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‘Girl Reading a Newspaper’ By Wada Eisaku 和田英作 1897 {{PD}}

The Full Moon is on approach to Saturn–the Moon only hours from contact, the Earth only days–with other contacts a semi-sextile to Juno, a wide sextile to Chiron, a square to North Node-Uranus/ South Node (forming a ‘T’), and an Air Grand Trine with Zeus and Pallas. Perfecting at 19 Aquarius 21 on the 11th at 6:35 PM PDT, the Lunar event reads like heavy intellectual (Aquarius) and individual (Chiron in Aries) turmoil, with a dash of unexpected material events (Uranus-NN in Taurus) to keep us off balance. We’ll be so busy looking out, at the chaos, rebellion, and anarchy that we won’t realize the real upset is within our own minds, or maybe even within our reactive egos (Sun in Leo). No need to worry about limits, at this point; those will show up on their own, as each body, Moon and Earth, conjoins waiting Saturn, offering understanding as to where our feelings stop, and what restrictions our material surroundings might offer.

That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But never fear–there are ways to work with the energies that won’t be just comforting, but freeing. Start with an Aquarius Full Moon, meant to bring revelation, understanding, realization, especially intellectually; that says you’re going to learn things, and any learning is to your benefit. That’s something to remember when we’re caught in the midst of Aquarian revolution or chaos, or stunned by the shock, surprise, or the unexpected: we’re seeing things, about people, situations, options, that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about–and knowledge really is power.

The semi-sextile to Juno in Pisces tells us that empowerment is found through the creative, through following ‘the Dream’ despite anything else (and either of these options may require a wee bit of rocking the boat), or that ‘clear seeing’, though somewhat uncomfortable (the semi-sextile) is necessary in order to thrive. The sextile to Chiron in Aries says: make the effort, use your skills or actively accept an opportunity to heal, and you will. The square/ T-square tells us that what happens or is revealed around the Lunar event is 1) building something, or telling us something about reality and its limits or requirements (Saturn), and 2) that the Saturnian discipline or reality awareness will allow us to bring experience (the South Node) to bear on unanticipated challenges or revelations about the future (Uranus-NN). The surprise is the very thing we must respond to–and there’s no time to start from scratch, we must draw on the past and what we already know (SN).

The Air Grand Trine involves what we might dismiss as minor indicators, but the value of this is in the way those minor bodies or points have specific, narrow definitions–and so can pinpoint what we need to cope that much more effectively than can the major energies. Here the call is for intellectual or mental balance, particularly in terms of what we want, our ambitions and goals, our desires (Zeus) and what’s smart, wise, practical, or what we are already equipped to handle with existing skills (Pallas). The Full Moon will likely show us our emotional needs and responses to the Air GT requirements–and may make us face the fact that, without a balance among these, we won’t get very far.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘A Large White Dove Bearing A Message’. Yep. We can add, through the symbolism of the dove, that the message will, one way or another, bring peace. The Sun, illuminator of the Moon, has an apt Sabian, as well: ‘Zuni Indians Perform A Ritual To The Sun’. I think this is about acknowledging the Self (Sun in Leo) as the generator of whatever we’re dealing with right now. It may appear to come from externals, but as we all know, those are typically just a reflection of our interior, or in some cases manifested/ attracted because we know (or at least, some part of us does) that we need to face whatever it is. The ‘Zuni Indians’, that is indigenous people native to the southwestern area of North America, points us back to our own Sun, our own Soul intent, to what’s native to us as individuals and within the ‘tribes’ (our psychic and spiritual kinship groups, those places and others who nurture our Soul) we belong to, acknowledging that eternal part of us–a reminder that what we create now is just another step in a lasting, resilient story.