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And in the run-up to tonight’s Full Moon, we should note a couple of minor trends, some of which have been around for awhile, such as the Pluto opposition to Pallas-Black Moon Lilith across Capricorn/ Cancer. That has given us an ongoing struggle between revealing the Truth and all hidden matters, and destroying the evidence for good–and both sides believe their choice is the wise one (and the one that will pay off, with Venus quincunx Pallas-BML). With Pluto trine and Pallas-BML sextile Ceres, there’s an element of displaying personal power in the mix, or possibly a sense of feeling responsible for revealing or hiding the Truth.

Hygeia trine Eris in Fire signs might move us to act on health matters–or may prompt us to nag others to do so–it certainly has me, as last night I pushed my husband to take a Covid home test to prove his cold was just a cold–and it was–or in a few rare cases it may be that those attacking, upsetting energies themselves prompts stress that affects health. Zeus in Libra is also opposed Eris, suggesting there might be a concern for the partner or some other ambition or desire behind willingness to rock the boat in the name of Health.

Jupiter at 29 Pisces is sextile Sedna at 29 Taurus turning our internal radar up to 11 but also prompting it to be a tad paranoid, to exaggerate what’s perceived (or worse, to only believe what aligns with our beliefs!), or to generally declare things unreliable, despite any supporting physical evidence that exists. *Sigh* Just relax–we not only don’t have to make declarations of the rightness of anything (even though that may feel like what we need to do), we don’t even have to form cogent ideas or judgements about things. This energy can prompt us to believe it’s ALL an emergency, or that we must ‘know what we know’ definitively and broadcast it to the world; neither is required, or even a good idea, at this time.

I hope your week is going well!