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Miniature painting, c1840, Artist anonymous {{PD}}

Here’s a question: How do you judge yourself? Or asking more broadly: do you judge some roles, jobs, interests, activities, commitments in life as more ‘worthy’ than others? And if you hold these standards (and who doesn’t, to some extent?) how does that kind of qualitative, hierarchical judgment end up blowing back on you?

The recent meet-up of North Node, Uranus, and Mars stirred up the energies around defining one’s role (Mars) in relation to the Group (Uranus) and how this is shaping the future (NN). It could’ve stirred unexpected anger or aggression, brought up unanticipated facets surrounding taking the initiative, surprised with chaos, intellectual assertiveness, or Willful theorizing unconnected to the reality picture, or brought chaos to the ‘I Am’, requiring definition: Who Am I, when I synthesize my actions, my intellectual perceptions, and my place within the larger whole? And what kind of path for myself are my choices building, versus what I believe intellectually I’m creating?

This sort of judging of our identity and what it means to the wider world is an ongoing thing; the meeting of the Lunar extremity point and the two bodies in Taurus, though, may have brought the intellect to the physicality, material matters, and to the surroundings, offering a clear picture on what the future holds, should we continue our current practices (another way of looking at it: we must weigh our responsiveness to reality against our Willfulness, against our insistence that we have our way, no matter what).

At this point Mars has moved on, allowing us enough distance from our own wants to gain perspective, and midday of the 5th sees the Moon pass over its own South Node point and oppose Uranus, then Mars, suggesting we get some emotional or intuitive illumination by way of memories or shocks, accidents, revelations–and this takes us another step along the ‘Who Am I, and What Do I Mean to the Group?’ line of reasoning.

The fact that we tend to judge ourselves and others in a way that estimates, according to our own priorities and values, our worthiness in the world, is at this point being given a reality-check: our value within the group isn’t what we think it is, and neither is anyone else’s. Our attempts to collate our observations and assess them in light of what we believe is important is a game of shadows, to begin with; in what Universe do we have the individual perspective necessary to evaluate the worthiness of anyone, including ourselves? It’s the quantum influence, the way we can’t know how action A affects the rest of the alphabet, all the way across the Cosmos itself. It’s pure hubris to believe we can know. The only thing we can do is to act according to our own conscience, to do what we find worth doing and know is right–all else takes care of itself.

We can trust the emotions, while Venus moves through Cancer, to let us know what matters right now. Too, we must acknowledge that we don’t need to judge ourselves or others–the world will continue to spin whether we have a settled opinion on our neighbor or not–and then there’s the matter of Mars approaching and conjoining Sedna in the final, tense degree of Taurus (roughly 13 August-21 August). At that point we’ll be challenged to understand and/ or deal with the material in our ‘blind spot’, the stuff we just can’t get into clear focus (the concept reminds me of the way the androids of ‘Westworld’, when confronted with something they’re not programmed for, say, ‘That doesn’t look like anything to me.’ That’s what’s in the Sedna blind spot). The trick there is twofold: to allow light reflected by others and their responses to illuminate that darker area within our own conscious mind, and to listen to the voice of instinct, or the things we think are instinct, which may, in the reflected light of others, reveal themselves to be bad programming, something we need to purge in order to function more effectively.

On the 21st Mars will have entered Gemini (linking actions and choices more cleanly to the mental processes), the Moon will semi-sextile Sedna and the Sun will square Sedna and oppose Vesta–that our window for enlightenment, when all it takes is a willingness to see, in order to perceive.

Currently working on some 5th House examples for the Moon book (it’s done, except for editing and adding examples through the Houses–already have some, but there’s always room for more!) Recent developments: finished AOC, now finishing Prince, next up Picasso, and Grace Kelly. Have a great weekend!