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‘Poultry Yard With Angered Cock’ By Melchior d’Hondecoeter c1600 {{PD}}

That’s the question this T-square with Mars to the Sun-Moon/ Earth axis asks–or maybe, for those who aren’t angry right now (or who are in denial), the question may be something like, What will you do? Or for those truly detached from current irritants: What do you want? In any form, what we’re confronted with or by carries a sense of being forced–and–irony alert!–there are some who will work so hard to feel free-willed, Self-actuated, and independent that they’ll end up being the ones doing the forcing.

With the New Moon in Virgo, and almost everything retrograde (it’s easier to list what’s not retrograde, though even then, we have only about two weeks ’til Merc’s turnaround, and a little over two months until Mars sashays backward–Venus is the only potentially retro major body moving along apace), we may find that what’s forced is the sharing of information, or worse, the sharing of opinions, with the distinct possibility that many confuse their own thoughts with fact. We may be prone to believe our feelings justify our thoughts and so our actions–but truly righteous action is likely to be in short supply. Criticism may fly thick and fast, sometimes in the name of accountability–but when that’s the assertion, we need to take a step back and look at both the genuine facts and the genuine motivations involved. With Mars in Gemini as the arm of the ‘T’, what someone is thinking, specifically that drives their actions, becomes paramount.

The Sun-Earth axis at all times and in the most general terms asks for balance between opposing energies. Currently that means seeking equilibrium between the mind/ mentality, especially faculties of critical thought and discernment (Virgo), and what’s nebulous, atmospheric, imagined or illusory, idealistic but not beholden to reality (Pisces). That’s a difficult position for the planet symbolizing our material atmosphere to reconcile with, too often resulting in mud (Earth in a Water sign) or in a kind of divorced attention, where the material world is seen as completely unrelated to the imagined, the spiritual, the Collective experience, or the individual unconscious.

This potential division between extant energies may play out as conflict between actions/ choices (or the thinking behind actions/ choices) and the way theses moves show the rough edges around both our own critical thinking (Sun-Moon in Virgo) and those things on the material plane we’ve refused to see, acknowledge, or possibly deal with (Earth in Pisces). And here’s the benefit (by this point, you can be forgiven for thinking there probably isn’t one!): we see where our critical thinking or sense of discernment has failed, and we see how that unreal aura we’ve placed around something in our environment is causing problems. And if we can see it, we can deal with it.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies’. This suggests that phenomenon where we know, via unknown means–that is, the intuition, or the unconscious, or some combination of the two, reveals our connections, and the mass of intelligence available, via the unseen. What info comes to us now, particularly info that doesn’t seem to come from any obvious source, may be beyond what we can reason out–so employ critical thinking–is this wish fulfillment? serendipity? does it ring true?–and what comes to you can be exceptionally helpful.

Revelation may stir up its own form of anger, or under best conditions, stir up energy and enthusiasm for making changes or taking action. Choice is the keyword; the wise and the cautious will adopt it as their mantra for now, keeping the idea that we are responsible for our choices and the consequences they bring in the forefront at all times. Other influences to keep in mind: Venus squares Uranus (which has just gone stationary retro a few days before the NM)=if we don’t get mired in the surface conflict, we can take advantage of the unexpected surprise. Just don’t think it will last indefinitely–it has an expiration date, and so do each of us–keep that in mind when making your choices. Pallas sextiles Eris and squares Neptune=again, advantages can be found in the chaos, or by stepping back from the strife–just don’t let the imagination run away with you (in a good or bad way), or expect miracles with no effort or planning–smart money is on connections, networking, pre-planning, and discussion, with things arranged now capable of coming to fruition in the relatively near future. The Black Moon Lilith point is square Chiron=it’s the same old song: wounds come from what we refuse to face, have neglected to tend, or from buried anger. Don’t fall to Self-sabotage. A Grand Square of Venus, Uranus, Saturn, and the South Node says the past percolates up to now and reveals itself through ‘surprises’ (but are they really?) in relationships, finances, or restrictions or denials we must face. And one other thing: Zeus and Mercury in Libra give us the impression that we’re thinking of and doing things for others, but our own desires and ambitions are in the mix, and must be acknowledged honestly, if we don’t want to look like we’re just out for ourselves.

Have an excellent New Moon experience!