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Jupiter’s lingering at that liminal point, the 29th degree of Pisces, poised to hit the Aries point–and poised, and poised–and we may at this point be feeling like the move into Aries is taking forever–but why are we so anxious for it?

We’re likely seeing it as holding us back, probably in some way we can’t quite define, hobbling our perceptions with that last bit of Neptunian fog that curls right around our eyes and brain and makes everything indistinct. Somehow we believe that everything will be crystal sharp just as soon as the planet moves into Aries, and things will definitely change–but become crisper, allowing us to be more sure of ourselves? Yes, maybe too sure, as ingress to Aries means egos get behind beliefs and push; there’s also the potential for exaggerations of one’s Will, one’s role as leader, or one’s wants–and we’re just as likely to observe these as experience them. Over-blowing our own importance can be avoided with awareness, but the over-blowing of our beliefs really can’t. The danger is we will feel they’re vital, probably not just to our survival but to the survival of the world, carrying a sense that if we all don’t start doing what we believe needs to be done, it may make aggression unavoidable. The argument that going to war, at any scale, is a necessity is the most common way historically that we’ve pushed to have our own way (or one group has pushed to have their way over another). Is aggression ever justified? That’s something we each must answer for ourselves; Jupiter’s journey through Aries will offer us plenty of opportunities to decide where we stand.

But that’s just it: opportunity for the individual to make a mark, to get ‘it’ done, to blossom in terms of affecting who we are and what we produce, will be front and center during this transit–and so offer chances to ‘construct’ the I Am as we’ve always wanted it to be, with retro periods offering re-consideration of our choices and ‘do overs’ for correction, probably focused on assertiveness levels and where we should lead, where we should follow. It may become central to our identity to formulate a philosophy, to adopt a system of belief, to take on religious practice, or to conquer–it all depends on what you choose, which of course speaks to who you are.

By the 20th Jupiter will move into Aries and immediately be closely opposed Ceres and forming a T-square with the addition of Hygeia. Our first consideration may be about health concerns, about diet, about Nature and our relationship to it. It will be the time to focus on our own role within Nature, and any stewardship of it we take on. That launches the identity considerations, and offers a blessedly clear moment when defining who we are in relation to the world we live in becomes our most important task.

Today (the14th) the Sun-Earth T-square with Neptune perfects. It may be difficult to focus, to see clearly, to discern shapes in that fog–but the Sun is shining brightly (at least figuratively!) and if we use what ignites us and what surrounds us (Earth) to orient ourselves, we can make creative progress, especially in terms of seeing what won’t work (the square)–and so then perhaps figuring out what will.

Personal observation shows a predominance of those who are predisposed to lie, to deceive, or to obscure reality are actively at work right now. You know who those people are, and if you’re willing to see what they’re doing, you’ll be able to avoid any pitfalls, including being drawn into their attempts to muddy the Jupiterian waters (that centers on what we will or won’t believe from them, what we will or won’t take as ‘fact’)–but that requires being honest with yourself, in order to not fall victim.

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