Here’s a nice picture of a tranquil place for mental escape during the Dark period. Mustoja.jpg Amadvr Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 ee

I’m knee-deep in my Moon book and really shouldn’t be here at the blog, but I just saw a couple of things that I think I should comment on. First is that we’ll be entering Dark of the Moon in about a day; that says, ‘Get your sh*t done now, and then tuck in to a smooth period of contemplation and, as much as possible, withdrawal from the worldly’.

The second is the very-nearly-exact opposition of Mars in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. A big determiner of how this goes for each of us will rest in the House axis across which the opposition lies; that gives us an outline of the areas where we may most clearly see the opposition manifest. The general effect, though, may be one of two things: either we stop dead in our tracks, uncertain of where we stand, questioning (and probably worrying about) everything, or we put the pedal to the metal and Create (with a big ‘C’–and remember, creative energy fuels every thing, every action, choice, and intention, so be as aware as possible of precisely where your energy is being directed).

We also see Venus-Vesta-Zeus conjoined in Libra, quincunx Pallas (which happens to conjoin Neptune). This suggests being flexible and willing to adjust in relationships, in how we honor others, and in how we pursue ambitions and desires, is the smart way to go–and will help support that big ‘C’ creativity mentioned above.

The Sun is also briefly quincunx both Saturn and Chiron, making for a window when attention to real-world wounds or the ‘reality that hurts’ will allow for adjustments to approach, attitude, and most importantly, viewpoint, thereby giving us a better perspective on things, one where we can either remedy some wound, muster our unique skills to address it, or contain that pain in some way that makes it easier to live with.

And over the coming few days (by the 4th) Mars positions himself to trine Pluto and act as apex to a Finger of God with base of Jupiter sextile Eris. That, my dears, is when we make our move. We change or transform what needs changing, and find we have the power to do it, and our actions and choices should be supported by solid belief and the willingness to stir things up to get things done. We’ll still be in the Dark period, but should find either that we’re able to act because opposing energies are ‘down’ right now, or that we don’t act but plan meticulously, knowing that our plans are well-formed and slated to prevail. It’s a point of greater access to the unseen, and we take advantage of it.

This all leads up to the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th. The big headline there will be the surprise, innovation, invention, or shock factor, as the NM forms a trine only one minute from perfection with Uranus. Also of note at that time: the North Node closely conjoined the Black Moon Lilith point. That suggests we reap the repercussions of those matters that have shaped our future but that we are still in denial of, angry about, or roundly ignoring. Good luck to us all with that!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and many thanks!