‘Diana and her Nymphs Surprised by the Fauns’ (detail) By Peter Paul Rubens c1640 {{PD}}

In the couple of days following the Full Moon of the 20th (forming AM Pacific), I’m imagining a scenario that goes something like this: we are hit with, or maybe it’s filled by, the culmination in Aries, with an effect that may be a little stunning, at first. As noted previously, the post-FM period is one that sees the Moon moving into Void territory, and the Sun-Earth axis not making any more contacts in their respective signs, either–and this is likely to make us feel adrift, a floating-in-space feeling that could make for a temporary disconnect, one that allows us time to reflect on what it is that the Full Moon actually showed us or brought us.

By mid-morning PDT of the 21st, the Moon has moved well into Taurus, forming first a square to Saturn=we’re presented with emotional barriers, or our feelings (especially fearful ones) are given form, in some cases literally, or we see an emotional end, of some sort; then sextiling Pallas and forming the base of a Finger of God with apex Mercury, freshly direct=if we can combine feeling or intuition with wisdom (particularly the wisdom we’ve just recently acquired), what we end up with is clarity of thought about others, partnerships, finances, values, or aesthetics.

And then, oh my, in early afternoon PDT the Moon conjoins Uranus. It’s the suddenness of the shift that will stand out, the shock of revelation or revolution or perhaps just the unexpected, something entirely, startlingly new. What it is will depend both on the matters of the House in the natal chart that holds Taurus (the most likely subjects where this surprise will come forward), and also on your own personal relationship with Uranian energies. Do you hate surprises? Maybe you need to ask yourself why. Are you a revolutionary at heart? Then answer this: what do revolutionaries become, when the revolution’s over? Are you a natural innovator or inventor? What happens when you can express that originality? And if invention doesn’t come naturally, how does it feel when you’re forced to improvise?

Being unique can be a massive gift, and a lonely one. The trick with Uranus is to find the group(s) that value your individuality, that see whatever Uranian strength you have as an asset, not something to be tamed or toned down. That may be the challenge with the Moon’s contact to Uranus–we see a unique part of ourselves presented with something, likely material, or comfort or security oriented (Taurus) and we must find a way to innovate, answer, or adapt, using the most unusual and original parts of our personalities, in order to make this time a positive, rather than sending us spinning into negative territory.

Late in the day Pacific of the 21st, the Moon quincunxes Venus in Sagittarius, making us adjust (or possibly just wonder about) how we’re reaching out, and how truly effective it is. Then in the wee hours of the 22nd the Moon begins its traverse of the 20s–first a sextile to Neptune that forms a fleeting Finger of God with apex Zeus=expect to dream about your ambitions, and to take seriously anything you see, intuit, or imagine in terms of meeting your goals; by breakfast Pacific the Moon herself is apex to another Finger, this one with base of Zeus-Juno=adjusting enough to resolve power struggles successfully becomes required; then comes a quincunx to Mars and a trine to Pluto (which also briefly allows another Finger with Moon apex and base of Mars-Juno)=will we preserve our status by holding back, or will we exercise our Will–whatever gives us the greatest power, and so the greatest control over circumstances, is the right answer.

Remember too that the 22nd the Sun-Earth axis is in the final degree of their respective signs, suggesting a heightened sense of tension. By mid-evening Pacific the Moon conjoins Sedna, also at 29 degrees, and we see a final, stressful need to acknowledge either what we’ve missed, or what we ‘know but don’t know’–and then the Moon enjoys a very short Void, beginning at 10:59 PM Pacific, just after the Sun-Earth axis has slipped into Scorpio-Taurus. Again, the floating sensation, the sense that we’ve entered new territory and must acquaint ourselves. The Lunar Void ends at 12:57 AM PDT of the 23rd, as the Moon enters Gemini, and quickly conjoins the North Node, directing us to ponder the emotional implications of the Path we’re on–and the whole thing starts all over again.

I just thought this was a short period of important developments, the kind of thing that can feel like a roller coaster and leave us exhausted if we don’t know what’s going on. Have a wonderful week!

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