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‘Peacock’ By Archibald Thorburn before 1935 {{PD}}

Why is it that on the 15th it feels like we can’t ‘be ourselves’ and still be taken seriously? There’s a strong disconnect between expression of originality and holding authority; somehow they seem to be at odds, and we are certain to fall on one side or the other, either seeing our ideas and contributions unappreciated, or seeing our empowerment position as plodding and non-creative. The problem is twofold: our thinking is skewed, and we are basing our assessments of things on either poor choices made in the past, or in angry response to what isn’t, anymore. The way out may be this: experiment. With so many energies in Aquarius right now (Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas, Mercury, with the Sun soon to join), it may be that trying something new will at least break the impasse, and may actually offer innovative solutions (Uranus contra-parallel Ceres, Mars sesq SN, Mercury opp Hygeia).

Thinking is smart, aligned with what we know to be right, so why is it that opportunities, and maybe ‘the facts’, conflict with our priorities or what we honor in life? The 16th brings this dilemma forward, and offers an answer: find the worth in what you are ignoring, deriding, denying, or enraged over–and then incorporate this into your reality. It adds depth, dimension, and gain that you otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance at. The mind is attuned to wisdom, and is likely to know it when it hears it (Jupiter sesq Vesta, Venus trine Black Moon Lilith, Mercury conj Pallas).

The past looks awfully pretty from this vantage point, doesn’t it? Especially when we think about relationships–but there’s a reason things are different, now. For the 17th we may feel the current scene trips us up with all that we don’t know or haven’t dealt with, and this would be partly correct–as long as you listen to instincts, and are willing to respect feedback that may point to your ‘blind spot’, you can exceed your own expectations. How to avoid real trouble? Don’t dissipate your energy by setting up a ‘You against the World’ situation–because the world will definitely have greater energy reserves, and so manage to wear you out (Venus parallel SN, Sun trine Sedna, Jupiter sq Uranus, Juno contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith).

Why is everybody so contrary on the 18th? Could it be that when we think we’re asking with a loving attitude, it comes across like we’re trying to take advantage–and that’s causing others to back away or even turn away. The only way to make the relationship right is to look at the past, to the events that may have prompted the other party to see us as manipulative, to put a predatory lens over our actions that takes an innocent request and makes it look as if we’re motivated by Self-interest. Not pretty, but illuminating for us to realize others may see us that way, and useful in that it allows us to rid ourselves of a certain artifice that’s kept us from really connecting–and connecting, of course, makes for better understanding, and better feeling, all around (Venus sesq Sedna, Sun nov SN).

The Weekend has two Word Images 1) a peacock strutting along the side of a busy highway, oblivious to any danger from speeding traffic. What beautiful thing has escaped your control, and is now in danger? What threatens it is specifically linked to it being in the ‘wrong’ place–so get it back to where it belongs.

2) you meet three little girls in a row, all with the same name. Whenever we run into multiples of something, it’s meant to draw our attention; encountering the same name (and in my case an uncommon one, at that: Clarice) suggests almost a deja vu-like repeating of experience. That’s when we should start scouring the landscape for incidents, perceptions, and events that have visited us before, and are now back. Awareness of this can alert us in the moment to the potential to change our response, and so to change the course of events, a kind of ‘learning from history’ episode that allows us to change, dare I say it? Our karma.