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Ferdinand du Puigaudeau {{PD}}

The New Moon perfects on June 28th at 7:51 PM PDT at 7 Cancer 22. There’s an interesting story here, told through a scattering of close aspects: an approaching conjunction of the New Moon factors (Moon and Sun) with the Black Moon Lilith point=what we really care about (Cancer) revealed through what enrages us, or what we have, for whatever reason (possibly need), ignored or denied; pay attention to vivid emotions at this time, as they’ll tell you what you’re invested in (and so what motivates your choices and actions). That’s always good information to have in the forefront of the conscious mind.

Sun-Moon opposes Earth (of course!) and forms a Cardinal T-square with Jupiter in Aries=the impulse is toward action, based on belief or ‘the facts’ as we see them, and the way we interpret them as not being served. The T tells us this may be tricky territory; think of how difficult things become when everyone is sure they’re in the right. It also signals an ‘individual vs. social order’ mentality that is all the tougher because the social arena is seen by the individual as essentially being on a crusade to impose their values–no wonder we’re upset.

The New Moon trines Vesta, and with generous orbs forms a Water Grand Trine with Hygeia=it may be infuriating, that everyone is attuned to their emotional reactions at this time, but it may be necessary, a healthy expression (no matter how provocative) that helps each of us attain an internal emotional balance. What we honor is recognized as important; a re-dedication of one’s intents and energies would be more than appropriate at this time.

We note a semi-sextile, only seven minutes past, formed by the New Moon and Venus in Gemini=with all this emoting and feeling going on, it’s obvious relationships will be affected, especially in the way we think about others in our circle. This may affect those networks that we’ve previously relied on for earning or other reward, so be prepared–nothing occurs without consequences at this time, described by the Saturn/ Eris-Mars sextile=real world results of choices and actions that stir, or arise from, strife. This sextile also catches Neptune at the midpoint=we’re either operating on ideals or fantasy, and it’s easy to mix them up–hence the rampant belief that each of us is in the right.

Forgiving orbs also give us a Fist of God, base of South Node square Saturn, apex New Moon=the past smacks right up against reality, and the discomfort caused launches New Moon beginnings. With the event in Cancer, those beginnings are likely to be simple changes of (or realizations about) feeling. Answers may be provided by the New Moon novile Pallas and semi-square the North Node=when we look clear-eyed at the difficulties our current choices may cause in the future, we’ll opt for the smart thing, the wise thing–so that’s a positive we should aim for. Also of note is Sedna at 29 Taurus, ramping up the perception that the material situation is at a crisis point. Try not to over-react. It may feel like an instinctual perception, and so be hard to override with the conscious mind, but the reality is this is just a perception–not a reflection of real circumstances–so relax a bit.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Group Of Rabbits Dressed in Human Clothes Walk As If On Parade’. I think this is a warning: don’t take on roles you don’t understand or ‘dress up’ the meaning of what you’re doing as other than what it is. Maybe it’s an admonition about humility, or maybe a prompt to ‘keep it real,’ rather than just parading around, thinking we’re right.