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‘West Wind’ By
Winslow Homer 1891 {{PD}}

For the 26th I want to talk about a loose Earth Grand Trine; it’s been in the neighborhood, but overshadowed by other factors, and will likely exert an emotional impact or offer intuitive guidance as the Taurus Moon glides into orb–and that will last for a good chunk of the day. This is made up of Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn (I said it was loose!) trining Vesta in Virgo and Sedna, and for a time the Moon, in Taurus. It suggests our first big feeling revelations related to the meeting of Jupiter-Saturn and how that new, higher mind understanding tells us what structures and strictures we can safely eliminate (or that we must eliminate, for our own well-being). This is all in service to two things: commitments, home in all its guises, and those things we find sacred in this life (Vesta, in Virgo prime to be assessed, trimmed, and our commitment renewed), and those matters, especially material ones, that we are continually striving to become aware of in their entirety, to make conscious what we ‘know but don’t know’, and to remedy ‘blind spots’ and so enlarge both our concept of who we are and our knowledge of our place in the world (Sedna in Taurus). The Moon temporarily inserted into this means we can feel what we need to address, what we need to be aware of, and can process how we genuinely feel about both our roles in life and the changes this awareness requires. This information won’t necessarily be easy to accept, but the steely maturity and ability to face what’s required that comes from that Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn trio, balanced by ‘the facts’ (Jupiter) and the clear understanding of what really matters (Sedna and Vesta), makes this the perfect time to make change, to birth a New You that knows, accepts, and validates where you came from while bringing a wider and more advanced understanding of who you are now into being.

Dare I classify the 26th as a nearly ideal day, rife with the chance for serious gain and the ‘right’ kind of change? Well, I will, as, besides that gangling Grand Trine above, we see Venus novile Pluto and trine Hygeia, making for a super-healthy and profitable (in all senses) dynamic. This flows on in to the 27th, where we find direct access to our most original and inventive personal nature, along with a clear and accessible way to manifest that in the life (Mercury sxt Ceres, Sun trine Uranus). For best results, guard against the temptation of erraticism and rebellion for rebellion’s sake, and concentrate on the more-than-adequate personal power you have at your fingertips right now.

The 28th may bring us up short, make us feel that the past few bucolic days were just a mirage. They were not–they were more like what we can enjoy every day if we’ll only believe we can–the issues generally boiling down to this: if we can face what we may have been resisting, ignoring, or denying, if we can bring ourselves to think about these matters rationally, and if we can be aware of the way these things may be (probably negatively) impacting our Self-concept/ identity/ idea of our purpose, we can make the most of influences by recognizing where and how we are cheating ourselves–and we’ll see how this hurts our confidence, and makes us think we’re inadequate to meet issues that we are really more than ready to deal with (aspect standouts are Uranus sq Pallas, Merc sesq Sedna, Sun trine Black Moon Lilith).