‘A Game of L’hombre in Brøndum’s Hotel’ By Anna Palm 1885 {{PD}}

What kind of reckoning, you might (nervously) ask? One that presents us with a preview of exactly what future we’re creating for ourselves. At core this is described by two sets of aspects and a single influence slated soon to collide with each of the elements.

The first duo is comprised of Juno and Pluto in Capricorn. On its own this speaks of Power issues, writ large, and specifically how much power and Self-determination we do or don’t enjoy in the current system. This pairing offers us the energy for change, especially change that is definitive; once we address our own ability to affect matters, our own personal power situation, any shifts we make or circumstances we eliminate will be gone for good. Transformation is the goal, of course, but it’s easy to overplay our hand, to destroy what we otherwise only wanted to tweak–so overkill is a distinct possibility, when we’re re-shaping our world and the system within which we operate.

Finding our power points, knowing when and where we hold a winning hand (or when we have the opportunity to draw one), and when and where folding is the right choice, are imperative to making our efforts effective right now. You’ll get the message as retrograde Mercury collides with first Juno (the 27th), then Pluto (the 28th-29th). We’ll be called to re-think our ideas of our own role and our relationship to the power that resides out in the world and which we are powerless to affect. We’ll see how our thinking has driven our personal expressions of power and authority, followed by the real-world (and possibly drastic) changes this has created–and as well, offering that vision of the future that may set us on a serious course, may encourage us to look for stances that offer security and structure, may generate real fear, or that may enhance our genuine power–and perhaps do all the above.

Mars newly arrived in Capricorn isn’t helping, because we may feel that if we aren’t part of the establishment, or don’t know ‘the rules’, it may not be up to us to make a move. If you find yourself waiting for permission, especially if it’s permission to do something that affects your life, then you need to know that you’re being overly cautious, probably out of the remnants of a too-intrusive authority from the past. Just know now that as long as you control yourself (that means, make deliberate, rather than erratic or simply rebellious, choices), you’ll choose well.

The other combo in play is Sedna-Ceres in Taurus, slated to be conjoined by the North Node, the close contact window starting around the 29th of January and lasting until 8 February or so. Where the first duo was about power in general and our personal relationship to it as expressed through the status quo and any changes we want to make, this pairing is focused on the material parts of our existence, the things we ‘know but don’t know’ as conveyed via our interaction with the world and our instinctive readings of it. The environment, our surroundings, and our bodies are speaking to us right now; the question is, are we listening?

Health and diet, our environment (everything from the weather where we are to the air quality in our homes, the company we keep to the functionality of utilities), and our relationship to those for whom we’re responsible (or over whom we believe we should have a say), all converge to describe what needs attention, what’s functioning well and what’s in danger of running off the rails. Making it difficult to decipher is the way certain related matters reside in our ‘blind spot’–we may think we’ve got the whole picture, but we’re unable to perceive certain realities, through no fault of our own. How do we see what’s in that ‘blind spot’? We find a mirror; we bend light and so expand our visual field. We do this through Sedna-Ceres sextile to Pallas in Pisces (which itself is novile Saturn, symbol of authority and reality, suggesting there are genius ways to handle things available to us, stored in what surrounds us/ real-world events, and within the shadows of our conscious minds). This implies that creative efforts, our dreams, and how effectively we have or have not provided for ourselves and/ or manifested an ‘ideal’ environment will all be capable of reflecting back to us the information we need, specifically, how our ‘blind spot’ material hampers us being genuinely the agents of our own lives. Again, if we can ‘get the message’ that’s represented around us, it will make for our own choices being the wisest and most practical possible. this delivers a clear picture of what’s coming, of what we’re building in the ether that will eventually enter our realities–so proceed with conscious care.

Thanks to all who’ve answered my mini-poll. Though only a fraction of you have weighed in, I’m better able to gauge whether doing an interactive stream is worth my time–so much appreciated. And yes, there will be snacks!