Enjoy the Day of the Dead, 1 November. A thin veil makes for interesting times. Photo By Tomas Castelazo

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

What stands out to me in the run up to the New Moon of November 4th is the way Jupiter sits poised at the midpoint of Pluto, now direct, and Neptune, still retro, and stationary by degree, until direction in very early December. That puts Pluto-Neptune in wide sextile–the gap is almost enough to describe a kind of interested disinterest between the two energies–with Jupiter in Aquarius right in the middle. That suggests Jupiterian subjects will connect, and so then possibly be the outlet for, transformative and destructive creative or delusional energies. The influence, considering Jupiter is in Aquarius, may be the need to know, especially to comprehend with Higher Mind understanding, and this may show in an optimistic attitude, or even one that’s overly optimistic, in facilitating big, permanent change, or in large, transformative creative acts. Every change right now is going to feel good, but not all change will be good change–and therein lies the danger: that, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, change for change’s sake may become the point for some, particularly for those who don’t want to deal with Big Realities like the Truth (Pluto), Rage (also Pluto), Destructive Impulses (guess who?), or Delusions and Deceptions (Neptune cops to this one).

Notice how Mars, at 29 stressful degrees of Libra on the 29th makes us think we must act–and how then it neatly slips into Scorpio AM Pacific of the 30th, essentially translating any frustrations with others into a next step statement of, ‘You had your chance to negotiate, now I’m out to get to the Truth, get to the bottom line, and possibly blow it all up, if you won’t come around.’ That’s an end-of-your-rope stance that isn’t afraid to destroy things if they’re frustrated–and that’s a terrible place to be when trying to make relationships work, because though it feels powerful (and is therefore quite seductive) it’s really bully behavior that dares everyone else to risk their interests, just to appease the tantrum thrower–and includes a willingness to throw the tantrum thrower’s own interests down the tubes, too, if only to show how much they can.

Two other sets of aspects catch my eye on the 30th; these seem to set up a progression of energies through to the New Moon. First is Mercury in Libra’s quincunx to Neptune, with Mercury then moving on over the next two days to conjoin Zeus, separating from Neptune and moving to trine Jupiter over the 31st and 1st of November. This scenario is one of adjusting the creative faculties, especially one’s thinking and ways of communicating, so that they advance the ambitions and so lead to opportunities. It’s short-lived and short-term, but opens an effective window for Self-editing and offers significant opportunities for improvement and career advancement. Vesta square Jupiter only adds to the sense of this being a ‘showdown’ scenario of some kind, with a need to weigh values against opportunities and facts before we go forward.

The other set involves perfection of a conjunction between Venus and Juno in Sagittarius on the 30th.This places them trine Eris (with a brief Grand Trine involving the Moon in Leo extant for a few hours), and semi-sextile Pluto (which of course places Pluto still square Eris). Juno and Venus then move along together, remaining in sync through the 1st. It reads like a solidarity thing: women/ anima energies/ values/ aesthetics/ relationships/ finances are in accord with empowerment options/ status and standing/ efforts to ‘get it done’/ power expression/ matters of partnership. It’s a kind of outreach that makes our own potentials and position stronger, and reveals our power, especially in relationships but particularly in the relationship with the significant other. A small contingent may succumb to a jealousy and revenge matrix that’s always a slim possibility with these two, and considering where they’re placed right now, that would likely come about because of something learned, some info uncovered, that shakes foundational feeling. Maybe that’s where the contacts to both Pluto and Eris come in: if there’s strife to be stirred, and power issues need hashing out, this is when it will occur.

Also on the 30th, the Sun-Earth axis forms a T-square with Saturn, perhaps pinpointing a day when real-world conditions or restrictions become apparent. Consider it a gift that we will be able to see what’s holding us back, because within that knowledge comes the possibilities for how to handle it or fix it.

By the 2nd Mercury steps in to form a Cardinal T-square with Pluto-Eris. Will we never be free of this pair?! Thoughts may be consumed with upsets and our perceptions of those who cause them; we should avoid projection by trying to remain aware of our own role in making current circumstances, especially disruptive or discordant ones. Communications may hold (or may only seem to hold) some scary-ass threats or make us feel as if we’ll never find peace with those involved–but remember this may be more a trick of perception than a reality.

The 3rd looks to be mostly navel-gazing Dark of the Moon territory. Don’t start anything right now, don’t make commitments, and don’t draw final conclusions, either–there’s more to the story, very likely revealed with sudden surprise or revelation as the New Moon will form only 7 minutes before perfecting opposition to Uranus. Hold on to your hats!

Have a wonderful weekend!