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‘Flight of Airplane’ By Olga Rozanova 1916 {{PD}}

Am I late with this New Moon report? You bet I am. Too much to do, not enough sit and look at the Moon time. The New Moon perfects at 4:30 AM PDT of the 30th at 9 Gemini 03, and makes no major aspects with a tight orb, the closest being a square to Juno in Pisces and, perhaps most telling, a semi-square to Eris in Aries. What does that tell us? That what starts with this Gemini New Moon may be more talk than action–but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect us.

The Lunar event might seed the inconvenient energy of conflict over empowerment, especially over pursuit of a dream or creative effort–and whether because of empowerment disagreements or simply from all that irritating talk, anybody whose inner dialogue is out of harmony with their environment and/ or the line of patter they’re trying to sell others will find themselves or those around them lashing out. There may be lots of spontaneous finger pointing; remember that old saying about when you point at someone, there are four fingers pointing back at you? That’s this energy: being reactionary to ideas, assertions, plans, talk, suggests conflict between your own inner reality and the persona or thinking you’re trying to make others believe or accept. This isn’t an indictment; if you find yourself suddenly clashing with externals, it’s not that you set out to deceive anyone–it’s a signal to you that what you think you are and what you really are/ think/ or are doing is out of alignment–and we sabotage ourselves when the inner and outer don’t match.

With ruler Mercury still retro, our best course of action may be no action; instead, careful thought, a study of the actual power situation, and a revision of plans will all benefit us on direction. We’re approaching the liminal point, the time when Merc is slowing, poised to resume apparent direct motion soon, and this period always brings its own kind of stress, the kind that can push us to move forward when we’d do better to wait just a little longer.

The New Moon Sabian is, ‘An Airplane Performing A Nose Dive’. The thing with a nosedive is that pilots practice those so that if the plane suddenly does dive, they’ll be adept at pulling it out of the plunge. Are we practicing how not to crash and burn, how to pull ourselves out of Self-destructive attitudes, thinking, or behaviors, with what this New Moon presents? I think the answer might be yes.

Thank you for your patience–it’s been tough to keep up lately. I’m getting some practice keeping a handle on things–just like the New Moon says I should. Have a wonderful New Moon in Gemini!