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‘Fiskerens stue’ (Fisherman’s cottage) By Harald Sohlberg 1907 {{PD}}

The Full Moon perfects at 11:54 AM PDT of the 16th at 26 Libra 45. The first thing that jumps out is the oppositional nature of the energies, with the Full Moon culmination in Libra zeroing in on the Us vs. Them, or Me vs. The World, or Internal vs. External dynamic. It’s a face-off, but one that involves wildly mismatched viewpoints and intentions, each seen through a highly emotional or subjective lens. On the Lunar side we have the emotional or intuitive essence of We/ Us, acting from an ambition to form a more perfect real-world union (Zeus, Moon, and Earth in Libra), and this confronts or is confronted by a fighting spirit that sees interaction/ cooperation as assault, and struggles mightily to maintain the established individual identity, both out of a belief that they are right to remain separate and a desire to blame others for the aggression–though without that aggressive nature, this side of the equation would no longer be (that is, have the core identity) that makes up the current ‘I Am’ (the Sun, Eris, and Pallas in Aries). The Solar side of things fights and opposes because that’s who they believe they are, as they conceive this to be their right, while the Lunar side of things wraps their own ambitions and desires in a cloak of ‘for the good of All’. Neither side is willing to entertain the idea that their choices are Self-serving–but that’s exactly what’s needed to open the way to actually employing this Lunar event effectively.

The way to gain perspective may be found in the other aspects the Full Moon makes. It acts as apex to a loose Finger of God with base of Sedna/ Jupiter-Neptune=here we see the instinctive nature/ blind spot material collude with an overblown imagination to create that thing we think we’re doing for everyone else–and of course, part of dictating what ‘should be’ is the belief (delusion? conceit?) that we as an individual know what’s best for others (Jupiter-Neptune as the ideal social order). On a much more positive note, we could read this as the instincts instructing us on how to pursue ‘The Big Dream’, with the Lunar event signalling an awareness of who we need to cooperate with in order to fulfill ambitions.

The Full Moon is also trine a wide conjunction of Juno-Saturn in Aquarius, and is sesquiquadrate Venus in Pisces=what happens at the Full Moon carries the potential for real-world empowerment–but we must take care not to carry illusions about the costs: to relationships, to assets, and to those things that bring Love into our lives. Our final clue is in the Full Moon-Pluto square=this Cardinal conflict is combustible, if we take our actions to extremes, or if we fail to understand the potentials of destruction that are inherent to the energies of change.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘An Airplane Sails, High In The Clear Sky’. The ideals have a chance to soar–but remaining reasonable, honest with ourselves about our capacity and motives, and aware of real-world consequences, is key to ‘smooth sailing’. For the Sun the Sabian is, ‘Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained’. Aha! The entire goal of this is re-capturing the inspiration that drives aspirations, especially those chances we believe we’ve missed–the window for something we once dreamed of opens again–be on the lookout.

Inspired or delusional, it’s up to us to decide. The spiritual, the unfathomable, the dream, beckons–how you approach it is all.

The lengths to which we’ll go to justify our own choices