Your Week 19-24 May 2017 The Big Kahuna



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‘Shaman’ 1930 Arman Manookian {{PD}}

I’ve added the answer to the Horary chart in the Horary article (scroll down or click here), in case you’re interested.

Friday the 19th there may be massive, literal finger-pointing over beliefs, facts, and disclosures, and though it gets ‘it’ out in the open, it’s not particularly healthy, in terms of the debilitating effects it has on everyone. We have a pounding Fist of God (Hygeia square Jupiter, apex the Sun) that suggests enlightenment will be brutal, and a tense T-square (Venus opp Jupiter, square Hygeia) that pits values, assets, and relationships against beliefs or facts–but which of the latter? In a best-case scenario, beliefs will be replaced by facts–that, at least, will make the discord worth going through, as it puts everyone on the same page, and removes a ‘wishful thinking’ element that’s contaminated Venusian areas for too long. Here’s the kicker, the key, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada: Mercury parallel Uranus tells us Higher Mind understanding, revolutions in thinking and reasoning, and revelatory information, is the result–truly a worthy and desirable outcome.

Today’s word image is a joke: cat walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink. The bartender puts a shot down in front of the cat, who reaches his paw out and swipes the glass off the bar and onto the floor. Then the cat says, ‘Gimme another’. Is there something we approach with a bit of swagger, certain in our actions, that appears confident and yet ends up being wasteful or silly? Are we even in the right place, placing the right ‘orders’, in the first place? Questions to ask ourselves today.

The 20th brings those with wisdom and those with empowered status into conflict. Are those qualities, wisdom and empowerment, necessarily always mutually exclusive? Of course not, but in this case, those seem to be the lines along which this particular confrontation will divide. Illusions about what’s healthy, or in how to achieve a functional state, abound, so it’s unlikely that, as the Sun enters Gemini, we will reach any workable conclusions–but we’ll sure think about things a lot.

Today’s word image is something red. Though things that are red will be noticed, there’ll be one thing in particular that stands out. What it is, and what it says, represents, or means to you, is what’s important.

The 21st brings unexpected harmony between the senses and the instincts–and so can lead to excellent responses and choices, when the mind doesn’t interfere and gum it all up. Our responses to relationships and financial situations will be right on; don’t forget tomorrow what you thought about someone, or some asset or money-related situation, today.

Today’s word image is a haircut. In symbolic terms, I see hair as representing thoughts. So, what does your choice of hair style say about you? Do you change the natural tendencies of your hair by adding product? Is your hair (and so your thinking) stiff and inflexible, does it curl tightly around on itself, is it limp or have you changed it by artificial means (dye or perming, perhaps)? What do you see being ‘shouted’ by the hair of those close to you? You may notice a surprising correlation between thinking ‘style’ and the way the hair is kept.

On the 22nd temper is a factor, at least in part because, consciously or not, we recognize that our reasoning at this time is clashing with our values. Don’t ignore this; have the courage to admit that what we want may actually violate our most important personal standards–and then let go of the desire. Nothing’s worth getting if it compromises our integrity.

There’s even a comic set on the Pacific trash heap itself. Image Comics, Joe Harris and Martin Marazzo (Fair Use)

Today’s word image is the great Pacific garbage mass, an accretion of discarded trash, junk, plastics, things sucked out to sea by tsunamis, and anything else that found its way to the water and doesn’t break down fairly quickly. We’ve been hearing about this for some time, the warnings dire and downright frightening, and there’s no disputing that this is a bad thing for the planet. But NOAA tells us the situation isn’t quite what we’ve been led to think. Consider that you may be viewing something in your world as hopelessly ‘polluted’, when in reality you can still change the course of things, still ‘clean it up’ and revitalize some vital component of your life. You can save it, if you really care; it’s not hopeless, after all.

The 23rd the sh*t hits the fan, as they say, with another Fist (Zeus-Juno, apex Sun) and another T-square (Venus opp Zeus, both square Juno) taking aim at our tender bits–and perhaps destroying our idea of what’s wise or practical in one fell swoop, or maybe re-shaping our inner wisdom or practical stance to be much more applicable in our current world (Pluto square Pallas). This Fist of God forces our attention to the way our ambitions and desires are at odds with our present empowerment scenario. We’ll see exactly how our status fails to bring us what we want–and presumably, we’ll see how to correct this. At the same time, though, we’ll be faced with the stress of the T-square, which pits ambitions against assets, or maybe relationships, and requires us, via Juno, to use what power we hold to work out a detente between two factors with each clearly seeing the other as a threat. The saving grace here, aside from the transformative power of Pluto that we will undergo, want it or not, is found in Mercury novile Chiron. This promises we will find a way to think about things that will ultimately be healing. When we look back, then, we’ll likely see today as rough but beneficial, possibly making one or more life areas much, much better.

Today’s word image is a husky, stranded on the median of a busy road. In this image the fact that this isn’t just a dog, but one that is most at home in the northern wilderness, and yet is found under stark, man-made circumstances, speaks of something close to Nature that is in a ‘foreign’ environment. What part of you is ‘made’ for something much more natural, for a more open or isolated setting, that has been forced into an unpleasant, even dangerous, situation?

The 24th we’re still wrestling with our own power situation and our ability to implement our wishes, but we see a few other factors become prominent: we’re stirred by both fear of being hurt in the future and a certain discord between reality and our instincts; we see that in some way getting what we want is out-of-step with our values, or endangers our relationships, or will cost, possibly more than we can bear; and we see highlighted those areas where we lack power, or the ways in which the current power structure denies us access or effectiveness. Today is simply a day to note what comes at us, to consider, formulate or fine-tune plans or approaches, and not to stress too much about where it’s all headed–we’re not nearly ‘there’ yet.

First known depiction of a Snowman from a Book of Hours, 1380, found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a snowman! Who in your world is frozen, and is this keeping you from connecting, or does he use his frosty outsides to willingly isolate himself? Not all who are troubled need your help; sometimes they want barriers, want things to be this way.

The New Moon and general forecast for Thursday the 25th will follow in a separate post. Expect my explanation of the Horary chart tomorrow, the 19th. Many thanks to my readers! You are a lovely lot 🙂

For Those So Inclined, A Horary Puzzle, And My Solution



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On May 3rd I realized that a gift card I thought was in my husband’s wallet was not there, and no where to be found. There was some question as to whether I’d ever actually given it to my husband, whether I may have taken it back, and whether it may already have been spent. After turning the house upside down, then sitting down with a glass of wine (because hunting is thirsty work!) it occurred to me to draw a Horary to ask, ‘Where is my gift card?’ The chart had an early Ascendant, technically suggesting it is not safe to judge–that is, won’t deliver a reliable answer–though the meaning of a Horary Ascendant in the first three degrees of a sign should be read as, ‘It’s too soon to tell’, implying the matter is in some way not yet developed enough to provide an answer. I read the chart anyway, as an early Ascendant in a lost item case may simply mean that even with the info provided in the chart, it may be some time before conditions are ripe for finding the item. I’m posting the chart, and anyone who’d like to take a crack at reading it may–you can leave your interpretation in the comments if you like–then next week I’ll post my reading of it, and the outcome of the matter, which happened today, the 12th.

Hints for successful interpretation: Keep it simple–lost items are signified by the ruler of the 2nd and potentially by any bodies located therein, with placement and dispositor of the ruler often being helpful in obtaining a correct answer; the Moon is important in how things will progress; ignore anything not directly related to the question–that helps give a ‘clean’ answer and keeps you from being distracted by irrelevancies. After quite a bit of experimenting, with obtaining a clear and informative answer to a question the goal, I’ve used the methods outlined in March and McEvers ‘The Only Way To . . . Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology Volume VI’ with the best and most consistent results, and that’s what I used here. Happy Interpreting, and have a great weekend!

Hello! I’m back to fill you in on how the chart worked for me. As mentioned, the Ascendant is considered too early for a clear answer (in this case, 2 Scorpio 04, within the first three degrees of the sign). Though this is considered ‘unreadable’, it doesn’t prevent gleaning info, it only says that things have not developed to a definitive point yet–and as it turned out, this was right, as it took me until the 12th to find the lost card, even having the chart info.

For those curious, there are four main proscriptions against reading a Horary chart: an Ascendant that is either in the first three degrees (too early to know) or in the last three degrees of a sign (the matter is already settled, so you can find out the particulars, but you must be aware you can’t at this point change the outcome); Saturn in the 7th–this suggests that the astrologer who’ll read the chart doesn’t understand it, or may miss something; if the Moon is Void–that is, won’t make anymore major aspects before leaving the sign; and if the Moon is in the Via Combusta, the real estate between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. This latter is an ancient rule which was based on this section of the sky containing a number of malefic fixed stars, but I don’t use this, as experience has shown me it doesn’t seem to apply anymore.

For a Horary, we state (and write down!) the question as clearly as possible, in this case, ‘Where is my gift card?’ I am the querent as well as the astrologer; my significator is Mars (and in a pinch, Pluto) since it rules the House that represents me, the 1st. Mars is in Gemini in the 8th, hinting at involvement of my husband, especially since I had asked him to carry the card in his wallet, which from my POV is definitely the 8th! The Moon is always co-ruler of the question, and as such can be considered as also repping the querent (unless another entity in the chart is ruled by the Moon). Luna always shows how the rest of the matter will progress by what it will aspect while still in the sign–applying aspects (or ones not yet formed) show the future, while aspects already formed by the Moon to other bodies while in this same sign show the past (unless the Moon is making a separating aspect to a relevant significator and it is one degree or less past exact). In this case the Moon’s at 25 Leo 53, late in the sign but not Void, suggesting that we’re close to the end of the matter, just not quite there yet.

Lost objects are generally represented by the 2nd House; here the ruler is Jupiter, located in Libra in the 12th, and the 2nd House holds Black Moon Lilith and Saturn. That Libra, the sign of partnership, is involved, added to the placement of my sig in the 8th, at first made me think my husband might still have possession of the card, or at least knew where it had been hidden or disposed of (12th)–but, we’ll soon see why these ‘hints’ that echoed my own thinking turned out to be red herrings.

In lost objects we look not just at aspects, but at the directions signified by the Houses, and locations related to signs, even at associated colors, in some instances, to help find the object. We start with Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd, which is in Libra in the 12th. In lost object Horaries, or in any Horary where we are asking about the return of something or where a change of mind may come in, we note retrogrades, and in this instance, we have retro Jupiter as significator of the item, suggesting it will turn up, one way or another. We also look at dispositors of the object ruler, in this case Venus (ruler of Libra) which is in Aries, ruled by Mars, which is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, which is in Aries, with final dispositor Mars, as the line turns back on itself (and just happens to be my significator, pointing toward me being responsible for where the object is).

With lost items, there is a general assertion that if the ruler of the object is in Virgo or Pisces, or the 6th or 12th, it is not readily visible and will be found in a ‘closed’ place, like a drawer, pocket, chest, or other enclosed area. The 12th placement of lost item sig suggests something thoroughly hidden, possibly undetectable, virtually invisible! And its final dispositor reinforces that, as sitting in the 8th it suggests totally hidden, as well. Now here’s where I need to mention that there are specific places listed as potential spots where the item will be found that correlate to sig placements, but as the reader of the chart, we must use logic and our own discretion in following leads. With 8th and 12th there is an uncanny correspondence in both Houses to laboratories, hospitals, and plumbing, wet areas, etc., which just don’t add up in this case, but which must be peripherally kept in mind, in case the more logical locations don’t pan out.

We also look at signs, with Libra suggesting attics or bedrooms–and the bedroom being exactly where I’d been looking for the card. Gemini, as sign of the dispositor, names a number of potential spots, but the ones that stood out are, per March and McEvers, “Near a wall, wainscoting, in a chest or trunk”. Air signs denote a spot ‘high up’. This indeed led my original search when I first did the chart, sending me to a pair of purses leaning against the wall on the top shelf of the closet in our bedroom, in the south by west corner of the room, corresponding to the dispositor. The southeast was suggested by the significator placed in the 12th, which seemed to point to the bedroom, which is in that corner of the house (and there is no furniture in the southeast corner of the room). I did not find it at that time, in spite of a thorough (or so I thought) search.

I couldn’t let it go; I was sure the chart was telling me where the card was, and I just wasn’t (yet!) seeing it, which from the early Ascendant was to be expected. I looked at some more obscure references, such as Venus, ruler of Jupiter, in the 6th in Aries, which offered several suggestions along the same vein: in a place of work or office, in a box, pocket, drawer, or cabinet (and I had searched all the coat and jacket and sweater pockets I could find), with Aries offering one helpful suggestion: in places not often accessed. I looked too at suggested colors, which I usually don’t use, though I will sometimes read through them in case something jumps out. This time Libra, location of the lost card significator, listed ‘pastel colors’. Nothing immediately came to mind.

This dresser was the culprit. Notice how innocently it hides things.

Though I thought I’d already searched it completely, I decided to go through a dresser that sits right next to the closet, in the same direction/ part of the room. I was sure I wouldn’t find anything–until I’m looking in one of the drawers, and something clicks. It was the ‘thoroughly hidden’ facet, plus the ‘not accessed frequently’ facet, plus the Libran pastels–which lead me to lift up a pile of neatly folded, pale-colored scarves in a section of the drawer I hardly use–and lo and behold, there was the card!

So, it was found (retro status of the ruler), was essentially where it had been described as being, but it took some time going by to ‘let things develop’ (the early Ascendant). In looking at the chart after the fact, hoping to see where the timing for finding the item might’ve been indicated, I found the only correspondence between the Moon (which shows issue progress) and Saturn, found in the House indicating the lost object. It showed roughly and just under 1.5 degrees to perfection of a trine in Fire. Time to act! and corresponding to approximately 9 days later (1.5 weeks) when the object was found, just as the transiting Moon was within orb of conjoining the object’s significator. And, not to be forgotten, we saw a developing trine between me (Mars) and lost object sig (Jupiter), promising that Yes, I would find the card.

I know that’s a long explanation–thanks for your patience, and your interest–and have a great weekend!

Your Week 12-18 May 2017 Cannibals All



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Hans Baluschek 1894 {{PD}}

Don’t really know why, but ‘cannibals’ seems to be this week’s theme. I don’t mean the literal, eating-each-other kind, but more the ideas of: relentlessly consuming until ‘it’ is all gone; incorporating into ourselves; devouring; engulfing; merging; being submerged in deep process–and all of these applying to the psychic, the emotional, the spiritual. Consume with care. Bon appetit!

On the 12th, while we’re busy trying to change the past (hint: it will not work!) we should be attending to matters of health, and specifically acting on ‘the facts’ or to support what we believe. By taking steps to better ourselves, our environment, our relationships, our spiritual state, our reality, we will generate opportunity. I hate to be so blunt about it, but those who make the effort, win, and those who are passive, lazy, or avoidant, lose, and those who are delusional–well, it could go either way.

Today’s word image is this song and video from Seattle group ‘People Eating People’ (You can back it up to the beginning–it insists on loading midway)

Oh, the twisty ways of the world! On the 13th the very opportunities we sought yesterday prove somehow bad for us today–and yet, if we can access inner knowledge, dragging it to the surface and putting it into a form the mind can accept, we’ll have taken the first step in turning things back to our advantage. The second thing needed will be to reach back into the past via relationships, financial connections, or once-shared values, using this contact to bring something useful from then into now.

I’m assuming this is the witch’s house, as it appears covered in sweets. CC BY-SA 2.0,

Today’s word image is the fairy tale, ‘Hansel and Gretel’. I always found this one disturbing not so much for the child-fattening-and-eating witch (she just seemed to be following her nature–what else would you expect from someone billing themselves as a witch? For now we won’t talk about how she tried to force them to push each other into the oven), but for the explanation as to why the children were in the forest in the first place: mom and dad were so poor, they gave their offspring a crust of bread and lead them to the middle of the forest, and left them. What?! Abandoning your children and framing it as a kindness, as if you’re releasing wild animals back into their native habitat, pretending that the odds for survival are better for children alone in the forest than with their parents in the ‘civilized’ world, seems pretty delusional to me, and raises all kinds of questions about what kind of people these parents are. For our purposes, then, we may be one of two parties in this scenario. If we are Hansel and/ or Gretel, we may want to look at a situation where we feel abandoned, where we have been left behind. How did you feel about the reasons you were given for such treatment? Or if we are the parents, in what situation have we told ourselves something or someone would be better off without us, when in reality we have abandoned our responsibility?

By the 14th we find our groove, and the result is a sort of ‘magic touch’ in just about everything. Let’s make a list: our inner wisdom is inspired by a deep knowing, instincts, and ‘sight’ that allows us, temporarily at least, to excavate and deal expertly with our ‘blind spot’; original ideas meet the exact right attitude and ability to materialize them that offers optimum expression; action, skills, and smarts go hand in hand in hand; facing and embracing the darker elements of the things and people we love has surprising benefits; thinking is only mildly creative, but completely attuned to the future and what it requires. Any down sides? Not really, though appetites may be all-consuming and could lead to an energy hangover, in one form or another, down the road.

Today’s word image is the 1945 film version of the Noel Coward play, ‘Blithe Spirit’. Let’s just say that once you open the door to the unseen, life’s never the same again.

Today, the 15th, Mercury enters Taurus, bringing a perhaps too-literal sense to communications; too, we may insist on being ‘comfortable’ with what we hear, say, and think–an attitude that’s not exactly horizon-expanding. There’s also a slight tension underlying relationships and finances–this is meant to make us listen to our sixth sense in these areas. Otherwise, it’s just like any other day.

Today’s word image is a tiny bunch of carrots, accidentally pulled from the garden while weeding. I yanked these Barbie size root vegetables from the ground before I realized I had them in my hand; the largest is no bigger than the end joint of my little finger. Is there something you’re doing that endangers something so new you’re not even aware it’s there? That’s an impossible question to answer, really. So let’s ask this: in what areas of your life do you need to be extra careful right now, as new things could be in beginning stages that will be destroyed if you get too hands-on, too aggressive, too interventionist, about it? What useful/ desirable is growing where you can’t see it, amid things you want to eliminate?

The 16th what we sense we, quite literally, see. For some this will play out with matters residing in the ‘blind spot’, with what’s usually tucked out of sight suddenly right in front of them. Our impulses to act are aligned with our highest values, and we have the idea that we need to adjust reality to accommodate us–maybe we should consider adjusting ourselves, instead.

By Ángel RollĂłn from Madrid (Spain) – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Today’s word image is a woman walking three big dogs she clearly can’t control. A few questions you must answer/ issues define for yourself: what (or who) are the ‘big dogs’ in your life? Are you trying to handle too many large or unwieldy issues? Is it really appropriate that you even attempt to ‘handle’ these in the first place? And what happens if it all gets away from you?

On the 17th our own imaginations (or in some cases, delusions) may encourage us to overdo, and this may be in spite of a reality check offered by the social sphere. Our action urge is perfectly expressive of our ambitions and desires, and yet we may find it difficult to act because of our status, or because of inhibitions necessitated if we want to retain our position or power. Clarity comes through an open-eyed look at what we know to be wise, practical, or skill-based–these offer guidelines and a measuring stick by which to appraise any and all matters.

Vincent van Gogh – ‘Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette’ 1886 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is something to consider: does something we’ve been only in our imaginations have the ability to affect us, especially physically? I’m thinking of someone I know who told me she has imagined herself a smoker her entire adult life, though she’s not a smoker, and recently she’s faced a handful of health issues associated with being a heavy smoker. What about you–anything you believe about yourself (with no supporting material evidence) that has had an effect on you in the real world?

The 18th we see a perfect synergy between stasis and movement, the established and the new, the traditional and the modern. This is Saturn trine Uranus, the signifier of grounded electricity; that state or containment (Saturn) of a current of charged particles (Uranus) is necessary to make the energy both useful and safe. This combo supports our original and unique Self-expression, imbues the staid with excitement and variety, enlivens (perhaps literally) breathing life into what is inanimate, and offers both material form and time parameters to what otherwise could be a fleeting and possibly damaging ‘charge’. That suggests that today’s image must be a Frankenstein of one composition or another. How have the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ been combined in your world, so that it brings ‘new life’ to the already familiar?

On the 18th circumstances surrounding this Saturn-Uranus excitement are ones of healing wherever we put our attention, and of learning that we shouldn’t count on the social sphere or the facts to bring us profit or love.

Have a wonderful week!

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017 The Results of Refusing



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‘Riding in the Bois de Boulogne’ 1872 Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives at 2:42 PM PDT of the 10th at 20 Scorpio 24. It’s widely opposed Sedna, which the Sun is moving toward, sextile Pluto, and in loose sesquiquadrate to Venus. It’s a lonely ol’ Moon, one we may hardly notice, and yet it promises subtle change eased into place, with shifts possibly rooted in the ways we refuse to see our ‘blind spot’, or in ways we reject our own deep, whispered inner knowledge. What we ‘know’ we one way or another deny or turn away from, and this creates a tension in relationships, values, finances, or over assets or anticipated rewards that makes for that change, slip, shift, like a kaleidoscope given a short turn. This culmination offers illumination, of the kind that a mirror offers: we see reflected back to us, in our surroundings and in events, just what it is that we have created by refusing or denying something we should’ve listened to or dealt with. We had a chance to harness the power within it, but we may not have believed it held any worth–or perhaps we believed that we needed to have our own power first, and the opportunity went by.

In all fairness, what influences us in this direction probably has to do with other things: the trine of Saturn to Uranus-Mercury may shut down consideration of the unusual, the unique, making those options and ideas seem unreliable, even dangerous; the Nodes just entered Leo-Aquarius, in the 29th degree feeling like there is some crisis in life direction or a bugaboo threatening to rise again from the past; Juno and Pluto cozying up and giving us the impression that we’re surely facing an emergency in empowerment, or that our status is about to crumble beneath us (the exception here are those who are very comfortable with Plutonian juice–they may get a surge, instead)–and Zeus squares these two, perhaps making us feel our very ambitions and desires are on the chopping block, too; then there’s the Cardinal T-square of Jupiter opposed Pallas, both square Hygeia, a perfect picture of the health care crisis in the US, and presenting personal issues of expanding or stretching ourselves, likely in some physical regard. We face the way this isn’t wise or practical, and yet either option, holding back or pushing forward, promises a difficulty around health (and this threatened facet of health may be physical, mental, emotional, or psychic in nature). In a few days (the 13th-15th) Venus will trine Black Moon Lilith in Fire; that’s when we’ll see the value of what we’ve rejected or avoided, that brought about the FM culmination. Until then we may spend our time just trying to hold on to our little bit of paradise, or power, or love–don’t worry, you’ll succeed. Anything that falls away at this point didn’t give you what you thought it did, anyway.

‘Pleasures of the Tang Court, Spring Outing’ 8th century Zhang Xuan {{PD}}

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders’. That makes sense, since we know from the aspects that we have turned away from something, and the Full Moon is bringing the results. It’s reassuring to know that we were following a higher purpose, a glimpse of our better nature or a glimmer of spiritual knowledge, that pushed us to refuse; we may have told ourselves that we missed an opportunity, but the Higher Self knows better–and we followed its promptings.

The Sun, of course, generates the original light of the Full Moon, so we look at its Sabian as well. ‘A Finger Pointing To A Line In An Open Book’ tells us that this Full Moon is about pointing us toward important knowledge, or the right life direction. Thanks, Universe.

If you’re interested in politics (or astrology as it plays out in real life) trundle on over to my friend Jude Cowell’s fabulous Stars Over Washington (This link is to an article on the 2020 election that I really enjoyed).

Follow Julie Demboski’s Astrology on Facebook, sign up with WordPress to get notifications each time I publish, donate to support the blog, or buy my books here– Have a great week, and an enlightening Full Moon! And if you’re waiting to hear from me, I haven’t forgotten you! I’m just very busy–I’ll get there eventually.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

Your Week 5-12 May 2018 Energy Ouroboros



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William Blake – ‘The Temptation and Fall of Eve’ (Illustration to Milton’s “Paradise Lost”) {{PD}}

On the 5th we see opportunity–and we also see that there’s no straight line from here to there that allows us to take advantage of it. We may bristle at the way it seems the social sphere requires us to accommodate something or someone; to us, it feels like we’re being asked to sully our ideals. Be ready to adjust, compromise, work it out, bend. Seeing flexibility or the need to modify our approach as a degrading option is to take ourselves too seriously, to be navel-gazing instead of looking out there, at all the possibilities open to us. It neither hurts us to take in new info nor hurts our goals to take others or their needs into account, so look around–there are more opportunities available than you believe there are, and today they’ll show.

They’re here. Photo By Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia – Beef Portrait, CC BY 2.0,

Today’s word image is one of those big heavy balls they used to have in gym class that was called a ‘medicine ball’. I had to google them, it’s been so long since I’ve heard the term, as I wasn’t sure they still existed! They’re used for strength training, rehabilitation, and core conditioning–so what does that suggest as our image? It may be about creating a strong core Self by exercising core values. We can name our values and state what we honor ’till the cows come home, but unless we live those values, our proclamations will ring hollow (particularly to those who are living theirs) and our actions (and so our results) won’t match our intentions.

The 6th we may be feeling impulsive, erratic, hair-trigger, and there are two sources for this: our thwarted Will, and the influence of those matters we are ignoring, in denial about, or are enraged by. ‘Passion’ is key, but in the context of a pot boiling over, rather than life energy pouring toward what we love. We may believe our touchiness and overreaction arise from derailed Self-expression, but there’s an easy test to tell passion from Self-righteousness: do you become indignant at the thought that you might not get your way? That will tell you if you’ve wrapped your energy in an ego-blanket of Self-justification–in which case, take a step back and re-think your aim. If we are being honest with ourselves and others we will likely have a fine day, our actions effective, manifesting our ideas with little fuss, with the best of them supported by some original, innovative thinking by ourselves and those who offer aid.

Today’s word image is a hobby-horse. Some will visualize that as a stationary horse on rockers, while others will see a stuffed horse head on a stick; both can be ‘ridden’ by the right size individual. A hobby or rocking horse is a way for a child to pretend they are mounted on a large, dangerous animal, riding into an imaginary adventure. Where in life might you be ‘faking it’, pretending to have a dangerous or animal-like thing (an inner quality or an outer situation) ‘under control’, when that control is imaginary, and you are, in relation to this one matter, inexperienced or immature, essentially still a child?

For the 7th we see two interesting power dynamics in play: we see those whose power and reach are essentially based on status or a position held struggling with those whose power comes, in one form or another, naturally. What one side has worked and fought to attain may feel threatened by one who swans in holding similar assets, abilities, authority, or talents. How this plays out will be dependent largely on which of the two has a greater need to feel superior–so there’s that.

The second power dynamic will create scenarios where those already holding large amounts of power and influence will brilliantly use to their own benefit matters others are ignoring, denying, or are angry about. This has something to do with facts, belief, and knowledge, and it’s almost certain that those who possess more valid or accurate knowledge will do much better at resisting or otherwise ignoring the manipulative call of the power elite.

Libra, church of Saint-Austremoine,France. Photo by Jastrow {{PD}}

To remain aware is the best we can hope for under these conditions. Today under a waxing Libra Moon headed toward Full expression in Scorpio, we shouldn’t be surprised that many will feel an emotional need to cooperate, to partner, and with current Moon ruler Venus in Aries, we might each think we’re acting and choosing independently, exercising our own Will rather than that of a power broker. Just do your best–nobody expects perfection of you.

Today’s word image is a red paper kite in the shape of a flying crane. This prompts consideration of mimicry, how the kite was created in the guise of a bird but not with the expectation of fooling someone into thinking it actually was a bird–so what is the point of a human-created thing taking the form of a natural one? It might be a way to honor it, to show admiration (or is it envy?) for something humans lack (the ability to fly), or it could be an attempt to bring the beauty and grace of Nature into human creations, essentially co-opting Mother Nature’s choices as our own. Is there something in your life that you have consciously (or maybe not so) fashioned in the form of something (or someone) else, because you admired that natural ability or beauty? It’s time to review whether that thing or way of being truly suits you.

Immagine del manoscritto Zoroaster Clavis Artis, MS. Verginelli-Rota, Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma, vol. 2, p. 18 {{PD}}

On the 8th we are seeking empowerment and we get it–but getting what we want entails then modifying our goals or pursuit of what we desire, in order to keep the empowered stance we’ve attained and use it to pursue our goals and wants. It’s an ouroboros where everything is dependent on everything else. If you think too much about the mechanism you’ll distract yourself and lose your balance; instead just cruise in there, eye on the prize, and be ready to negotiate at every step along the way.

Today’s word image is a deep burn received while preparing a fancy dinner. Does this suggest the chef was signalling complete commitment, a willingness to immolate the Self (psychically speaking) to serve others? Or does this suggest resentment at the chore,’feeling burned’ over having to serve others? Or does an injury while doing something very specific speak of a ‘heart’ not in the task?

On the 9th we see the Nodes shift into the Aquarius (South) and Leo (North) axis. I like to think of the Nodes as indicating flow, suggesting energy origins (with the South, in this case, showing intellectual, innovative, or avant garde sources) and the direction of development with the North (Leo, implying evolution toward the heart-centered identity, the generous, the best within the individual). These are background currents that give us a general idea of the Collective emotional thrust at any one time.

The day itself may find us impulsively violating every rule of well-being, good sense, and Nature we can find–and yet, what we create, whether this is constructive or destructive, is a solid and undeniable expression of who we are. Keep that in mind as you choose, act, think, do.

Design for a flying machine, Codex Atlanticus f.844r is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci Photo courtesy {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a flying car. Much as we may theorize and fantasize about having these in the future, they aren’t here yet. What anticipated future thing are you dumping emotional energy and attention into that doesn’t exist, and where could that energy be better spent?

The 10th brings a Full Moon in Scorpio (Lunar report to follow), and emotion and feeling seem to permeate everything all day long. We may be wildly resistant to what the facts are telling us about our future; we resist what’s smart or practical for emotional reasons grounded in old wounds around love/ relationships or money. What we value in the moment is, somehow, unhealthy, and we know that–but it’s still almost impossible to get us to set aside the belief that we are getting valid information through our feelings–unless you can uncover those core wounds that are driving things and so eliminate them from the thought-equation. Strive to acknowledge we may be too steeped in our fears and hurts (but especially over a fear of what we may discover, of secrets, with a Scorpio Moon) to think clearly–leave decisions, choices, and the forming of impressions for another day.

The word image for the 10th will be the Sabian, explained in the Full Moon post.

We might want to brace ourselves on the 11th for the sheer volume of words we will hear that will contradict accompanying actions. Yes, one of those days. It seems the Full Moon will embolden some to just lie their pants off, while others will see the imagination soar in a more productive way–but in either case, there will be a marked disparity between what we’re hearing (good, sound, productive, sane words) and the simultaneous actions (deceptive or springing from delusion, based on fantasy or so vague they dissipate into nothingness, creative as all get-out). Best use? Channel effort into creative areas, rather than into anything where big deals or lots of details are involved, or where lives are at stake.

By ChinaTravelSavvy.Com – China Travel Guide, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Today’s word image is the color green. Does it bring to mind envy, money, spring and summer, new growth, old moldy food? A brackish lake or leprechauns? A nebula far away or the face of someone who ate a bad taco? Your personal associations are most important with this image.

Your Week 28 April-4 May 2017 Unfocus the Self



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James Tissot – ‘The Gallery of HMS Calcutta (Portsmouth)’ {{PD}}

This week we may need to ‘unfocus the Self’, allow some distance (with some softening of lines) between our own interests and the rest of the world. Too much of what goes wrong does so because we push forward with the Will and ego, because the feeling is that we have a mandate, that so much excited (in the science meaning, as in agitated) energy within must signify that what we desire is correct in a Universal sense–and that is just not true. Perspective is important this week; so is keeping a strong sense of the real-world as it is, not as we think it is.

Friday the 28th the temptation is to charge forward, sure we are right. Impulsiveness feels sanctioned and may even be rewarded, and the mind is lightning-quick; we think we’re leading the pack, but Merc’s retro status combined with the parallel to and conjunction with Uranus says that we’re not able to decipher all those ideas and perceptions just yet. Like radio signals sent from some far away star and recorded by our brains, we can’t address those signals consciously yet–we know they exist but aren’t yet aware of what they mean–and that says that most action will be premature, carried out without a clear idea of the possible impact or potential consequences.

When it comes to empowering ourselves, we are confused, deluded, or inspired about what will work, if only because it appears we must compromise priorities and values to reach an ideal power state–but not only do we not have to make such a compromise, doing so won’t bring us what we think it will. We’d instead find that to bend our values will be to have given our mojo to the group, and they’ll (inevitably) wield it badly. Keep your own counsel, take notes on those brilliant ideas and sudden perceptions, and remain aware of those issues we’d all rather ignore or deny, as they figure in to the landscape whether or not we choose to acknowledge or address them.

What did you envision? By SpaceX –, CC0

Today’s word image is a year: 1988. That’s roughly a full Saturn cycle ago. Can you see any threads running from then to now? How did the future look to you at that point? Did things go as you thought they would? How accurately did you see what was coming, and how have your beliefs and knowledge changed since then? And if you were born after that year, what particular knowledge or beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) do you hold that are shaping your future right now? This is about being conscious of what we’ve built, and what we’re building now.

The 29th, though we can draw wisdom from the past like water from a well, we can’t seem to apply it in finances or relationships. We want to shape these positively, to lay a rewarding or profitable groundwork for the future–with such intentions, why aren’t our efforts succeeding? 1. We’re thinking too much about power, and especially about imposing our Will–and that can come off to others as aggressive, preventing meaningful connection. 2. We’re spending too much energy in our own heads, failing to realize that knowing what we want to accomplish doesn’t get it done–we’re congratulating ourselves mentally before we’ve taken action. 3. We’re chafing at what our own instincts are telling us–and that likely means we’re rejecting internal signals in favor of keeping up a facade or fantasy. Let go of prejudices against reality (for that’s what it is, when we reject knowledge, or insist on putting it through a perceptual sieve) for best results in applying wisdom earned in the past to issues in play today.

Today’s word image is a lone, uniformed girl on a volleyball court, holding a volleyball, with no one else in sight. Is there some ‘court’ or life arena where you’re all ready for a ‘game’ or a challenge, but there’s no one else interested in playing? Such frustrations may point to being out-of-step with the current picture of ‘where the action is’, and may suggest we are trying to exert too much control over the game, trying to force others into an arena where we are more comfortable, and so assume we’d have an advantage. Consider that no matter how frightened or uncomfortable we are with the idea of stepping onto an active playing field, absolutely nothing will change if we don’t join in with others, playing the games that actually matter to them and to us.

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On the 30th we may experience a bit of a crisis: we disconnect from reality, and then wonder why things don’t go well! The issue: fear meets our wounds, and we act out our pain via the Will. We try to flex our muscles, make things go our way, just to reassure ourselves that we’re potent, and maybe worthy. We may perceive it as the group or social order keeping us down, or rules or authorities imposing limits, but the reality is we wouldn’t feel that way if we weren’t looking for validation. First, we are not tickets, we are humans–no need for validation, we are worthy as we are, and that is true of any state in which we exist. Today, focus the Will and desires on materially-oriented goals and dreams; when we are forced to stop thinking about things in terms of the ego, and instead must process physical steps to accomplish, we go a long way toward eliminating all that could hold us back right now.

A funicular in Le Havre. Photo By Philippe AlĂšs – Own work, GFDL,

Today’s word image is a funicular. These charming crosses between a trolley car and an elevator are uniquely suited to move people and small goods up and down steep hillsides. What is the ‘steep hillside’ you’re facing? Is there a tidy funicular (perhaps overlooked in favor of a more direct and laborious approach, in our figurative vernacular ‘cutting a road from the hillside’ or ‘using pack mules’, perhaps?) that if utilized instead would make climbing that hill a whole lot easier? What can pull you up in a way and with a speed that your effort alone just can’t?

May 1st (sometimes known as May Day) brings unqualified reward (Love, Money, or Other) from whatever we put our attention on. Choose carefully, and spend energy where you hope to profit, gain, and give and receive various forms, types, and shapes of love.

They look like they get what May Day’s all about. ‘Women dancing with veils at the May Day Pageant’ No place or year cited. No restrictions.

Today’s word image is a flock of crows flying east to their roosts for the night. Every evening around here we see a mass exodus as the crows fly a couple of miles to where they sleep. They seemed to just disappear. When I finally found out where they roost, it made sense: they chose a forested hill with no activity, completely out of sight but very close to the lake and all those sources of delicious trash, humans. What are you neglecting to allow down time? Something or someone may need to retreat periodically in a way that seems mysterious to you–let them, and know that their chosen circumstances allow them to regenerate in a way that seems safe to them.

‘Crows Fly by Red Sky at Sunset’ Portfolio/Series: from the Series Hana Kurabe Artist: Shibata Zeshin 19th century

2 May offers a somewhat uncomfortable reality check (it only hurts by as much as we are misaligned with real world circumstances), and brings about a reassessing of the values in terms of how much they support our need to shine. It’s a legitimate question, especially if we’ve valued things that act more as barriers to Soul expression than as conduits for it. It’s time we recognize that conducting ourselves according to random moral judgments or ideas of false modesty aren’t just outdated, they prevent authenticity–so here we have the chance to re-shape behaviors and commitments so they actually reflect what we honor in life, and what we find sacred.

Today’s word image is a blue dinner plate. That brings to mind the old ‘Blue Plate Special’. Whether you are aware of it or not, you’re ordering up something special, something unique, just for you, the answer to some appetite–look around, and become conscious of what it is you’re asking for.

By 3 May we are rarin’ to go with all those ideas we’ve amassed during the retrograde of Mercury, which is over today. The great thing is that through the mind we currently have a direct pathway to the instincts and to knowledge we carry deep inside–but while it’s still a tad too early to act in physical terms, it’s prime time to translate creative energies into real-world forms, so do something artistic, or that calls for as much flair as it does calculation.

Today’s word image is a man in a desert, burying a red box. Before you go all ‘Seven’ on me (“What’s in the box!!?”) imagine that it’s a gift, chosen by your Higher Self, just for you at this time in your life. Now, what’s in the box? And when will you feel ready to go dig it up?

The 4th of May sees us aim for healthy–and that might not manifest as you would expect. Some of us will need to express anger, to take action, or to act out, especially if we are faced with matters too long ignored, denied, or that have too long enraged us. The pot boileth over, and often with good reason. Some may suffer Self-recriminations over missteps in the past–please don’t, it’s all over, the only one left who needs to forgive you is you–and though thoughts and ideas may run in an overheated or too enthusiastic vein, they also help get us moving. Those not in need of speaking out are likely to take steps to better treatment of their own bodies or their psyches–but in every case, what’s done is done to push us in a healthier direction.

Not all fancy wear is for ladies. Young Chinese actor in very formal Chinese dress, ca.1920 Photographer: Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a formal gown, that the purchaser has never gotten to wear. What elevated role, event, task, or accomplishment have you been moving toward for so long, it seems you’ll never get to ‘be’ that? It’s not only never too late, you’ve been going in this direction all along–so how much longer before you ‘dress up’ in the desired identity, and step out?

Have a wonderful week, my friends! And to all the lovely people who have written to me this week, requested services, or otherwise sent kindness my way, thank you. Please know I’m moving as fast as I can and will answer, or change the availability on my Services page, as soon as possible.

Your Week 21-27 April 2017 + the New Moon in Taurus: A Trick of Perception



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Recently a reader asked if my descriptions each day are channeled, simply intuitive guesses as to what may come. I can answer definitively, No, they are based on a reading of the aspects perfecting that day that centers on how those aspects might interact. They are purely and completely based on astrology–though word images are drawn from inspirations, or factors that have repeated in quick succession around me. So now you know.

The 21st is a lively day; we may feel caught at a point of convergence, with cross-currents pulling us in every direction. The social sphere seems to want to drag us back into the worst of the past, while resource restrictions and friendship limits are readily apparent at every turn. It doesn’t help that our sense of vulnerability and our wounds seem directly plugged in to the power scenario; though we have clear guidelines in a firm sense of values and priorities, it may be difficult to gain strength from them when every little encounter, interaction, or exchange seems to question, undermine, or criticize our efforts and intentions.

Take a deep breath; it’s all a trick of the perceptions. With Mars moving into Gemini, and the Sun parallel Mercury and trine the North Node, one way or another, we may find we’re ‘living in our heads’. The hamster wheel of thought could plague us, or it could be more a case of being unable to move, caught in a loop of overthinking or merely pondering without connecting it to action. Mercury’s still retrograde, after all, so take this as a perfect time to consider, contemplate, reassess, and plan for the future, avoiding any pressure to act, react, or decide.

Today’s word image is a single planet. What struck me about this image is the fact that planets and other bodies are caught by gravity within a system–no planet floats alone through the galaxy. Their tethers are the various pulls exerted by other bodies in their system and the star around which all revolve. This may speak of our own personal sense of isolation or feeling solitary, and may remind us that it’s not the nature of things that we should go it alone. Look around, see who else is ‘in your orbit’, moving in a shared ‘system’, affected by the same pulls and larger influences as you.

On the 22nd we may feel an abrupt pull-back of energy, embodied in confusion of thought and empowerment hampered by a lack of connection to instinct. Again, make few or no demands on yourself at this time–save your strength for what’s to come.

Apparently there is a Bacon Hill Substation along the Northeast Railroad Corridor near Baltimore, Maryland. Library of Congress, {{PD}} within the US.

Today’s word image is a ridiculously odd phrase, ‘Railroad Bacon’. It appeared as a rebus, a set of pictures that create a word or phrase. I hesitated to use this but felt sure that someone else will see a specific meaning, or that for some individual, this will have a very particular application. My thought? Something about energy, movement, and fat and protein consumption. We ‘lose steam’ when we don’t have the proper fuel, and in some circles it’s fashionable to eschew fat (a concentrated source of energy, and the ‘lubricant’ precursor for nerves and synapses) and to limit protein (vital for muscle-building). Are you running low?

Today’s (the 23rd’s) T-square of Mars to the Nodal axis coincides with the Mars sesquiquadrate to Jupiter–but we all know there are no coincidences, right? We may act on what we’ve recently contemplated, and do so prematurely, or we could find ourselves springing into action almost before we can form the intention or thought to do so. And the motivations behind such impulsive moves? These have two main sources: restrictions felt to our power, authority, or reach, and the social sphere as we feel pressure to support a mutual agenda. Awareness that what we do now builds the future, as well as the understanding that choices forged in stress are likely to be weak or poorly thought through, must inform what and why we do what we do at this time.

Today’s word image is a squirrel water-skiing. We’ve all seen those pictures of little rodents wearing a tiny life vest, balancing on tiny water-skis, and holding tight to the most miniature of handles attached to a delicate ski rope. This is clearly not a natural behavior of vacationing squirrels–so maybe we should ask ourselves what it is we are ‘dressing up’ unnaturally, perhaps seeing it as more cooperative, amusing, or in sync with us than it really is?

On the 24th real-world circumstances challenge our stated values–the issue may be either a need to modify our ideas of what’s important, or it may be that we must live up to what we’ve been claiming as our standards and ideals. In either case, there are a few things we should know: do everything you can to keep actions and choices from being destructive; don’t let thoughts and thinking be co-opted by the past; and be willing to acknowledge what isn’t working within the values and priorities picture, adjusting so that values harmonize with what actually is (caution: this may require surprising restraint or a willing acceptance of boundaries).

Today’s word image is a suddenly-acquired taste for something you never liked before. Has this ever happened to you? Is it a sign of evolving appetites, changing standards, or does it suggest you never before tried (or were able to appreciate) this thing in just this way? Are you irritated over the dent this puts in your Self-image, or do you welcome the change in your definition of who you are?

The 25th we have a heck of a time seeing what’s healthy and what’s not, especially in terms of our actions and choices meant to empower us or to fulfill ambitions. Ideals, dreams, and the existing power structure may cloud issues, and this applies to all forms of ‘health’: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. Assess with as much care as possible, and know this: only action, or making a choice, will break the impasse, though there are no guarantees on the results.

Pamela Coleman Smith – a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley ( for the public domain, and retrieved from {{PD-US}}

Today’s word image is the Fool card of the Tarot. Is the Fool the essence of innocence or obliviousness, in your view? If he steps over the edge of the cliff (as he’s shown in Rider-Waite based decks) do you imagine him plunging to his demise, or flying, or perhaps magically finding some stepping stone appearing beneath his feet? Are you annoyed by this kind of behavior, feeling it’s not fair that others must look out for this kind of person, or are you the one who expresses a kind of indifference to reality? Do you worry about the fate of the little dog? How does your reaction to this card of the Major Arcana describe you, and are these traits that you are proud of, or wish to change?

The 26th we receive a mandate in concert with the New Moon: put your attention on healing (Sun novile Chiron). With the New Moon falling in Taurus, the suggestion may be to approach the need to heal via material comforts or those things that provide security. The New Moon is almost on its own, making only a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith, and a loose semi-square with a Venus under crisis at 29 degrees of Pisces. The implication is that what’s born here requires adjustment to (and perhaps acknowledgment of) what we’ve been ignoring or denying, or perhaps that we admit what enrages us is more about us and our (possibly ignored or buried) emotions than about the topic. This also implies that a crisis state with relationships, finances, or values (and specifically with our ideals and illusions surrounding these) finds an answer via a new ‘shape’ or form to the way we see those connections, dependencies, or how we are assessing their worth. In seeking to heal we tackle some issue previously set aside, with the NM energy offering a potential path, like as not produced by a problem or crisis in a Venus-ruled area.

‘The Water of Life Discourse between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well’ by Angelika Kauffmann 18th century {{PD}}

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well’. The symbol doesn’t mention Jesus, but the woman of Samaria at the well is inextricably linked with him. There are a variety of interpretations of the story, but what strikes me about this as a symbol is the way, as we would say around my house, Jesus insisted upon himself–that is, explained who he was, the spiritual meaning of his request for water, and so on. Despite the cultural and religion-based explanations for why the conversation went as it did and what it meant, I still found the ‘saying, not doing’ aspect of the story the most jarring. A Being of that status engaging in a round-about argument with a woman from a tribe mutually hostile to his own, and his big ‘wow’ is telling her she has had 5 husbands, and so should believe him? I’m a believer in living as an example of what you believe, of persuading by doing, showing, rather than just saying, or taking a stance that is essentially, ‘Believe what I say, no matter the lack of supporting evidence.’ Jesus was asking this woman to take his word for it, that he was indeed the Messiah, on the strength of a party trick. Though faith is, by definition, belief in what hasn’t been seen or proven, we must make the leap to conclude that she was moved spiritually, in a way the story doesn’t really define or even mention. The application of this to the New Moon in Taurus? Believe what you can hold in your hand, in material securities and comfort, in Love, in the assets you have right now, in those things that offer tactile reassurance of your place, your support, your well-being, and make these truly your own by being willing to deal with what’s been denied, until now, by dealing with what is–and then have faith from there, in what moves you, not simply from what someone claims or has told you. It’s the only way to find your footing in such an unsure world.

On the 27th we have a single aspect perfecting, a sesquiquadrate between Mars and Pluto, and this is likely to dominate the landscape. We’ll see the Will, the Ego, the impulsive action urge of ourselves or others explode on the scene, as the individual seeks to take control, to lead, to destroy, or to transform what’s before them. Patience, caution, and a little objectivity employed may mean we miss an opportunity or two, but also don’t bring the house crashing down around us.

Today’s word image is the line between good and evil. Is this an individually-determined thing, subject to one’s own moral assessment, or would you say there are absolutes involved? Do you believe these two exist as actual forces in the Universe, independent of human judgment, or do you think they’re man-made concepts, reliant on cultural justifications to determine what is good, and what is evil?

Have a lovely week, and please consider a small donation or book purchase in support of the blog, if you’re so inclined 🙂

Your Week 14-20 April 2017 A Taste of What’s Holding You Back



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‘Merchant’s Wife at Tea’ By Boris Kustodiev 1917 {{PD}}

Friday the 14th we see a perfect blending of ego and action urge with instincts, making for highly successful actions and choices as long as we go totally on those programmed and in-built inclinations. Problems arise from too much conscious attention to values and priorities; this is a time when we quite literally do best to think as little as possible, and to follow the spontaneous instinctive spark we carry within–otherwise, we tie ourselves in knots trying to make material and everyday circumstances meet a ‘purity standard’ that belongs better as an ideal.

Today’s word image is the actor John Wayne. Even when I was a child, he was considered a symbol of American values–but when we inspect those values now, we see their flaws: the embrace of Manifest Destiny, which inherently carries the idea of White superiority; the romanticization of the Western way of life, including its misogynist bent, its assumption of ‘Christian’ values as right and superior, and its lack of regard for both the best interests of animals/ the land, and the rights of other cultures, especially indigenous ones; the idea of rugged individualism, a pernicious code echoing the ‘each man for himself’, ‘survival of the fittest’ ideal which celebrates Self-reliance to an absurd degree, as well as justifying unfettered greed and exploitation, and as fuel for sanctimonious refusal to help others; the romance with guns, which continues today. It may be too much to say we should look at our own ‘John Wayne attitudes’, some way in which we are unquestioningly sure we are carrying the banner of right, or making assumptions about privilege due–it may be enough to look around for and make note of where these ugly Western assumptions may still permeate our thinking, our beliefs about ourselves, our country, or our way of life.

Venus goes direct on the 15th, at 26 Pisces 54; this sends it back toward a re-perfection of that square with Saturn. We get a last taste of barriers, restrictions, obstacles, or required discipline–or we see the cost of those restrictions, or the cost of not having applied them, or what we’ve lost by following (or not following) ‘the rules’, especially as it pertains to relationships. This may present a last, bitter pill, or could show us the difficulty associated with getting what we desire, and though tough, could be the point of delivery–it’s all dependent on previous experience with this square, and the individual impact through the natal chart, especially the unique relationship of each person to the Saturn concepts (which generally dictate whether the retro period represents a ‘taking away’ or an ‘opening the way’).

There’s also a perfection of a Juno sesquiquadrate to the North Node, which on the surface might not seem like much–but when we combine it with the Venus-Saturn effect, with Venus finally leaving her retro phase, we may find, especially if we are female, that empowerment options and circumstances that should help us build our desired future will not be easily exercised. We may find that the patriarchy, the establishment, authorities, elders, or rule-enforcers put obstacles in our way, or try to suppress or stop us. Gaining empowerment is possible, as long as we are willing to work around or be flexible, in terms of those demands or restrictions being made on us.

Today’s word image is a hand-tooled leather bridle. As lovely as the workmanship on one can be, a bridle is essentially an instrument of control, one that works because of the pain it causes (via the metal bit to the sensitive mouth of a horse or other animal). Is there some external control, applied by someone else, that you’re allowing, out of fear of pain if you don’t? What freedom have you allowed to be ‘bridled’, willingly or not? Have you been indoctrinated with the idea that certain behaviors aren’t allowed, that it would be uncivilized (or unladylike, or unmanly) to indulge in them? What’s allowing someone else to ride you–that is, keep on top of you or your performance, in some way–and so control you?

On the 16th we surf an unusually smooth and pleasant minor ‘wave’ of harmonies and sychronicities. Values aid the operation of instincts, actions and choices utilize our most unique skills, and cooperation, especially cooperation between complementary elements (anima and animus, man-woman, assertive and receptive, yin and yang) flows with little effort. It all comes naturally, with the result being that we find the energy and spark to handle what we’ve been ignoring or denying, and in doing so find our personal empowerment options strengthened and elevated.

By Paolo Monti – Available in the BEIC digital library and uploaded in partnership with BEIC Foundation.The image comes from the Fondo Paolo Monti, owned by BEIC and located in the Civico Archivio Fotografico of Milan.This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose.

Today’s word image is a single blue balloon, floating up and away from a crowd. That is one of the saddest sights, I think, because it means some child lost their hold; that precious, fleeting pleasure of balloon ownership is, for some probably distraught young one, no more. I find the temporary nature of a balloon part of its appeal; like a flower, you know it doesn’t have a long life–and the fact that they float and fly has always made them special, too. What short-lived pleasure in your life has recently expired? Did you ever think it might simply be practice for enjoying in the moment, and letting go?

By the 17th the real world, as it is right now, is in our faces–and if we handle issues willingly, openly, we find opportunities plentiful and our ability to act unhindered. The issues revolve around deception (by others or our own of ourselves), reality as it is, rather than as we’d like it to be, and how healthy our choices are, at this time; if we can be straight with ourselves over these matters, we will find our personal effectiveness goes beyond anything we’ve been imagining, and that opportunity and support from the social sphere are attracted without any special effort on our part.

Today’s word image is a spider that dangles from a single thread of spider silk above the head of an unsuspecting individual. If you’re afraid of spiders, this might give you the heebie-jeebies–and nobody, frightened of arachnids or not, wants a creepy-crawly in their hair. This may alert us to something undesirable that is ‘hanging over our heads’–and yet we don’t know it, or are not conscious that it poses such a ‘threat’. Maybe the solution is to ‘look up’–or maybe just look around carefully, to be more aware of our surroundings at all times. 

On the 18th we once again see personal power aided by our ability to allow our instincts to call the shots; too, thinking is in line with, and attention is on, the future, allowing us to consciously guide things in the direction we’d like to go. So what’s not working? Wounds around relationships and finances may derail the entire day, unless we are able to set resentments and fears aside and simply listen to the internal pulse of call and intuitive response, without letting negative thoughts intrude.

Today’s word image is an empty closet. You’ve got nothing to hide, right? Or is this a reminder that you’ve got plenty of room, some place clean and ready to hold your things?

On the 19th what we have previously ignored now gets our full attention–and in providing that, we gain in wisdom, practicality, and our ability to affect circumstances. The world is our oyster–and we are poised to start a fresh ‘pearl’, via the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury–which is precise about 11:01 PM Pacific time, and occurs just after the Sun’s entry into Taurus. This suggests that the seed planted here may be a physical one, the start of something materially significant, the beginning of a project, idea, or condition that has a material impact, or one involving the senses or sense-perceptions. Just a few hours later, on the 20th, Pluto retrogrades at 19 Capricorn 23, and soon thereafter we see Merc shift back into Aries. This subtly alters our retro period thinking; we change from considering material matters, comfort, and consequences to the potentials behind action and Self-responsibility. We start to consider that we are the ones who can do something about ‘it’. As a backdrop to this, Pluto’s change in apparent direction may simply emphasize the darkness, or the destructive tendencies, inherent in the forces of evolution, transformation, and change. Pluto’s retrograde gives us new appreciation for how close we may be standing to the precipice, and how much more carefully we might want to move–or giving us the urge to either back away to safety, or to jump.

By Dwayne Albert – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page was here., Public Domain,

Today’s word image is a pair of sleeping dogs. Do we ‘let them lie’, as in the saying, or are they not performing as they should, barking when trouble approaches? Either there’s a topic not to be touched at present, or an early warning system is down.

Full Moon in Libra April 2017 Together



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‘Argenteuil’ Édouard Manet 1874 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 11:07 PM PDT of the 10th, at 21 Libra 32, with the Sabian, ‘A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain’. I start with this image, rather than adding it at the end of the analysis, because of the integral part cooperation plays within the image itself; there would be no picture here, if the child didn’t operate the fountain for the birds, and no birds would come near if they couldn’t trust the child enough to overcome their natural fear in order to get a drink. Even inter-species, that is a Libra image through and through, and marks an important point that we sometimes overlook when discussing Libra: without the Other (no matter what form that other takes), we would have no Libra at all–it can’t exist without complementary parts, without multiple facets, entities, or involved parties willingly coming together and working in concert. A Full Moon falling in this sign suggests an end or culmination, one which either brings together entities in a spirit of Libran cooperation, or that ends such cooperation, setting partners previously working together free, on their own.

With that in mind we look at the aspects made by the Full Moon, keeping our orb relatively close (no more than 3 degrees for major aspects, though we’ll immediately make an exception to this, and 2 or less for more minor contacts). We start with that exception, a chain reaction conjunction of the Full Moon with Zeus and Jupiter (with Jupiter 3 deg 43 min from exact–it’s the asteroid Zeus in between that helps extend the orb and link the event with the planet). Here we see that the FM brings to a head desire or ambition, and knowledge or the role within the public sphere–that is, we either achieve, gain the desired goal or other, find out what we need to, and/ or find that desire or goal comes to an end (or it’s finished or halted for us, courtesy of Saturn, with the Full Moon graciously delivering the news!)

The Full Moon also opposes Uranus and the Sun (natch), quincunxes a close conjunction of Mars-Ceres, and forms the arm of a T-square with Vesta and Pluto opposed each other. The opposition to Uranus suggests that either surprise or understanding will accompany FM events, or that ‘the group’ may be stimulus to what occurs. The quincunxes are the tightest aspects, and suggest that we may need to adjust our ideas surrounding using our own personal power or authority to institute our Will; that just won’t go smoothly, and may require care in our choices and actions. The T-square implies that some stand-off between the powers that be/ the desire for change and what we honor and prioritize will find a resolution (or at least come to open conflict) with the Full Moon–but most likely we are offered a cooperative solution, a way to both exercise power/ make change and still honor what we find sacred, through some sort of interactive solution, one that brings in someone or something else, and in this way shows us precisely what we can hand off to a partner or support system (see the quincunx, above), and from which cooperative stance all parties can benefit.

Your Week 7-13 April 2017 Taking Measure



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‘The Lacemaker’ Joost van Geel c1650 {{PD}}

Here we are, poised at the threshold of Mercury’s turnaround, and that almost guarantees an exaggerated tension. The worst thing is that we are likely to mistake the source of our upset; the natural tendency is to look around, to try to find the source of the irritation, pinning it on something in our lives we feel isn’t going right. In this instance, though, the source is in the very air itself–or, to be more accurate, it’s amplified through material mechanisms, through the senses and the very environment itself (Merc in Taurus), so that we feel it (and maybe literally feel it, suffering from food or environment related sensitivities, in the process), maybe we’re even encased in it, so that looking outside for a logical source of tension doesn’t help, and may actually mislead us into thinking if we just handle the job or conflict or relationship or situation correctly, we can banish the upset. We can’t–and that should be a freeing thought, to know that the tension is not personal, is not aimed at you or coming from something in your life you could modify to banish it, that it just is.

On the 7th matters of role, identity, and life direction are vetted through the ambitions and goals as they stand now. A few things we need to know: our ambitions are exaggerated at this time, so that we either aim too high in the moment or see ourselves as vastly inadequate to what we want–and neither is useful, as they send our energies into less- or un-productive directions; we are (probably unconsciously) taking a stance that is contradictory to the prevailing social one, similar to that of an adolescent to authority figures, and we’re perhaps convincing ourselves that this shows our ability to think independently–but anything we adopt in reaction to the social order runs the risk of destroying our ability to respond creatively, as we’ll think we’re being unique when we’re being anything but; and, we aren’t nearly as reliable, consistent, or grounded in real-world mechanics as we believe we are. What’s going on now skews our Self-image so that it may be difficult to act in a way where we can reliably anticipate the outcome. Be willing to adjust your responses as you go along, to cooperate with the group and not hold back on what you can offer–and don’t argue with the facts, even as you must be open to applying faith in going after your goals.

Today’s word image is the number 47. Watch for it, note when it appears, use it as a marker of synchronicities and an indicator of going in the ‘right’ direction.

The 8th sees us find some difficult obstacles littering the path, and some hard truths revealed in relationships or finances. The immediate impulse is to change what we see, but we are prone to be too extreme in our editing. We refuse to succumb to illusion–but that also cuts us off from imaginative thinking. Face the unpleasant in relationships or finances squarely, and let instincts speak; it’s your best chance of wresting real-world effectiveness into a modest yet manageable form, and so creating solid choices on which to base the near-future.

Today’s word image is a mouse in the corner munching a crumbly. Have you been too modest in some area, settling for crumbs? Claim a larger stake–you are worthy of it.

On the 9th we see Mercury retrograde, at 4 Taurus 50, so that we see the period start out making us re-think our material options and choices, asking ourselves, ‘What do I think of what I have?’ but rather quickly devolving into ‘What do I do about it?’ as Merc moves back into Aries. The first aspect Merc makes in backward motion is a semi-sextile to Pallas, hinting that we are concerned, more than anything else, with what’s wise, with figuring that out, during this retro period, which lasts until 3 May.

Today’s word image is a skunk sitting in half a coconut. I know! Weird! Are there two things in your world that just don’t go together? Does one of them stink, and does that one seem to be using the other one for cover? Is someone ‘serving up’ (perhaps in some exotic form) something that appears to be black and white, but which may actually be a stinker? Inspect this fragrant duo, particularly for the way they may be presented together, but don’t actually mesh at all.

For the 10th we see action meet the authority to act, supported by a revelation or two revealed with the Merc retrograde, probably an idea resurrected or that suddenly again seems viable (we may have Saturn’s recent direction change to thank for that). We are competent and ready–so are there any issues? Yes–there’s a need to keep our eyes open for what may have been hidden from us, denied, or ignored–that’s really the only thing that may trip us up at this time.

Alfred de Bréanski c1900 ((PD))

Today’s word image is a rolling river, where big rocks below the surface create tiny, crashing falls. What along the way seems to be flowing smoothly, but instead provides small obstacles, little falls that disorient or slow? Does this suggest the need to step out of the river, for a time, or does it imply we’re not seeing/ anticipating small obstacles, which allows them to have an outsized impact?

On the 11th we need to brace for the unusual, the freak, the surprising, the shocking, the revelatory, the higher understanding, delivered by something that conflicts with our highest standards or that interferes with our priorities. We may feel temporarily disempowered–but that’s the key, we’re only off-balance temporarily.

‘Blomstereng nordpĂ„’ Harald Sohlberg {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a field of daisies. I don’t know about you, but I think it might be soothing to just sit there for awhile.

The 12th offers a sudden or surprising opportunity to make a dream, ideal, or creative venture a reality. Well that’s spectacularly, extraordinarily nice.

Your word image today is your dream–literal or figurative–and what it says about you, right now.

For the 13th we may feel hidden currents, a kind of energy rip-tide undermining our sense of personal authority, personal power, or effectiveness of reach–and yet our standards and priorities are intact, and can be acted upon. Values guide our choices, and our moves, and as long as they do, all is well, if we can avoid being drawn into the darkness by matters we’d rather ignore–to ignore them right now is actually the thing to do. Be prepared to learn new and possibly unusual things about yourself, or about how others see you, and perhaps to revise the identity because of them.

Photo by Petr Kratochvil, released into the public domain. Thanks, Petr!

Today’s word image is a present not yet delivered to the recipient. Is there something of value, something that conveys love and caring, that you have possession of that needs to be given to another? Too often we wait for ‘the right time’ to say something meaningful–when that time is really now.

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