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‘Moonlight in the Adirondack Mountains’, Photographer Unknown {{PD}}

The Full Moon perfects on the 26th at 8:32 PM PDT at 7 Scorpio 06, with the Sabian, ‘A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight’. In Scorpio a lake is dark, with an uncharted floor, mysterious, a symbol of considerable gathered emotion, calm on the surface, but promising something in the depths, maybe something hidden in caves or grottoes yet to be discovered. A Full Moon with this image suggests there’s a large well of emotion, one with many facets of which we’re not aware, that will either reach peak or reach capacity, with the former implying the highest (so most strenuous) point of feeling, while the latter says the dam may break, the feeling overflow, and so need release. This may bring the emotional scenario to an end, or it may allow ‘breathing room’ in order to go forward.

I like tight orbs for a crisp Lunar picture, and here we have lots of contacts that don’t strike me as relevant, at least not in an event chart. They imply some ‘befores’ or ‘afters’ that don’t figure in, with orbs so wide they don’t currently (or won’t for some time) count, so I’ll stick with my usual. There is an approaching opposition to Uranus that promises the FM may take us by surprise; revelations, specifically about secrets, our feelings around our material situation, and shocks, delivered by friends, groups, or an unanticipated ‘modern’ way of doing things, could arise from Lunar events (and then be acted upon via the approaching trine to Mars, and blocked or become a reality by the approaching square to Saturn, with the cost or the payoff announced by the approaching opposition to Venus–but I digress, or maybe jump too much into the future!)

There’s also a sextile to Vesta, which tells us that the Full Moon will in some (relatively easy) way show us something about our values and what we dedicate our time and energy to. Lunar events may show us what needs to go in the commitment department, show us ways to enhance our honoring of and dedication to what we find sacred, and may reinforce responsibilities and relationships we’ve been wavering on, either to clear them out with Full Moon energy, or to enter a new stage of the interaction, a ‘next step’ for the future.

There are two other aspects of note, which with the Full Moon form a Fist of God: Hygeia squares the FM, and both sesquiquadrate Neptune. Health matters, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, give us a problem we need to resolve–if we do so successfully, we can create an ideal, can reach into the hopes and imagination and bring a desire for ‘perfection’ in some form into being; if we are unable to handle the problem presented, we may retreat to fantasy, confusion-as-an-answer, or ‘drown our sorrows’, at least symbolically speaking. I need not tell you which of those responses is preferable.

We always look at the Sun’s Sabian for a Full Moon, as Sol emits the light that makes the Full Moon possible: ‘A Sleigh On Land Uncovered By Snow’. This speaks of being inappropriately equipped for the situation. What thing are we carrying around, in our heads, in our psyches, or in the physical world, that’s not of use to us at all? This is something that under other conditions we would find quite useful–but right now that’s not where we are, and we may want to think about the unnecessary emotional burden this could signify. Typically we hold tight to things we’re not using when we’re convinced we may need them later, or we have a philosophy of ‘just in case’. This image likely relates to the Fist, telling us that we can take the energy required to maintain the useless thing and translate it into something of an ideal realized, a dream come true, or an inspired perspective–much more useful than allowing something that doesn’t fit the current landscape to take up space.