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”Empress Maria’ In A Storm’ By Ivan Ayvazovsky 1892 {{PD}}

The conjunction of two behemoths that everyone’s waiting for perfects just after 7 AM Pacific time of the 12th. Do we have to be that specific? No, big energies push waves before them, like a vessel through water, and as well leave a big wake–that means we feel the effects both before and after they align. So, it’s likely you’re already dealing with, feeling, dodging or, even worse, trying to decipher this slippery combo. It’s my belief that examining the moment of perfection gives us a portrait (a kind of birth chart, a statement of the event) that opens our eyes to the general energies of the meeting–beyond the simple Jupiter + Neptune statement of Big Delusion, Big Creativity, Hidden Facts Revealed, Social Deception, Society’s Ideals Presented, Exaggerating or Broadcasting The Dream (or Discovering the Beliefs or Realities That Support It), The Facts Behind The Image, or The Facts Vs. What We Imagine, How What We Believe Squares With What Is Presented–I could go on, but you get my drift.

For matters where this duo’s effects might show we look to the personal chart and the House where the meeting occurs; we also look to the Houses in the natal chart these energies rule. Some or all of these areas will describe the places (the subjects through which) we as individuals will experience the conjunction. Look for two main components: something that stands out, through exaggeration, attention-grabbing, or through the ways the facts surrounding it pop forward from related circumstances, giving us a read on feasibility; and, in the way the spiritual, the ideals, the creative efforts/ ideas, and/ or places where you’ve been seeking reality, the facts, or the Truth come forward.

Or maybe I should say, where you’ve been seeking, the conjunction brings clarity and perspective–or obscures the unbendable facts–and also threatens to overblow the impacts, making us think the idea, the belief, or the deception much more vast, insurmountable, confusing, or inspired than it really is. A few points of interest: occurring in Pisces makes it all the more difficult to sort out meaning and effects in the moment; be prepared to withhold judgment until the fog clears (i.e., until we’re some distance past the event in both time and space–and by space I mean, in dealing with the House areas affected); the conjunction semi-sextiles Saturn and Eris, occupying their midpoint, while sextiling the North Node point and trining the South, with NN/ Jupiter-Neptune acting as base to a Finger of God, apex Earth in Libra=this points to material results, ones that affect our surroundings, assets, or partnerships, with effects possibly springing from the conflicts already inherent in current realities, and these are directly flowing from the past and shaping the future. Jupiter-Neptune also noviles Vesta in Aquarius on one side and Mercury in Taurus on the other=what we think we honor will be put to the test; it’s a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ situation, in some sense. Leave room to be surprised by how you really feel, but don’t be surprised (or thrown) by what it stirs up in others, including the tendency to blame or project their own upset onto you (thanks, Eris).

The result of all related circumstances may be inspiration or beliefs acted upon, accepted, or instituted before we fully understand them, and circumstances of responsibility, blame, or dedication coming to the fore. These energies are also slated to shape the life direction, and so our future–so awareness of the possibilities in how our choices could play out will be paramount to dealing with things successfully.

Enjoy your week!