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‘Speak! Speak!’ By John Everett Millais 1895 {{PD}}

On the 5th we may want to ask ourselves, How much power is healthy? Ceres quincunxes and contraparallels Hygeia, asking us to adjust our expressions of personal authority, especially when they affect those we take responsibility for or that we hold some power, big or small, over. Thinking may be too highly influenced by the past or by what we get from those relationships (Mercury parallel SN and Venus), making it that much harder to step back and recognize the rights of others–though to embrace what’s genuinely our responsibility will have immense payoffs in ways we never anticipated (Sun nov Juno).

On the 6th Mars enters Taurus–will we breathe a sigh of relief or just get possessive over our stuff? Either way, the shift may allow many to take their foot off the gas and slow their too-aggressive roll. Relationships and finances need careful handling; we’ll be seeing them too much through the lens of the past, with not enough attention on what’s healthy or what we’re sensing below the shiny surfaces (Venus qnx Sedna, sesq Hygeia, parallel SN). Though it may be tough, be hyper-aware of any sensed and unarticulated knowledge–whatever makes your skin prickle as you think about it is worth heeding the warning over–as true power may be hidden, subtle, and so make more of an impact on things than we anticipate–and this is so even of our own personal power, including our buried destructive impulses, so tread with care (Mercury trine Sedna, Sun parallel Pluto).

For the 7th we need to recognize how truly powerful words and communications of all stripe really are today. The past may be too strongly shaping our thoughts and our viewpoint, and because of this inaccurate measuring tool we may end up putting ourselves in a difficult position. Recognize two things to help you get through the day: we are too steeped in old ways to see things clearly right now, and we are thinking so much about power that this may limit our understanding of it as it currently exists in any situation–and that latter means that those who ‘go physical’ today may momentarily get the advantage, but will ultimately suffer the consequences, as they too will be operating with an inaccurate lens. The past does hold beneficial information, we just have to be very clear about what bygone experiences are really telling us (Mercury parallel Pluto, semi-sq Ceres, nov SN).