Photo By Julie Demboski 2021 All Rights Reserved

Just a few comments on the current scene: we have Mars in a Cardinal square with Pluto (again, or still? Feels like our Will has been colliding with the powers-that-be for, well, forever!) with Saturn sextile Mars and catching just retro but still stationary Neptune at the midpoint–and let’s not forget, involved in both aspects, is Eris still conjoined Mars. ‘Stirring it up’ is not an adequate descriptor for what’s going on–and yet, it is the most accurate, as doing is prompted by irritations, strife, rivalries we thought we could bury or ignore–or even eliminate the hard way (sq to PL)–but instead we may find ourselves in a balancing act that requires we sort fantasy from reality, dream from delusion, and ideal from unrealistic, in order to achieve in this world (Mars-Nep-Saturn). A stationary Neptune tends to make us believe we’ll be stuck in this delusion/ dream/ nightmare forever–but we just have to remember, it’s an illusion, magnified by a sense of being pressured to do, to change, to make things happen.

And how is achieving your dreams going for you? The recent New Moon offered a booster shot, but may have made us ultra-aware of our own feelings and sensitivities–and that can make us hesitate when maybe we should push forward, get to work, or ignore the implications we think we see in feedback and try it anyway. Right now we’ve got Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries–that’s a recipe for valuing our own thoughts and ideas and acting on them optimistically, with an eye to unique opportunities only we can exploit. The Sun’s still square Jupiter, drawing our attention to all the ways we think things aren’t working–but that’s a focus issue, not a real-world one, more a test of faith than a genuine denial of more or better.

If we also note that the Black Moon Lilith point is currently conjoined the Sun, we might begin to suspect that a lot of our negativity, our insistence that we’re being ‘realistic’ when we’re really being pessimistic, is based on rage (and so a feeling of helplessness, ‘it’s just too big for me to do anything about!’) or on things we’ve been reluctant to acknowledge or face–and that’s the answer, the way to get our bearings: feel tender and sensitive and go forward anyway, by being completely willing to see what is, without insisting on covering it with a gauzy filter and a shower of glitter (though who doesn’t like a glitter-bath, once in a while? Well, maybe not Virgo or Capricorn–but the rest of us are down with it!) Knowing why we’re angry or despairing can help, and the instinctual nature is directly tuned in to this right now (Sedna at 29 crisis degrees of Taurus)–so if we trust our internal voice, and approach things with a willingness to see them as they are, it will be very clear what our next step forward should be.

Have a wonderful rest-of-your-week! Here at the blog the 2 million plus hits mark has been reached–never expected that!