‘Water Swirl, Canandaigua Outlet‘ by Arthur Dove 1937 {{PD}}

Long-time reader Anthony asks for a little something on Putin, so I thought a good approach might be to make him human-sized, rather than treating him as a global figure, and to look at his energy interaction with Zelenskyy, who he’s cast in the role of adversary, willing or not. Anthony mentions a future opposition of Chiron to Putin’s Sun, which will almost certainly be significant, but my eye’s on the current transit of Saturn opposed his Midheaven-Black Moon Lilith-Pluto in Leo, the just separating trine of Eris to his Pluto, and transiting Neptune still within loose sextile to his Jupiter and the transiting North Node and so forming base to a Finger of God with apex his natal Neptune-Mercury in Libra.

Transiting Saturn opposite the MC and friends suggests a sense of having his security undermined and power dipping to a low point–but remember, this is perceptual from the viewpoint of the individual, an effect on natal energies brought about by transiting ones–while the current way forward (transiting NN) combines with his attitudes around society and foreign powers (Jupiter) to pump up the natal combination Nep-Merc that suggests he is imaginative, especially about others/ partners–in both the positive and negative senses–possibly seeing all communications as containing hidden messages and motivations–he may assume others obfuscate just as a matter of course–with inherently unclear thinking that the nearby natal conjunction to Saturn makes him believe is just the opposite, absolutely concrete and realistic–and Jupiter is definitely within quincunx natally to both Neptune and Saturn, implying a built-in distrust of what’s foreign, perhaps suggesting he sees foreign influences (Jupiter) as automatically looking to suppress him and his ‘creative’ approach. and generally threatening, with the quincunx saying he may feel there’s a constant demand to adjust to others, in order to get along–and we should note the Sun (which is conjoined Saturn), along with Neptune and Mercury, are all in Libra in the 12th, suggesting that he may have chronic feelings of being oppressed, misled, or victim of quickly changing circumstances, all via others (Libra) and perceived unconsciously (12th)–it’s a signature for paranoia, should the individual stray at all from the reality of the situation.

Too, transiting Neptune is on the way to conjoining Putin’s natal Pallas in the 5th of gambles–but it’s not there yet, and will retrograde and then again go direct before it makes contact–so there’s some time to go on that one, though I think that might be the most telling, a ‘point of no return’ in terms of potential for bad judgment and taking risky chances, particularly military ones (Pallas did, after all, spring as a fully-formed Warrior from her father Zeus’ forehead), with choices maybe based on misinformation, misunderstanding, or delusion.

If the data I have for Putin is correct (7 October 1952 9:30 AM St. Petersburg Russia–the then Soviet Union–data is unverified/ disputed, according to Astrodatabank, though the planetary placements and angles seem to work well for him), then there are a couple more things we should note before discussing the interaction with Zelenskyy. One is that Vesta is conjoined the Scorpio Ascendant, suggesting an individual who honors himself and his thrust out into the world above all else–and in Scorpio implies that he sees making changes and acting for vengeance as part of his mandate in the world.

We also see that South Node, MC, Black Moon Lilith, Pluto, and Zeus are all conjoined in Leo in the 10th=Power is the ambition, the desire, the public face, of the individual–he sees it as his right to roar, and that this is a repeating pattern–which means he may face problems with his power-seeking behavior if he isn’t hyper-aware of the current scene–he’s a victim of his own compulsion to do the same thing the same way, again and again. This grouping is trine Mars (the Will, the ‘I Am’, ego) and loosely square Jupiter in the 7th=the exercise of personal Will is almost unavoidable–he may see that as the way to operate, period–and conflict with others, particularly those he sees as having more opportunity or as being ‘luckier’, is inevitable.

I used a bi-wheel (see below) and chose to put Putin on the inside in spite of the uncertainty of his data, as he is the instigator of the current action. I’m going to list cross-chart aspects, with Zelenskyy’s (see a previous post for his details) placement first, the aspect, then what’s contacted in Putin’s chart, followed by the potential interactive effect. I’ll keep the orbs close, for clarity.

Z’s Saturn conjoins P’s Zeus, trine his Mars, and quincunx his Pallas, with Z’s Jupiter opposes P’s Mars, squares his Pallas, and sextiles his Zeus=this seems provocative for both parties, though more so for Putin, who may feel Z is out to thwart his ambitions, challenge his masculinity, and question his wisdom–and part of the challenge seems to arise from Z’s popularity, which P might try to cast in his own mind as both un-masculine (this might relate to Z’s comedic career, as P’s Sun-Saturn conjunction might find it very important to be taken seriously–I think Putin might miss the point of comedy) and unwise, though unwise only in the sense that it’s not what Putin would do! Z might just feel that Putin doesn’t act wisely–where Z would counsel P to tamp down ambitions, to focus less on implementing his own Will and desires (Zeus, Mars), P would counsel Z to get serious and get out of his (Putin’s) way–no surprise there.

Z’s Pluto is conjoined P’s Saturn (so not far from P’s Sun), and trine P’s Ceres, while Z’s Ceres sits exactly (only 16 minutes off) P’s Mars, with Z’s Jupiter opposed P’s Mars=again, Z feels to P as if he challenges P’s security, masculinity, and even identity–and that’s a difficult feeling to ignore, especially when this energy is exaggerated, as it is perceptually for P, reflected in Z’s relationship to his people. This is exacerbated by Z’s South Node conjoined Eris, while Z’s Eris is conjoined P’s Earth, and so opposed his Sun=to Z this reads as P bringing back chaos from the past, while for P this may read as Z’s mere existence bringing chaos (and this may suggest Z’s more a symbol to P than anything else), and this is particularly threatening to P’s material purpose (his Earthly goals) and of course to his identity and Soul’s intents. This could feel to Putin like Zelenskyy, his demeanor, his methods of operating, his interactions with the people, are all things that engender chaos and threaten P’s fundamental security and status–and with Z’s Vertex conjoined P’s Venus, it may feel to Z it’s fated that he will affect P’s assets, wealth, position–anything he values, really. Z’s Chiron opposes P’s Ascendant-Vesta, and Z’s Mars forms the arm of a T-square with this, promising to actively wound the way P reaches out into the world, and to hurt what he holds sacred.

Most telling, though, may be the way P’s Pluto-BML-MC-SN is in wide contact with Z’s Moon, while Z’s Midheaven is conjoined P’s North Node. It may look to Putin as if the way to the future is through the reputation and career of Zelenskyy, while Z’s emotional make-up may threaten P’s career, probably by digging up what he’d rather remained hidden, calling forth P’s destructive urges, and harkens back to something of the past P would prefer to bury–and with those kind of triggers at work, it’s hard to see how these two could’ve interacted any other way than they are right now.

There are other contacts, but the ones I’ve outlined do, I think, convey the heart of each man’s reaction to the other. Many thanks to Anthony for his request!