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‘A Bather (Echo)’ By Jean-Jacques Henner 1881 CC0

On Monday the 11th we have to face where our thinking is taking us, and this can make for distress (fear as we project the current circumstances into the potential future they may bring, or upset generated by compromises to our values and priorities), and for some healing and genuinely inspiring moments, as we get an awe-inspiring glimpse into our true power and the originality and inventiveness we contain as human Beings. It’s a day for deep insight; it’s also a day when things may take on a larger-than-life quality. That should be reassuring: we’ll be seeing into the depths, with components exaggerated in order to draw and focus our attention on what really matters. For some the attention will be on what’s not working; this dissatisfaction will be in direct proportion to one’s honesty about the reality picture and one’s willingness to learn from the past. Expect to face some hard truths about desires and ambitions; also expect some amazing revelations about the Self, some serendipitous occurrences and spontaneous events, and the chance for authentic healing. Note: Mercury, newly entered into Aquarius, the sign of understanding and Higher Thought, will act as apex to a Fist of God with base of North Node square Vesta, offering an unusual depth of comprehension, once we accept the import of living and honoring our priorities and highest values, and the way the results of those commitments may seem to echo backwards from the future; we’ll see that, no matter the source, what we honor will surely shape what comes (Sun sq Zeus, Merc also conj Jupiter, nov Ceres, and sxt Chiron, with Jupiter also sxt the latter, and Mars parallel Uranus).

On the 12th we may face some difficult conflicts, many of them internal, that will require we answer a few questions: what in our relationships hurts us, and are we responsible for that condition? Does the very idea of money carry a wound for us? Do we expect Love to hurt? Do we play games when communicating, and if so, do we believe that withholding info and then springing it on others confers us an advantage? Do we get a thrill out of shocking? Do we resist Higher Thought? Would we rather generate chaos than change our minds about something? All are relevant today (Venus sq Chiron, Merc sq Uranus, Sun semi-sq Juno).

See the report for the Full Moon of the 12th here–

By the 13th we are facing the consequences of our real-world actions, especially those where we misjudged and actually ended up disempowering ourselves. If we use ideals as a guide, we will find valuable answers within spontaneously occurring ideas that are both original and innovative. Focus on the kind of role you want to play in the world, use the power of the creative to craft that role in optimum terms. Make this a mantra: what’s unwise is also unhealthy (Mercury sxt Juno, parallel Saturn, and nov Neptune, Venus trine Uranus, Mars sq Saturn and contra-parallel Ceres, Pallas opp Hygeia).

On the 14th Uranus stations direct, with the likely result a sense of freedom unfolding over the next few weeks as Uranus picks up speed in apparent forward motion–but freedom from what? For the individual this is tied to matters of the House that holds Taurus in the natal chart, and may also show in natal facets ruled by Uranus (bodies or points posited in Aquarius) or in aspect to it natally. Look for a lightening up in attitude and lightning-quick responses, some of which are brilliant–though an overload to the nervous system can definitely cause accidents, if you’re someone sensitive to the electricity Uranus will dump into the ether.

Today we also see examination of many things we’ve recently been avoiding, with the pleasant result that facing the ugly, the hidden, or the embarrassing lays the groundwork for enormous change–so make this purging and re-shaping a positive one (NN nov Black Moon Lilith, Mars semi-sq Neptune, Merc sq BML and parallel Jupiter, Sun conj Pluto).