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‘The Lovers’ By Konstantin Somov {{PD}}

This is a re-print from a Valentine edition of ECLIPSE–I hope you enjoy it, and have a great weekend!

We’ve all felt that zap of electricity on meeting particular people–what does that look like in cross-chart interaction? It’s not just one or two ‘special’ contacts; it usually takes a couple of conjunctions of non-like energies (when people are close in age they often have conjunctions of the same, slower moving energies–these in many cases needn’t even be considered in analysis), plus a square or three (because the right kind of conflict generates heat!) and strong interaction of principle energies (Sun, Moon, chart ruler, ruler of Sun or Moon, Venus for woman, Mars for a man–this latter designation is appropriate no matter the sexual inclinations of the individual, so that same sex couples look at Venus-Venus or Mars-Mars connections) as well as some firm Saturn contact going in both directions (each person’s Saturn must ‘hook’ into the other person’s chart for longevity of the relationship).

In my experience, conjunctions are definitely the strongest contacts; nothing else comes close. Next in strength are squares–we can’t ignore the energy one of our placements squares, and the other person can’t ignore ours. Oppositions can pull like a gravity well in space or repel as we point at ‘what I’m not’. Trines, of course, are harmonious, but along with sextiles, may not exert much influence; these can be so easy that they’re not noticed, unless accompanied by other, more compelling contacts (usually conjunctions, which are a direct confrontation of energies, or squares, with the ‘can’t ignore’ feeling). I can’t possibly list every potential pattern, but can give you a few highlights:

  • One person’s Pluto to the other person’s Sun, Ascendant, Ascendant ruler, Venus (for a woman) or Mars (woman or man), and sometimes the Moon (though this can be more intimidating or frightening for the Moon person than anything else). Pluto is intensity, and sex, and the contacted essence will stir that up in the Pluto person, while the Pluto person will see strong appeal in the qualities of the contacted energy.
  • Zeus touching anything, by any aspect! With this body we get a slice of passion, pure, primal, and totally undiluted, so that anything it contacts suggests the Zeus person is turned on by expression of the energy–and the person receiving the Zeusian regard will really feel it! In Platonic interactions it can mark an enthusiasm or the desire of the Zeus person to aid the other person in expression of the contacted energy, so can be a contact of great generosity, lust, and/ or overstepping bounds, as well as potentially showing someone who may further one’s ambitions.
  • A woman’s Venus in contact with a man’s Mars (or the anima dominant person’s Venus contacting the animus dominant person’s Mars, all dependent on what one identifies as ‘my’ energy). This at least sparks interest, though what these energies rule in the natal chart will be telling of how it may play out. Should these energies be ‘flipped’ (male’s Venus to female’s Mars) they will often show attraction initially, but find there is an imbalance that causes discomfort, typically she is a little too abrasive for him, he’s a little too ‘soft’ for her. This is usually a more dynamic contact with people who are highly gender-identified (very feminine woman with very masculine man).
  • The same rules for Venus-Mars ‘rules’ can be applied to Sun-Moon contacts; here, though, we may have to consider the prominence of the paternal-maternal influence as it appears elsewhere in the chart and life. Sun-Moon tends more toward the ‘established mature relationship’ category when it’s apparent in a mating relationship than it does in a romantic one.
  • The Mars of either sex (or either inclination) brings the assertive energy which is vital to sexual interaction to the table–and the state of this in the individual chart will tells us something about how it may play out in contact with another person’s energies.
  • Positive Venus interactions are a must; with Venus the common designator for both relationships and pleasure, we must find it active in a positive way.
  • One person’s Jupiter on another person’s planet or point can suggest the Jupiter person may be very generous in the contacted area–but also possibly a little proprietary, in the way the god imposed himself on mortal and demi-god alike.
  • Significant placements in one person’s chart falling in the 12th of the other can cause uneasiness in the 12th House person that is difficult to overcome.
  • Eros contact makes for objectification, and this can be sexy or off-putting depending on what’s contacted, and the individual attitudes toward being a sex-object!

These are just a few of the sparkiest contacts–investigation will likely reveal the ones that spark for you!