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Lightning cloud to cloud (aka).jpg
This image shows a cloud to cloud lightning in a very stormy and rainy night in Zwickau, Germany. Photo By André Karwath aka Aka Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5

Just a few things to take note of during this retro period. Technically Uranus gained retro status on the 19th, but it remained stationary until the 23rd. I like to look at the point a body retrogrades for the picture it presents in relation to other bodies, making a kind of birth chart for the retrograde itself. This can give us the general tone of the period, a snapshot of what to expect, though I have to emphasize, particularly with the slower moving bodies, that the point of retrograde just isn’t, well, as pointed as it is with a quicker moving body. That’s because a slower planet stations for some time both before and after status change, making the retro a window, rather than, once again, a point.

Uranus stationing and reversing always suggests shifts in the Zeitgeist, and in personal momentum, and in each case the individual experiences this in one of two ways: when Uranus is direct, one flows along with the greater ‘group’, accessing inventive and innovative energies relatively easily, with accidents swiftly righted and surprises usually the kind we look back on and say, ‘I knew it!’; then Uranus retros, and things take a somewhat negative turn, with Uranian energies overwhelming or shocking and relationship with ‘the group’ suffering static in the ‘who’s responsible for what’ category. Generally speaking, the individual oriented to this Uranus pattern finds Uranus-related circumstances during the direct phase to be, even if surprising, understandable, with those during the retro period seemingly more random or confusing.

The second type of individual experiences Uranus like this: the direct phase is the one that delivers the electric shock, the trouble with groups and one’s place in them, one seemingly being more methodical and less inventive as this specific energy seems to suffer a short circuit, with accidents feeling arbitrary, things sometimes prompting the question, ‘Why me?’ Then the retro comes along and this kind of individual is suddenly finding much less resistance to the inventive and innovative energies, with sudden events turning out fortuitously and the serendipitous signaling the individual flow within the larger Uranian energies. In this case, the retro gets the Uranian energy out of its own way, allowing the current (and therefore the capacity for understanding) to flow.

This time, Uranus retrograded at 14 Taurus 47, with Mercury soon to perfect a trine and Vesta soon to perfect a quincunx, followed by perfection of a trine from Mars. Everything within this picture is in Earth, except for Vesta in Air (Libra). This made me think that the material world will correspond precisely to the unseen, like a shadow made solid. Thoughts and communications will be shaped into our surroundings and events in surprising or unexpected ways–so be very conscious, during this retro period, with what you’re really thinking and expressing, and take communications from others with this same sort of ‘this is shaping reality’ awareness.

What we experience may challenge, or at least make uncomfortable, our attitudes or practices around those things we feel are sacrosanct–and likely what occurs will show us how we need to modify our values in theory so that they match our values in practice, and vice versa, align our real-world behaviors with the ideals we claim and identify with. And from these things, an awareness of the impact of thought on the material, and the need to modify and align ourselves with those things we genuinely find sacred, we will find the perfect (and perfectly applicable) actions and choices to move us forward.

Also, be aware of how on the 25th the Moon will pass over Chiron in Aries and then Venus will oppose it from Libra. That’s a recipe for emotional wounds to spill out into the open, for relationships awash in the full brunt of feeling, and for the cost of our own wounds to become apparent. Just take care, and be kind, especially with yourself.