Higher Mind approach, or accept assistance from ‘the group’). It will take a little effort (the sextile), but facing what we’d rather ignore or deny will pay off in unexpected or surprising ways.

The trine to Ceres may put us ‘in tune’ with Nature (including our own bodies), may allow us to understand and align with those who hold power and to do the same with our own, personal sense of authority, may make us aware of the scope of our reach and influence, or all of the above. Add to this that we can fine-tune the health routine right now, addressing larger issues effectively either in Nature or in our physical presence, and we’ll see an overall potential for a healthier New Year, one where we access the flow of our own power.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Small Naked Girl Bends Over A Pond Trying To Catch A Fish’. This doubles up on the symbols for innocence (a child, and being naked), and makes me ask, Why the emphasis on the pureness of Being, on, in essence, not being knowledgeable or Self-responsible? The image brings to mind the old adage about fishing: give a fish, one eats for a day, teach one to fish, they eat for a lifetime–but as I’ve recently seen pointed out, it’s much easier to learn to fish if one isn’t starving! So, I’m seeing this symbol as one of an attempt to be Self-responsible that comes from a place of innocence–and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Others prey on those who are too innocent, who fail to recognize the full spectrum of human potentials and behaviors, who think that a wide-eyed approach to life is protective when it’s anything but. This corresponds somewhat to the Chiron T-square; if we choose innocence (that is, we lack Self-responsibility, refuse to recognize the spectrum of behaviors available to humanity, and insist that this makes us pure, possibly protected, and potentially superior to those who have dirtied themselves with knowledge and responsibilities), then we inevitably end up playing the victim, since the natural direction of energy’s flow is an outward one, to act on the environment and on others–and if we stopper that flow, the energy backs up like a drain, putting us in the (often unpleasant) position of being acted-upon.

For a Full Moon we also look at the Sabian for the life and light-giving Sun, ‘An Angel Carrying A Harp’. The Sun is a symbol of awareness; it points toward where our attention needs to go. This symbol is one of purity, as well, but this is an active purity with a purpose, one that ‘makes its own music’. It tells us we can have that sense of innocence in two positive ways: behavior that aligns with our Highest Ideals (the ‘angelic’ part), and a channeling of energy outward to something that is both expressive and productive (the harp). So, just maybe, this Full Moon is about not getting stuck in some sort of Self-examination that pushes us to be innocent in all the wrong ways.