‘Girl Eating an Apple’ By Godfried Schalcken 1675-1680 {{PD}}

Just a pair of tidbits for your weekend: the first is the Saturday Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. Beautiful thoughts and words, accompanied by a celebration of the senses, could be delightful, but also runs the risk of ignoring reality, especially those ‘Higher Mind’ issues that should be guiding us. Even if we ignore our own sensibilities and dive in head first to earthly pleasures, it’s likely the world will throw barriers in our path or otherwise frustrate us–so if you’re suddenly stopped short, it’s a hint that you may have gone too far, or too long, without a needed reality check.

By Sunday Merc-Venus has moved on, and now sextiles Pallas in Pisces. This may be the day we’ve been waiting for! Thoughts, relationships, assets, all support wise choice and use of our most well-honed skills, employed to make a ‘practical fantasy’ a reality. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and sound–the Full Moon report follows.