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What a view! Postcard of The Cliff House restaurant, San Francisco c1941 {{PD}}

Today Uranus stations direct at 10 Taurus 49. Stations are typically very tense points, long drawn out ‘moments’ when a body essentially sits still–which is unusual in a Universe where everything is in motion all the time, even when it seems not to be, when that motion is until a tipping point imperceptible, like decay or aging, or when the motion seems to bring a retracing of steps, as in the apparent retrograde of a planet or body. That’s the thing: as with the apparent change in direction of a retrograde cycle, a station is simply the cessation of motion in any direction from the vantage point of the observer. Symbolically this suggests that those who see the body as motionless do so because of where they are, physically (for the observation itself) but also energetically (with a body standing still representing that particular energy in the observer’s life).

So, a sense of ‘stuckness’ may assert itself, a feeling that everything around Uranian energies, both where it’s currently transiting in the individual natal chart and where it’s posited natally and what it rules, won’t change–maybe ever. The sensation is one of things having been this way interminably, and continuing to be so, no end in sight. Its location in Taurus tells us that there’s a material facet to all this, something along the lines of modernization, originality, accident, or the unusual happening with physical (that is, artisanal) creativity, with matters of sustenance and comfort, in areas of security, increase, profitability, and the kinds of nurture that cater specifically to the physical body. We may have recently discovered or uncovered unexpected talents or assets within ourselves or at our disposal, may have found unique ways of earning, providing solace and support, or of assessing ourselves, and all of this facilitated, possibly through challenge or difficult circumstances, by the recent series of squares between Uranus and Saturn, the latter standing for the real world, for the status quo, for authority and maturity, for obstacles and hindrances, for solid results, what we’ve ‘earned’, for constraint and methods applied.

Now they move steadily out of orb, to eventually return to the square in August and perfect in September. That suggests we have the rest of winter, spring, and most of summer during which we may apply those energies separately. Their effects will show in the way they interact with the individual chart; whatever we’ve seen with previous squares between them may seem to go dormant, lose its relevance, or be dismissed as an illusion or a threat/ promise that never materialized. When they do connect again, we’ll likely face either the very same matter we identified before, or a new iteration of it–a contest between what is and what could be, between holding back and moving forward, between innovating or sticking with the status quo, between originality and the safe bet. Just remember, there’s no pat right-or-wrong here; the choices must be made with awareness of our own individual needs and wants, congruent with what the spirit resonates to and can handle (that last is a valid consideration, considering the stresses of life anywhere on the globe in the past two years).

The Moon’s Nodes (remember, these are points, not bodies) slip into Taurus (NN) and Scorpio (SN) today, and that means they’re in the fateful and pressure filled 29th degree of their respective signs. In terms of the general zeitgeist (wait, General Zeitgeist, wasn’t he a Superman villain?) they show a certain axis of energy flow, moving from South to North, that says something about where we’re headed within the social order, and what we’re de-emphasizing or moving away from. In this case, that may translate into a stampede away from what’s too dark or feels too destructive (or transformative–never underestimate the human ability to confuse fear and wisdom), and toward more solid, hands-on forms of comfort, security, and expression. It may be all about soothing the Soul, looking for a corner of the world we feel safe in and can call our own. It’s not a bad impulse, but be careful not to let the initial hit at 29 tense degrees to make you think it’s an emergency. Please, no pushing as we move toward the exits.

The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury falls on the 23rd of January in the wee hours Pacific time, and happens just after the Moon in Libra trines Sun-Moon in Aquarius. The Inferior Conjunction is a point of inception, the seeding of something that will mature or become apparent at the Superior (direct) Conjunction of Sun and Merc, on April 2nd. In this case, this is likely to be an idea, a ‘brave new world’ concept, an ‘experiment’, a revolution, or a falling away of constraints that results in emotional change or realization in our relationships, especially those involving partnership. The inclination we have, or idea that pops into our head, on the 23rd will have repercussions by early April–so choose what you will or won’t act on with care, and at the very least, contemplate until Merc is direct, then decide if acting on that idea will have a desirable effect on our relationships. Here’s a hint: at the point of Superior Conjunction, the Sun and Mercury will also be conjoined Chiron. Will what you do hurt or heal things? It’s under your control.

Be on the lookout, as well, for Mars conjoining Saturn in Aquarius, which occurs just a couple days after the Superior Conjunction, on April 5th. This suggests to me that whatever real-world actions and choices come to the fore at this time are definitely related to what you started/ pondered/ and then chose to commit to during the Mercury cycle. Keep that in mind, as Mars-Saturn in Aquarius could see ourselves or others choosing what we do based on high-flown (and possibly highly theoretical) concepts; that could mean we choose based on ideals that have never been real-life tested–or we splurge on an experiment, rolling the dice just to see what will happen–and in either case, we may not realize we’re gambling or theorizing with actual circumstances and real feelings.

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