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What exciting things does next year hold? This guy thought he knew what was ahead. ‘Leaving the Paris Opera in the Year 2000’ By Albert Robida {{PD}}

New Year’s Eve is just about my favorite point in the year. The idea that time itself has a ‘new beginning’, that we get a fresh start in the midst of life, one that comes without upheaval, trauma, or stepping off a figurative cliff, one that comes on a regular basis, that condones us re-thinking ourselves and our practices so that we can re-make ourselves for the better, makes me happy. We can easily be too hard on ourselves if we make resolutions that for whatever reasons we won’t keep, and it’s common to feel a sense of let down and even like a failure once we leave the party and go back to the demands of the every day. In that vein, I’d like to suggest that we embrace a sense of renewal that isn’t accompanied by a compulsion to judge. It starts with accepting ourselves as we are in the moment, taking in that fresh, open, ‘new year’ energy without treating ourselves as if we’re a building (or Soul) in need of a remodel. Are we all flawed? Of course–the problem comes with the expectation that we have the potential to eliminate every un-perfect thing about ourselves. Let me just remind everyone: there are no perfect people–so don’t hold yourself in the unkind light of unreasonable expectation–instead focus on the things about yourself that you like, focus on what you want to be as a human Being, and go from there.

As noted in my previous post, New Year’s Eve is a day for caution, particularly when we note Venus conjoined the South Node, square Vesta, and parallel Pluto; that’s like a recipe for bad decision-making, based on seeing the past as ‘better’ than now, on feeling that living your highest values only creates conflict and makes things difficult, and perhaps seeing Love as destructive, or that Love and desire lead us to destruction–or will it be that Love already feels eliminated, or that it’s transformed to something dark we never anticipated. Maybe it’s just that we’ll be keenly aware of the dimensionality of Love, that it has many faces, of the way we have trouble recognizing genuine lovingness if we have lived too-attuned to cruelty or indifference, mistaking those for love, instead. And then there are the potential worries about money that so many will face in the New Year; it’s devastating to think that loved ones may suffer for lack of personal resources, which is especially hard to take when we consider how much money goes to bombs, to vanity, is wasted on the useless and the foolish.

Take care, as the old year turns to the new. It’s definitely a time for celebration, not least because of the horrendous events delivered by 2020. New Year’s Day itself shows two opposite sets of influences, so it may read positively for some, negatively for others, or may present a mixed bag that could confuse or make us throw up our hands and declare there’s no way to know what’s up!

We may see true profitability and genuine, concrete expressions of Love and caring that take real-world forms, that manifest in ways we can hold in our hands, and these may be delivered in unexpected and brilliant ways (Venus novile Saturn). We also see creative thinking in good form, and if we allow ideals to guide our reasoning, we could end up making effective changes to life direction (Mercury sextile Neptune and quincunx the North Node).

But, if we hedge our bets by refusing to be truly Self-responsible, if we blame our own most unreliable or erratic impulses or insist it’s the fault of ‘the group’, then we end up making poor choices and unwise decisions just because we’re trying to avoid certain realizations or certain burdens we need to face (Mercury semi-square Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Pallas square Black Moon Lilith).

By Saturday the 2nd of January we’ll be facing a whole new set of positives and a few new challenges. Creative energy and highest ideals can inform choices so that we do the wise thing, the practical thing (Neptune novile Pallas, Mercury trine Vesta), building confidence and leading to innovative decisions and inventive answers to problems, and this helps us on the social scene, in absorbing and using effectively ‘the facts’, in gaining ‘more’ of those positives, and facilitates moving toward our goals (Venus sextile Zeus and novile Jupiter, Sun sextile Ceres).

Negatives? They live in undermined trust of ourselves, in fear that there are dark and divisive things hidden in what we care about or in relationships, and in a refusal to look at what we ‘know but don’t know’, or to accept that we have blind spots, and need others to help us point out and deal with these (Mars contraparallel Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith, Sun sesquiquadrate Sedna). Do you notice a theme? In short, bad things happen when we refuse to look at the whole picture; shying away from reality puts us at a disadvantage–so don’t.

A switch flips for Sunday the 3rd. The magic of Self-responsibility, of that New Year’s work of accepting ourselves, pays off. Healing is possible and actions are inspired; we see the worth of doing what’s wise or practical, and we understand the value in being ourselves (as the old joke goes, be yourself, because everyone else is taken!) The only pitfall may be too much attention to ambitions and goals–if we attend to our own well-being, our careers, accomplishments, and efforts will naturally flow out from there, so no extra attention required (Chiron trine Juno, Jupiter semi-square and Mars novile Neptune, Venus semi-square Pallas, Mercury square Zeus, Sun parallel Venus and quincunx Hygeia).

Monday the 4th there’s only one thing to do: Speak, Think, Communicate the Truth, with a capital ‘T’. That means that what we deal in intellectually must be real, factual, and without ulterior motive for its communication. Words can be power, and can destroy, more completely than usual, so honor yourself and others with a commitment to a positive honesty (Mercury conjoined Pluto).

‘Hyacinth’ By Paul Fordyce Maitland 1883 {{PD}}

Your Weekend Word Image: Hyacinth. I heard this word, which I’d not heard in years, 4 times in less than twelve hours in 4 different contexts. That was enough to draw my attention. So, I went looking for the myth of Hyacinth–do you know it? Hyacinthus was an athletic Spartan youth with whom the god Apollo fell in love. They were throwing a discus (Apollo declared he wanted to “scatter the clouds”) and Hyacinthus, trying to catch the discus, was hit in the head and killed. Apollo used his skills as a healer, but to no avail, and from the blood of his fallen boyfriend Apollo made a flower grow. Though there’s some dispute over what kind of flower this was (as it probably wasn’t what we call a hyacinth today), that’s the legend in a nutshell. So, what does that episode say to me? Well, that depends on if you’re Apollo (the god figure) or the eager youth who is, in terms of both capability and safety, playing way outside his league. Of course mortals break when the gods play with them–so maybe this is a small warning, to know who your playmates really are, and what they’re really capable of.