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Ankara Archaeology and art museum Venus Late Hellenistic 2nd-1st C BC CC4

That title comes from the Mystic Rectangle perfecting today, with Mars, Sun, Earth, and Juno all at 24 degrees of their respective current signs–and the stress part is Venus, straining at the 29th anaretic degree of Aries. The lady just wants to get out of town, from an atmosphere of the overt, aggressive, and active, to one she’s not only comfortable in, she rules, with Taurus offering a chance to lose the Self to the senses, to enjoy the tactile, the filling and satisfying, the sedating–to get out of the Arian situation Venus (and we) have been in, of steadily mounting stress as she traversed a sign she’s just not at ease in.

The Rectangle takes the Sun-Mars sextile and makes it a dynamic, rather than just a statement about our attention (the Sun) going to what we are, or feel we should be, doing. We add Earth to the mix, bringing in a material element that emphasizes the way what we are investing our energy into at this time will have solid, real-world, or environment-affecting consequences. Juno, a body of empowerment and partnering, brings awareness: what we are doing right now will definitely empower us; our own actions will fashion situations that both give us alternatives and options, and requires that, even in cooperative matters, we must be the agents of our own expression and empowerment. Remember, the mythic Juno was renowned for her anger and vengeful plots–but those arose from trying to control her partner, rather than taking that energy and shaping things as she’d actually like them to be. In this instance, the lesson for us is twofold: we can’t expect others to hand us power, and we must recognize that the prerogative to make the world as we wish it to be is purely, solely, our own.

Also of note: Black Moon Lilith in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces form the base of a Finger of God, apex Zeus in Libra. A Finger always points us to the result of a successful blending of the two base energies. The Black Moon Lilith point in Taurus suggests that what we are denying ourselves in terms of comfort or sustenance, or what enrages us about our material situation, can be re-shaped by the imagination and our own ideals (Neptune)–which can result in ambition and desire fulfillment, particularly in terms of relationships, the Arts, or cooperative or earning ventures.

And by the way, that Jupiter-Sun sextile forming this Thursday may not be the sudden bounty or get-out-of-psychic-jail free card some think it will be. Oh, it could–I’m just looking at the way Jupiter will also be in an Air Grand Trine with Earth and Mars–suggesting that efforts fueled by beliefs or ‘the facts’, pushed by the social sphere, or that present genuine opportunity have a very good chance of succeeding–and that means that sunshine and riches won’t fall out of the sky with no reason, and that what does logically come to us, we’d better be prepared to catch!–but any benefits we gain could be co-opted by the group, or could devolve into intellectual exercises (Aquarius) that short-circuit action (Mars) and so don’t actually manifest in the real world (Earth)–so, something to keep in mind.

Last week I spent a full 24 hours hearing someone say (or sing) the phrase “Everything’s gonna be alright”–by my count, 6 different times in six totally different forms/ media. Late last week and this one have, as far as I can tell, brought a great deal of stress to everyone–but I’m confident hearing that over and over last week was meant to prime recall of that sentiment when things got rough. I hope if you need it, it helps you too.