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Though not exactly on point for the topic, I thought the rendering of this painting made it worth sharing. We can imagine Jupiter descending from the cloud, commanding Venus out of the way, and demanding Mars buddy-up with him–with an array of possible results. And who knows what Vulcan is doing in there. ‘Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan’ By Alexandre Charles Guillemot 1827 {{PD}}

The meeting of Mars and Jupiter perfects in the wee hours of the 29th AM PDT. Do we need to be so precise? Yes and no; this meeting isn’t that rare, occurring every couple of years+, give or take, depending on retro sequences, and these are major energies–it’s not like they slip from awareness day-to-day. On the other hand, the melding of energies related to ego, action, aggression, and Self-focus (in both positive and negative senses), and those related to the social order, knowledge, and the exaggeration of all that’s touched promise lively times–and this happening in Mars’ sign of Aries only adds, get ready for it, fuel to the fire.

So, what can we expect? A lot of that depends on 1) what House in the natal chart this combo falls in–that offers a prime stage for Mars-Jupiter assertion, 2) what Houses these two rule in the natal chart–look for combined elements to figure in, most likely presented through the House where the meeting occurs, and 3) how well we as individuals get along with our own Martian impulses and Jupiterian urges. It’s also worth noting if your natal Mars or Jupiter are receiving any transits–and if they’re hard (semi-square, square, quincunx, opposition) then you need to take into account that this energy is already under stress. That’s a lot to synthesize–which is exactly why astrology isn’t one-size-fits-all.

A few hints I can offer: if this conjunction falls above the horizon in your natal chart (in the 7th through 12th Houses, and for Whole Sign from Descendant to Ascendant, counter clock-wise) then you’re probably going to perceive these energies coming at you from the outside, from the social sphere, from religious or higher education sources, from individuals in your life who consider themselves leaders, from having to face ‘the facts’, from aggressors looking for an excuse to impose their Will, the effects trickling down for the most part from larger entities or groups to the individual–and perhaps pitting the individual against the larger group or organization.

If the combo falls below the horizon/ Ascendant to Descendant, you’re likely to be in the middle of it–generating assertive efforts (especially to gain knowledge or just to gain, to get more), possibly in response to vulnerabilities that, at the moment, are perceived out-of-proportion to their likely impact. Or you find yourself face-to-face with information or a social environment that requires you to assert yourself. Or you aggressively go after opportunity–or create opportunity, with your efforts. Or, it seems vital to sort out ideas around your own role, leadership/ leadership potential, enactment of your Will, or your Self-image. Will you have to go to war? You might not have to, but you might want to–the thing is, being aware of the distorted, objects-are-closer-than-they-appear nature of what’s going on right now may help you avoid unnecessary battles and overreaction.

If Mars-Jupiter hits a natal point or placement by hard aspect, expect a challenge to or a need to act on those natal energies, and if the contact is soft, see it as an opportunity to take action that is more likely than not to be successful. I’d say this aspect has been in range for a day or two, and will move quickly, waning by June 3rd–and that means that, though it may influence the susceptible for about a week and a half, it’s likely to precipitate one-off events, rather than initiate a long arc–so awareness and a minimum of Self-control mitigates any fly-off-the-handle influence during this rather brief period of vulnerability.

Though I appreciate your interest in what I might say, I have to ask that you refrain from asking about your personal placements in the comments or by writing to me directly. I love your comments and I hate to disappoint, but when they put me to work, it cuts into book time. The Moon book is by far the largest astrology manuscript I’ve ever produced (I’m wearing ALL the hats!) and everything that draws me away from that just prolongs the wait.

We also have a Word Image for which I’ll offer absolutely no interpretation: you are in a fight with someone, a person you want to leave your house/ territory/ area, and heavy glass vases are the weapon of choice–and it’s frustrating, because despite good aim, none of the projectiles hit your opponent–and you are hit, but it causes no pain.

‘Moss Roses in a Vase’ By Edouard Manet 1882 {{PD}}