‘Sea in Fog’ By George Bellows 1913 {{PD}}

What I really want to talk about is the way the Sun, while still trine Neptune, will conjoin Ceres tomorrow (the 19th), while Earth, sextile Neptune, will conjoin Pluto, this happening across the Cancer-Capricorn axis. It presents us with at least two broad scenarios: one involves ideals, creativity, and ‘the Dream’, while the other involves delusion, illusion, or deception. We have been concentrating on, dreaming about, or enveloped in maya, from the Sanskrit meaning ‘magic’ or ‘illusion’, though it may be better defined as unreality–but that pertains to concepts still percolating within the imagination, the formulation of a dream or idea, the way energy will coalesce into a coherent picture and so invite a plan for realization. We’re speaking, then, in the most general terms of thought forms on the threshold of materializing–but what we must discover is whether those have the potential for becoming real, in the Capricornian sense of physicality, of becoming in the real world, or if they are in some core way illusory, whether that arises from the impossibility of what we imagine, or from the way we may be believing things are other than they are, which removes the potential for them entering reality.

How do we distinguish between the idea that holds promise, and the one that is a mere illusion? In this case, we examine Nature, what is ‘natural’ to us, we recognize our own dominion and power, what we are responsible for or hold dear and must nurture, and we accept the idea that there is a need to negotiate for what we want, specifically with the Powers of change, destruction, and resurrection (Ceres opp Pluto). The key to physical manifestation is in accepting the depth and permanence of Plutonian energies; the steps we need to take will be deliberate, will clear the way or alter what is forever, may end or otherwise destroy what was but is now outmoded, and may involve re-claiming something from the past–exemplified by the South Node (experience) trine Juno (empowerment) in Water signs=it’s through what we’ve learned on the Path, and the emotions it brings forth in the now, that we will know how, and why, Plutonian steps must be taken.

There’s the possibility that facing Pluto will cause things to be re-born, as much as it may eliminate–but in any case it reworks the present so that that Neptunian inspiration, and our genuine power position within the natural order, can be seen for what it is: either a dream or ideal we must strive toward, or an illusion that if pursued will disappoint.

Have a wonderful week, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, stay cool!