17 January 2017 Foreshadowing the Future



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Joseph DeCamp  'The Blue Cup' 1908 {{PD}}

Joseph DeCamp ‘The Blue Cup’ 1908 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We undermine our own choices and actions because of our awareness of the judgment the social order may pass on us; both eyes on the target, rather than one on our goal, one on social feedback, is definitely in order. To do this we’ll need to embrace (or alternately, completely get rid of) our real-world values expressions and commitments–it’s a point when we see where our energy is really going–and by eliminating that which doesn’t reflect our highest standards, we protect and support what really matters, simply by making our energy more available to it. Loving relationships can show us what’s smart; so can money matters, oddly enough. And perhaps most important, we need to know that everything communicated at this point foreshadows our future; believe the messages both in and behind words, thoughts, and other energy exchanges, as they tell us what others (and we ourselves) will be doing, responding to, and thinking in the days and months to come (Mars qnx Jupiter, Venus parallel Pallas, Mercury trine NN, Sun opp Vesta)

Eggs of the British warblers. {{PD}}

Eggs of the British warblers. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a round of robins; on a winter morning they hop across the grass. This symbol may be noteworthy for a couple of reasons: robins are notorious for their singularity; they don’t really flock, so when there are many in one place, it’s considered unusual. They are also known for ‘listening’ for their food, rather than looking for it; they hear worms churning below ground but close to the surface when weather has been wet but the sun has returned. This image suggests 1) we may find ourselves resistant to getting together with others–but it turns out we all have a common aim, and 2) we’re going to have to listen, in all its forms, if we want a good result from our seeking–seeing and even intuiting isn’t going to be enough.

For those born with the Sun at 27 Capricorn: You’ve worked hard to right wrongs, attend to what’s been ignored, and to clean out the closets in general–so what, now? Your previous efforts have shown you that the most important thing you can do to stay on track with goals and to improve life is to find out and commit to clearly those things, people, causes that reflect your highest and most heartfelt values–so that’s what you must do this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. You’re ready, and most important of all, taking action at this time, and making choices, brings all kinds of healing, and so peace–and that’s good to hear, isn’t it? Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!



16 January 2017 Fighting Nature



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'Miranda -- The Tempest' 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

‘Miranda — The Tempest’ 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Today we find ourselves fighting Nature (or the nature of the thing with which we’re dealing), and we have to ask, Why? For some it will be the need to support the illusion of originality or independence (if these people would only remember to ask themselves, is there anything ever that’s truly new, or truly without ties? No–and that means they needn’t be so hard on themselves), for others a fear of committing resources (fear of not having ‘enough’), and for still others it’s an unthinking expression of the wound (‘I act out and lash out, because I don’t want to recognize my hurt’). Being as conscious as possible of our own and others ‘blind spots’, especially those areas we want to ignore, deny exist, or that enrage us, trusting ourselves to be strong enough to respond adequately to anything, and vowing to resist our own inclination to push back with authorities, will go a long way toward smoothing out ups and downs, and will help take us forward, rather than sideways or back (Uranus semi-sq Pallas, Mars conj Chiron and contra-parallel Ceres, Venus sesq Vesta, Sun sxt Black Moon Lilith)

This is called 'The Love Letter', but could apply to today's word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller - 'Der Liebesbrief' 1848 {{PD}}

This is called ‘The Love Letter’, but could apply to today’s word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller – ‘Der Liebesbrief’ 1848 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is hate mail. Whether it comes in a pretty perfumed envelope in snail mail or through email, Twitter, over a loudspeaker, or wrapped nicely in a passive-aggressive remark, it’s all the same: an advertisement for the nastiness that lives inside the speaker. Remember to whom that ick belongs, next time someone tries to gift you with it.

For those born with the Sun at 26 Capricorn: You’re beyond the reach of authorities this Solar year in some very important way; the only thing that can trip you up is your own propensity to ignore, deny, or become righteous over what you’d rather not see. What offers you this Super Power? A firm grounding in what’s important in your life, and a sureness about what you want to dedicate your energy to and for. Bonus hint: your mate needs to be your best friend–don’t put them, consciously or not, into the enemy camp. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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15 January 2017 Undercurrents



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The Nix as a brook horse by Theodor Kittelsen 1908 {{PD}}

The Nix as a brook horse by Theodor Kittelsen 1908 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Subtle undercurrents of ambition, lust, want, and the urge for dominion (a slightly different expression than a straight-for-power grab) will flow beneath the social, creative, and fact-based realities, today; be aware that every interaction is a statement, and believe every statement for the power need/ want it expresses. Look out for the ambitious, and Artists, look to Nature for inspiration (Jupiter parallel Zeus, Neptune semi-sq Ceres)

You've got your girl, you've got your Sun, you've got your space helmet--where's the friend? "Girl in Faroese Costume" by Edel Davidsen, 8 years 2004 {{PD}}

You’ve got your girl, you’ve got your Sun, you’ve got your space helmet–where’s the friend? “Girl in Faroese Costume” by Edel Davidsen, 8 years 2004 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a child’s drawing, of the child-artist and her best friend. Imagine the child-artist is you, right now–who would be in that picture with you, your crayon hands linked, a bright Sun shining down on you? How successfully do you nurture that inner child in the present? You’ll likely see how crucial the connection to this individual is, once you look at it in these terms.

Here they are! "Children of Different Skin Colour" by Snorri Petersen, 8 years 2004 {{PD}}

Here they are! “Children of Different Skin Colour” by Snorri Petersen, 8 years 2004 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 25 Capricorn: You may feel like you’re flying blind this year, but don’t give up; this is an elaborate mechanism you’ve devised in order to bring those things hidden, denied, or that enrage to the surface to be handled, and it’s in the handling that you learn your greatest lesson: You have what you need to know deep inside, and what occurs this Solar year, through to your next birthday, will require you to both trust your own instincts and learn not to suppress or ignore input you don’t like. Now that doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Assets for the year include the way you will develop enhanced critical thinking, the way you will find spiritual sustenance, and, after a struggle, the way the creative urge will serve you. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

14 January 2017 Love Under the Sun



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Even if it's not summer where you are, it may feel like it. 'Nevelzon (A sunny morning)' Leo Gestel 1910 {{PD}}

Even if it’s not summer where you are, it may feel like it. ‘Nevelzon (A sunny morning)’ Leo Gestel 1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: No matter where you are, or what the weather, it’s going to feel bright and sunny; Love, Opportunity, Reward, Wisdom, whatever asset you value should surround you aplenty, and the resources or opportunity needed to advance ambitions is right there. There are only a couple of things that might keep that bounty tantalizingly out of reach: rejection of our own instincts; confusion fostered by ‘the group’ or our own contrary inclinations; or what Stuart Smalley (now known as Senator Al Franken) used to refer to as “stinkin’ thinkin'”, where we mentally chew the negative ad infinitum–and this can cause us to unknowingly refuse an offering, simply because we won’t recognize it! Remedy is found in accepting that things are okay, if not perfect, and in focusing on what’s going right, on gratitude, rather than adopting a gloomy or pessimistic or reform-minded bent just because that seems more useful (because today it’s not, and will actually lead us into deceiving ourselves) (Venus parallel Jupiter and Zeus, contra-parallel Sedna and Uranus, Merc parallel Pluto, Sun nov Pallas and Hygeia, trine Sedna, sq Ceres, and semi-sq Neptune)

What won't we make dioramas of? Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images History of surgical anaesthesia, Mortar, Diorama. The first surgical operation carried out with a general anaesthetic. CC BY 4.0

What won’t we make dioramas of? Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images History of surgical anaesthesia, Mortar, Diorama. The first surgical operation carried out with a general anaesthetic.
CC BY 4.0

Today’s word image is an incompetent anesthesiologist. Nobody wants that in real life, of course; someone lax or unskilled could kill the patient. As a symbol, though, this is a little complicated. Nobody falls into this profession; it takes years of specialized study and licensing–so then what could cause the incompetence? Inattention, certainly, though again, no one chooses this because they want an easy job. No, the incompetence comes from personal breakdown, mental or emotional, possibly spawning alcohol or drug abuse out of control, and that breakdown and response is itself just a surface reaction to something deeper: despair, depression, a kind of Cosmic indifference, a Universal anger. Maybe this is an admonition to look deeper at some failure we have recently observed; maybe we shouldn’t dismiss it as the bad judgment of a weak individual, but as a symptom of an existential flaw that needs to be addressed and healed. Or, we can take this symbol in another way: someone is trying to ‘gas’ us (deceive or mislead), but they’re not doing a very good job. What or who’s recently drawn your attention by the sheer lack of capability exhibited? Time to give it a deeper look.

For those born with the Sun at 24 Capricorn: I hate to say it, but it’s all about Power for you this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday: yours, and that which is exerted by authorities and others over you, and reaching a reasonable balance where both sides are served may not be easy. On your side in the struggle: sharp instincts, a deep sense of ‘knowing’, and smarts, leavened with a tendency to ignore your own weaknesses. On their side: sheer Will and the weapons of aggression and assertion, with their weakness being ego. You might wonder why you have to battle others for dominion over your own life and energy at this time–all I can tell you is that at some point you lacked stewardship, and now must show you are capable of running your own ship. PS It might not be people, but Nature Herself you’re in a struggle with–no matter what, take good care of yourself. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

13 January 2017 Adjustments



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Jūlijs Feders - 'The Gauja Valley' 1890 {{PD}}

Jūlijs Feders – ‘The Gauja Valley’ 1890 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Guess what? Adjustments are required, and if we don’t get out ahead of them and make them willingly, the elements involved will be taken out of our hands and changes will occur anyway–and then we’re screwed, not because anything bad happens, necessarily, but because shiny objects will overwhelm rationality and drag us straight back to the more destructive modes of the past. Payoffs and rewards come from anticipating what might come out of the blue (contrary as that sounds), as this keeps us alert, in the moment, and flexible (Mars qnx Zeus, Venus nov Uranus, Sun parallel Mercury and Pluto, and nov SN)

Today’s word image is a car sporting a bumper sticker that reads, ‘Empathy’, that runs someone over. Watch for the yawning irony gap between what’s stated and its distance from reality–too, be aware that moving forward doesn’t have to leave a series of bodies in its wake.

For those born with the Sun at 23 Capricorn: This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you may spend exploring the various ways in which you interact with and can benefit from authorities and power, with the express idea of learning how you can gain power yourself. Don’t be too literal in your interpretation of what constitutes power and its expression; even if you believe you aren’t interested in it, you must acknowledge that to steer your own life course requires accepting your own power, and then being responsible for it. You may also struggle with Nature, this year, in the form of health matters or natural events–but the good news is you’ll reach your next birthday the better for it. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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12 January 2017 Come Together



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John William Waterhouse - 'The Decameron' c1915 {{PD}}

One thing I’m not crazy about with this picture is the way the women all seemed to be enthralled with the lone man–a discarded instrument even sits next to one, suggesting they’re all taking a passive approach to things, putting aside their interests–let’s not let this be the reality, ladies! John William Waterhouse – ‘The Decameron’ c1915 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We have the resources to make dreams and ideals a reality–the question is, are we really willing to ‘spend’ them on our supposed dreams? This may bring a reality check of the kind that forces us to vet what we have been proclaiming we want–a ‘put our money where our mouth is’ moment–and should we discover we are unwilling to part with assets to back up our words or announced goals, we should celebrate it as a moment of true clarity, a chance to course-correct, to align our internal image with our actual manifestation of identity. We are likely to see that some of our priorities and commitments are actually unhealthy, and we begin thinking in concrete, practical, even hard-headed terms. It may be a rough ride for those who want to keep pretending they will become something they have no intention of actually investing in, but the rest of us can be free of old labels, and of the internal distortions created when we fool ourselves in an attempt to fool others. PS Chances of being fooled as to the actual state of relationships or finances is high, but so is the chance to profit from the creative or to spin an image of ourselves as Love or Money manifest (whether this is accurate or not) (Vesta sesq Hygeia, Venus conj Neptune, Mercury enters Capricorn)

full-moon-in-cancer-january-2017The Full Moon occurs at 3:34 AM of the 12th Pacific time at 22 Cancer 27, where it fills in as the arm of a Cardinal Grand Cross, with Jupiter-Zeus on one end and Uranus-Ceres on the other, with the opposition of the Sun filling in and inviting Pluto (despite the fact that the lord of the Underworld sees the Sun separating from contact). In other aspects we’ll keep our orbs crisp, with a quincunx to Saturn-Juno and a trine to Chiron. The config is dynamic, tense, but fueled by spontaneity, optimism, desire, an awareness of the fulsome presence of Nature (and Her unpredictability), and a consciousness that sees the need for change, destruction, and in some cases, transformation, in the name of renewal, and especially in terms of those who hold the Power. The Full Moon event should bring a culmination of energies that most likely sees a conclusion reached, spurred by changes in the reality picture and our awareness of it, and all of it based in what we care about, what we’re sensitive to (Moon in Cancer) and how this can mesh with real-world conditions and circumstances (Sun in Capricorn).

This brings healing (the Chiron trine) and forces us to adjust to the real-world state of our empowerment (quincunx Saturn-Juno)–fantasies will no longer do, echoing the other aspects for the day unrelated to the Full Moon. The Cross itself brings opportunity for ambition fulfillment and the need to balance this with our own unique needs within the power structure/ Nature, with what we care about, and with the conscious knowledge that certain facets of the reality picture (and possibly the emotional one) must change, in some stark and significant way.

Just maybe we may also want to consider a loose Water Grand Trine involving the Moon-Earth meeting reaching out to Chiron in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio. This hints at healing through balance that allows emotional acknowledgment of matters previously hidden, denied, or that enraged. The essence of many of the aspects for today and for the Full moon seems to hinge on successfully allowing two at least somewhat contradictory or unalike forces to meet, and from that meeting finding equilibrium; just something to keep in mind going forward.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘The Meeting Of A Literary Society’. This symbol speaks of the coming together of minds, to consider ideas expressed in a concrete form, in this case, in writing–and in a twist, this could specifically apply to contracts, as a meeting of the minds is the primary condition for the formation of such agreements. This suggests the Full Moon events express a material or manifest form of one or more ideas, allowing them to be vetted in the real world. Though the environment for inspection is a civilized one, what results may not be quite so, as the inclusion of Pluto, Zeus, and Uranus in the Full Moon picture suggests some extreme passions and unpredictable alternatives may suddenly be on the table, pushing the feeling nature (Moon in Cancer) to extremes and/ or draw conclusions.

Edgar Degas - 'Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet' c1856 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas – ‘Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet’ c1856 {{PD}}

The Sabian for the Sun, instigator of the Full Moon phenomenon, is, ‘A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat’. The figure of ‘a soldier’ suggests one of many, who is responsible for and in control of only him or herself–but all awards a soldier can receive on the battlefield are tied directly to her or his actions that specifically benefit both his cause and his fellow soldiers. So, this could imply that what culminates at the Full Moon started with actions that went ‘above and beyond’–and this is the result.

Bonus: those with natal placements at 20-23 of Leo may be in for major emotional healing or wounding, likely as Full Moon events reveal something about their origins that was previously unrealized.

Bonus bonus: Full Moon work with Auntie Moon

For those born with the Sun at 22 Capricorn: You’re at or very near the summit, right about now, and you reach the crest of your goal only to find–another big climb ahead of you. Don’t despair; you can rest for a brief while and gather in the benefits of the level you’ve already achieved–and if you look around you’ll see that you’ve got the resources, the support, and the personal authority to begin the journey up that next mountain–and it’s more than likely that you’ll reach the summit for this Solar year’s goal much sooner than you expect–so get ready to celebrate–after that climb, of course. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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11 January 2017 Wisdom Watch



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'On the Heights' - Charles Courtney Curran c1909 {{PD}}

‘On the Heights’ – Charles Courtney Curran c1909 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Everything smart tells us to retreat to the past, to give up on our ambitions–but how smart can that feedback really be? This is one of those times when all we have to do is keep a fix on our dreams, on the ideal, on healing, and it will be ours–so why the negative, give-it-up tone from our surroundings? There is a certain, contrary pressure that seems to build that manifests right before a big leap forward, or in the time just prior to achieving our dreams; most people succumb to this, believing they’re getting a clear signal that things aren’t working–the rest hold on, and get what they set out to attain. Now that begs the question, how do we tell the difference between a legitimate discouragement meant for our good, and this kind of false assessment? It’s all in understanding one’s own development phase: if you have reached a point where ideas and efforts have been tested and refined, and you receive negative, give-up-now feedback, you are actually at the point of breakthrough. At any other point in development, this would be something to listen to and respect, but at a culmination, a near-end point, it’s not. It’s not necessarily easy to tell the two situations apart, but one thing that seems consistent with the ‘ignore it’ scenario is that you will hear from others, often those who are not successful at all in real terms, that you should give up–and if you look closely at them, you’ll realize they want company in the ‘should’ve, could’ve’ world they occupy–or if the social order is telling you your idea is daft, consider how much they benefit from separating you from your instincts and your connection to the Universe–and it’s the same with many whose feedback is discouraging. As always, assess with care and honesty–and then do what makes sense, in the context of your situation, and their response (Pallas conj SN and sesq Zeus, Jupiter contra-parallel Sedna, Venus parallel Neptune and semi-sq Ceres, Mercury qnx Vesta, Sun sxt Chiron and axis T-square Jupiter)

'Still Life with Samovar and Chinese Teacup' Max Schödl 1869 {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Samovar and Chinese Teacup’ Max Schödl 1869 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is, once again, the dregs in a teacup, this time making a smile that also looks like a quarter Moon. My sense was this is a waxing quarter, placing it at 4 February. It may simply be: watch for something positive or good, something that makes you smile, to come forward at this point.

For those born with the Sun at 21 Capricorn: Wounds will heal, and gifts develop, if you’ll only think of yourself for a change; the social order, and authorities empowered through your efforts, may both fight against this, but the reality is that this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, needs to be a time when you concentrate on You–and that may mean having the courage, wherewithal, and Self-discipline to go it alone. Bonus: be very cautious in communications–don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t tip your own hand. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

10 January 2017 Delicate and Decent



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'Lady with a Fan', Eva Gonzales c1870 {{PD}}

‘Lady with a Fan’, Eva Gonzales c1870 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We may feel that others, or circumstances, are holding us back–or is it really that we take action and don’t consider the consequences, then act surprised when the reality picture restrains us? We must ask ourselves a question: Are my controls internal or external? Do I only apply the brakes when forced to? Am I too hesitant, not responding unless the world gives me a push? And consider this, as well: if the world seems to be holding you back, in what way are you refusing to respect what is? Conversely, if you’re holding yourself back, what is it about your own capabilities that you don’t trust? At this time we may see some radical behaviors and responses, but don’t take them at face value; what we’re not seeing is the spur behind the act, which can give the action a whole other meaning (Vesta enters Cancer, Saturn conj Juno, Mars sxt Pluto, Sun sq Uranus)

'The Lamp' - Mary Cassatt c1891 {{PD}}

‘The Lamp’ – Mary Cassatt c1891 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a delicate ladies fan, carved from ivory. Of course, no one carries a fan anymore, and ivory is forbidden, both legally and out of sheer decency. So what does this image suggest? Something quite beautiful that may be ‘out of time’, both a relic and made of a material we no longer find acceptable. It would be wrong in so many ways to create new ones–we can admire the workmanship and the custom of a time gone by, even as we acknowledge it’s just not right for today. Find the thing in your life that both represents defunct behaviors and violates current standards–and get rid of it.

For those born with the Sun at 20 Capricorn: Confronting the group, or your own radical or unusual behavior, is the key to begin your healing–and you won’t gain strength, or the support of others, without dealing with the Uranian element in your life. Don’t worry, you’ve already adequately dealt with the contradictions and conflicts in the ambition and desire picture–you now know what you want, and whether it’s worth pursuing–and once you achieve that healed state you should be aiming for this Solar year, through to your next birthday, opportunities will unfold before you, likely through the Arts or through those who want to see you succeed. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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9 January 2017 Kinetic Freedom



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By Julietchristine - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

By Julietchristine – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The AstroEssence: Reconciliation of our feelings about the past is on the agenda, though the impulse may be to look only for the benefits of past exploits and not the emotional damage they entailed. We are also compelled to nail down or constrain anything that draws our attention or that speaks of a difficult future, in a move we see as protective, no doubt. The reality is that if we will face the negative feelings from the past and truly see them for what they are, we will also see that they are no longer ‘ours’–that is, we no longer feel that way, even in relation to the events that sparked them, and so are, in a very real sense, free. Once feelings are dealt with (or, if we just refuse to reconsider them), we can find a certain wisdom in action; kinetics are where it’s at, in terms of connecting to our inner wisdom, to what’s smart, and to what’s practical. Literally getting yourself into motion is the best thing you can do–all the rest will sort itself out from there, though failure to relinquish old emotions (and so old hurts) keeps one from being as thoroughly empowered and effective as one might (Jupiter sxt Juno, Venus parallel SN and sesq Jupiter, Mars parallel Pallas, Sun parallel Saturn and sesq NN)

By Steve Bridger from Bristol, UK - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

By Steve Bridger from Bristol, UK – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Today’s word image is a home altar. Even if we don’t consciously set one up, some place in our home we can find a ‘gathering’ of items representing what’s important to us–and sometimes there are several. It’s a place attended to daily, where we often add or remove items on a regular basis, where what is there, or what it represents, is a focus of our waking efforts. And if you have one you have deliberately set up in spiritual practice, I’d like you to look for the other ‘altars’ where you live–each place of ritual and respect tells a story about what’s truly important to us, about where we put our faith.

For those born with the Sun at 19 Capricorn: You may be consumed this Solar year, through to your next birthday, with resolving those obstacles that stand between you and ambition and desire fulfillment–but first you may need to get a handle on the feeling nature. Unacknowledged destruction left in your wake after a recent metamorphosis hasn’t yet been addressed–and until it is, and amends made, you may not find it easy to move forward. Dealing with what got trashed, left behind, changed, or otherwise eliminated is required, but once done, the way will be wide open to get one or two of your most potent current ambitions fulfilled. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

8 January 2017 Scanning the Horizon



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By Arctic light - Frank Olsen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Arctic light – Frank Olsen – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The AstroEssence: The Messenger stations direct at 1:43 AM Pacific time, and I find that taking a snapshot of the moment of direction often reveals something about the trends to follow–so here goes. Mercury changes direction while being body of latest degree, which suggests a real turnaround in our conclusions and recently-reached assessments–not a big surprise at a station of Merc, but definitely more pronounced than we might expect, and in Sagittarius what we may find ourselves doing is scanning the horizon, for what we can learn, for ‘the facts’, or to find circumstances that reflect, or where we can implement, our faith. The first aspect Mercury will make (not counting Lunar ones received) will be a quincunx to Vesta, implying that adjustments in the values picture, and within the home and mate relationship, are to be anticipated. Too, we may find ourselves reassessing our commitments; what we value may have irrevocably altered during the retro period, but we’re just finding out, or even beginning to consider the implications, now.

The realizations of direction are accompanied by the urge to act, to ‘correct’ what’s not to our highest standards or what doesn’t reflect our commitments adequately, and we may find our attention repeatedly drawn toward those elements within our ambition or desire picture that don’t support, or that contradict, our identity, the Soul-image we carry of ourselves in ideal form. We may see the benefits in curbing our originality (being part of the group may offer more than being a standout, at this point), and relationships may ask that we forego erratic behavior or a too-spontaneous approach to interaction–but these conditions are only temporary, and it’s still up to us to choose (Merc stations direct, Mars sesq Vesta, Venus semi-sq Uranus, Sun sq Zeus)

By Théodore Chassériau - Web Gallery of Art: Image Info about artwork, Public Domain,

By Théodore Chassériau – Web Gallery of Art: Image Info about artwork, Public Domain,

Today’s word image is a pair of events: an individual leaps from a balcony railing, in one instance landing on a car, in the other landing on a trampoline and smilingly bouncing up. I’d say this is about how we take a fall, or a let-down, with one alternative ending in ‘crushing’ defeat, and the other suggesting an indomitable spirit that refuses wounding or censure. It’s always our choice how we process a problem or a loss, but we should remember that just because it hurts, it saddens us, or it removes the potential opportunity, doesn’t mean it has to stop our forward momentum or permanently end our efforts. Think of it as a ‘Leap of Faith’, where the faith to recover is more important than the faith it took to make the step in the first place. Do we need to mourn an upset? Of course, that’s part of acceptance and acknowledging what will never be–but if we want to be healthy, we don’t stay in that ‘down’ state, but bounce back, as quickly as we can.

For those born with the Sun at 18 Capricorn: Look to the emotions, especially as they express through the material world, through sustenance, comfort, and security, to navigate this Solar period through to your next birthday; you’ll find plenty of ‘messages’ in the way others share their material bounty that will be a lot more telling than anything they say–and conversely, your best expression of the feeling state comes through translating this into gifts, caretaking, or support of any kind for those you love. It’s an interesting, touchy-feely year for you, where you can, by expressing how you feel, pave the way for ambition and desire fulfillment, without actually having to go directly after them–what you want is instead drawn to you. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!