‘Seascape with Sailors Sheltering from a Rainstorm’ By Bonaventura Peeters the Elder 1640 {{PD}}

That difficult awareness delivered to us by the recently perfected, current, and future lingering Sun-Pluto Cardinal square will be brought to consciousness by the Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction of the 18th, which also promised some revelations in line with the recent New Moon. What we’ve seen, become aware of, or seen eliminated, destroyed, or transformed has presented us with a dilemma, as the Sun in Aries asks, ‘What do I do about this?’

We’re likely to see a way forward on the 18th that’s informed by whatever was born at the New Moon. The can-do-ness of that Aries event will finally be able to act on a problem that has called into play the sense of personal authority, responsibility, and that even when we had no clue how to proceed, cried out for action! There is so much ‘doing’ energy in all this that we may be tempted to pick the first action outlet we see, so intense is our desire (no, our need!) to address the Plutonian breakdown; instead we should relax (at least a little): with Jupiter sextile the Sun-Merc and semi-sextile Pluto, Sedna semi-sextile Sun-Merc, square Jupiter, and trine Pluto, and Mars, bless his aggressive little heart, down in Gemini making the mind churn out ‘get going’ talk (and as well aspecting things, with a sextile to Sun-Merc catching Sedna at the midpoint, a trine to Jupiter, and a quincunx to Pluto), all this suggests that facts and/ or beliefs will inform our thinking (so it will be at worst characteristic of who we are, at best thinking firmly planted in the real world and its circumstances), and will permeate our plans and where our attention goes, as will what we ‘know but don’t know’ (information sensed but not seated in the conscious mind–Sedna), and that this will propel us in the right direction, as the social order or our own beliefs about the Universe construct the perfect confluence of issues, events, and occurrences to get us to an important new point in our development–because that’s what’s happening right now, we’re all having things transformed, carved away, removed, or otherwise we’re seeing the power situation take on new shapes and hues, all in the name of moving us around the Universal chess board so we’re in the right place, right time, for the next phase of life. Now more than ever, we are responsible for how we respond–do your best.

Just thought I’d weigh in on that. Also, it’s a great time to address your health, particularly through diet or with environmental factors–you have a lot of juice to re-shape your well-being right now. ‘Til next time, and have a wonderful weekend!