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It was the title that made me choose this: A Spirit Serves a Small Breakfast, Angel Brings the Desired, lithograph with watercolor by Paul Klee, 1920 {{PD}}

The Full Moon perfects 11:38 AM PDT of the 13th at 21 Capricorn 21–some nice (but insignificant) numerical symmetry, that, with the closest aspect to the Sun/ Moon-Earth axis a square from Zeus in Libra. This Cardinal T-square promises a tough test of the desire nature or the ambition picture–what are we willing to do to get what we want? With whom will we take our actions? How hard will we push? What problems are we willing to face down? And who or what are we willing to sacrifice in the process?

Will we necessarily run over others in the rush to fulfill our wants? No, it doesn’t have to be that way, but it might, if there are any latent issues of Willfulness, envy, jealousy, or greed in relationships–Eris in Aries opposes Zeus in Libra and so forms a loose Grand Cross with the Full Moon, and that suggests that if there are egos or previously unexpressed aggressions in the mix, we may have to make a choice: coddle others, or reach for what we desire. Or it may be more subtle than that: will we be willing to discomfort others? Will we go against the relationship grain, risking not losing the connection but altering it–and perhaps planting the discordant Eris seed in the process.

A Full Moon in Capricorn is one focused on implementing practical or concrete solutions, bringing about solid or permanent endings, or seeing construction of rules or structures completed–and that means the emotional and intuitive (Moon) must find expression through the material, or what affects the material, in some way (Capricorn Earth).

The Cancer Sun in this scenario has two companions, each widely opposing the Full Moon, one on either side of Sol: Ceres and Mercury. These are energies of Time and Nature, big picture forces, the kind we don’t control, but do affect, as we make our human-sized decisions within their parameters and flow. What we care about (Cancer) is the arbiter, but what we face is the physical impacts that caring makes on our environment (Capricorn), through our actions and choices (Eris in Aries) which guide the outcome within relationships (Libra).

We must note, too, that with a slightly wider orb we see Chiron in Aries also square the Full Moon (but not be included in the Cross). Ah-ha! We find the motive for any hurt in old wounds, festering hurts, in tender flesh beneath scars we thought were healed–but the sextile of the Full Moon to Juno, and trine to North Node/ sextile to SN says we’re acting out of a need to feel our own empowerment, to experience it in real-world terms, and so to shape the future–but we shouldn’t ignore Uranus in proximity to the NN, bringing an element of the untamed, unpredictable, chaotic, or unusual that may offer results a far cry from what we thought we’d create!

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘By Accepting Defeat Gracefully, A General Reveals Nobility Of Character’. Act with pure motives, accept with grace what comes from our choices, and no matter the material result, the Soul will be fulfilled in some important but intangible way. This suggests that those desires driving things in the first place (Zeus) may be, like the energies of Eris that could stir, nothing more than a catalyst within a larger picture, one that tells us something of our Soul’s place (the Sun) in the scheme of Time (Mercury) and Nature (Ceres).

We always look at the Sun for a FM: ‘A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat’. Something, then, is on its way, perhaps already on the horizon–and the woman is young, and what’s the outstanding nature of everyone when young? Hopeful and optimistic–so that’s what we should be, too.

One last thing to address: the Moon-Earth combo are headed (at different rates, the Moon in hours, the Earth in days) to conjoin Pluto. Big, bad Pluto. And it’s sextile the Lunation chart Vertex, suggesting it’s an agent of Fate–so tell us something we don’t know! If you have fear of what Pluto brings, you need to take another tack. Instead of seeing it as destructive, as bringing irreversible damage, you might want to try embracing it as an energy that can get things done for us–because Pluto changes nothing we haven’t already been given an opportunity to deal with, get right with, or change ourselves, and we’re definitely scheduled for an encounter. Pluto is the essence of the Truth of things–and the more closely aligned we are with that, the better. We should also turn some attention to two points at 29 degrees at the time of Lunar perfection: Sedna in Taurus, which happens to be trine the Virgo Ascendant in the Pacific zone (other places this won’t be the case). That placement always implies the point or energy is under stress–so West Coasters, watch the environment for precipitous energies (or just brutally critical ones), maybe in the form of details that cause distress or uncertainty, or in a demand for accountability, and don’t expect our instincts to help us much at this point–they are likely to be on the fritz, overloaded with sensory input (Taurus) and probably blocked by our own blind spot material. Go instead on the reality of what we see, feel, and on the ideals we hold for ourselves–the whole point of the challenges our desires will face at this time is to reveal some very true-to-us response, characteristic of the Soul, elevating our idea of ourselves and our abilities to respond and create under pressure.