You don’t have to invite them all to the party over the next few days. ‘Courage, Anxiety, and Despair Watching the Battle’ By James Sant 19th cent. {{PD}}

That’s kind of a scary title–nobody wants to think about their eyes being outside their heads–but it beats that old saying, ‘Keep your eyes peeled’ That’s extra horrifying. So, now that I’ve filled your mind with eyeball images, let’s get to why we need to stay alert.

The 24th sees the perfection of Zeus trine Jupiter, the Sun quincunx the North Node point, and Mercury quincunx Uranus. Though these aren’t headline-grabbing aspects, maybe they should be, because taken together they suggest unbridled, even bloated ambitions, or just a dangerous amount of optimism, a need to adjust thinking to accommodate the unanticipated, and the need to adjust forward momentum so that it stays true to the core Self. All this could fly under the radar, and really gum things up, but if we’re conscious of these subtle but important influences, we can prevent the kind of de-railing that might begin at this point, as one or more could easily exert an influence that wouldn’t yet feel like a problem.

On the 25th I want to note Venus squaring Neptune and the Moon trining Mars, AM Pacific. Here we see what we value come up against its own ideal, and inevitably, those things will be found wanting. The trine reminds us that it will be amazingly easy to act to correct things–but just as easy to make a show of temper, to demand, to aggress–and no relationship or financial situation was ever made more desirable by just demanding it be so. Use the energy to take action, especially in planning in concert with others (Gemini, Libra), or that at least takes them into account. Finding out that our darlings, including our creative projects, aren’t perfect will come as a shock only to those who’ve been telling themselves a fairy tale in the first place.

For the 26th what stands out to me is the way Ceres has been creeping back to perfect contact to the Black Moon Lilith point, and gets there today, and this happens under a strong Cancer Moon, heightening the feels as Luna moves through her own sign. Is it that confrontations over power or territory make us face things we’ve ignored or denied, or is it that things we’ve ignored or denied now come forward to challenge our personal authority or our rightful (as we see it) sway over others? That may be a chicken-and-egg kind of thing, but one thing’s sure: we’ll be flooded with emotion today, anything from sentimental longings all the way to deeply felt sensations of Love, Hate, and everything in between. Ride the wave gently; not everything we’re feeling today will stick within a situation, and much of it may look different by the time the Moon enters Leo, just after 2 AM Pacific on the 28th.

The 27th Zeus sextiles Venus and trines Jupiter. That’s a rocket ship of exaggerated desire, ambition, and a sense that you can’t live without ‘it’–so if you find yourself saying, ‘I can’t live without it (or her, him, or they)’, you know you’re under a potent spell that will be broken soon enough, if you can just hold back and take a measured approach. The problem lies in the way at this time all proportionality is missing around those things we desire–and that means we could risk a great deal not realizing our wants aren’t really as powerful as they seem to be in the moment.

Many of the other, still extant aspects (like the Eris-Pluto square) have been covered in previous posts. You’ll have to see them there, as there’s one thing I don’t like to do, and that’s repeat myself. (Yes! I’m old and cranky 🙂 ) Have a great weekend!