15 December 2018 No Shame



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‘Shame’ By Max Klinger c1890 {{PD}}

Personal authority or the exercise of our power or role (especially a maternal or nurturing one, or one where we act as a third party, such as a mediator or negotiator) brings direct conflict with all that enrages us, or that we prefer to ignore, deny, or keep hidden. That sounds like a mess! We can best handle this by embracing our unique Beingness (that means no shame over who we are!) specifically rejecting any illusions we carry about ourselves, or by dissolving any image we may try to persuade others is ‘the real us’. Being open to spontaneity will help, as will allowing creative energy to flow without immediately applying judgments to it.

‘Practice Safe Pride’ By Tim Evanson from Washington, D.C., United States of America – DC Gay Pride Parade 2012Uploaded by daisydeee, CC BY-SA 2.0

(Ceres sq Black Moon Lilith, Uranus semi-sq Neptune)

Today’s word image is this sign:

14 December 2018 Genius Moves



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‘Zwei tanzende Frauen am Strand’ (Two Women Dancing on the Beach) By Christian Rohlfs 1926 {{PD}}

Will it be the ego that drives innovation, invention, and rebellion, or will it be the Will, or matters of the House ruled by Mars in the natal chart? The impulse is to do, and to do it radically, in a modern mode, to push yourself to the front of the pack–and the choices to facilitate this carry a touch of genius, an electric charge, a potency and forward-looking attitude that is guaranteed to propel us farther into the future than a simple 24-hours usually does. Enjoy the ride–it’s likely to be surprising!

(Mars nov Uranus)

Today’s word image is the fake-out ending to a series or movie. You know those shows where they start with what you think is the ending, then flash back to tell the story–but it turns out that this is either not the actual ending (a dream, for instance, or a mid-point from which things recover remarkably, and head in a different direction), or that it’s arrived at so radically removed from what it seems is implied that you see it at the end totally other than you did at the beginning? What ‘ending’, result, or conclusion do you think you’re heading for, that may be an assumption that won’t necessarily follow from your choices or what goes down in between? To think we know the end of something is to condemn ourselves in a way that denies both responsibility and free Will–and to pretend we have a particular, inescapable fate before us is to abdicate our own part in things, our own potentials–don’t let this be you!

13 December 2018 Connection To Reality



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‘Sehnsucht (Träumerei)’ By Heinrich Vogeler c1900 {{PD}}

Instincts, and what we ‘know but don’t know’, can be smart resources today, and if we can relax our figurative grip a little, we can let that knowing flow guide us. It’s a good thing this is available, as we are otherwise inclined to one of two ‘Big Picture’ approaches: we are inspired in our exercise of our own prerogatives, roles, and authority, applying our creative energy to having an impact, or we’re totally and completely deluded in those same areas, spinning our wheels with choices either ineffective or misguided, following an unknown or an untruth! Those alternatives sound extreme, and they are; everything hinges on having an accurate and grounded connection to reality, and whether we do or not will be determined by how honest we are (and have been) with ourselves. Hide nothing from your own perceptions, and the result can be leaps forward toward attainment of goals and ambitions, and fulfillment of long-time desires.

Bonus: if you have a placement at 25-28 Libra, that placement is apex to a Fist of God with base of Hygeia-Sedna. The apex energy will bring a characteristic expression (related to the natal sign, aspects, and placements) of harmonizing ‘healthy practices’ (whatever this means to you) and the instincts, things you ‘know but don’t know’, and blind spot material (which in this case can be defined as things others know you shouldn’t do/ consume, but that you have so far ignored). What you can expect is a ‘best expression’ of the natal energy, as it figures into the health/ intuitive picture. This can be a good grounding influence, especially in terms of relationships.

(Hygeia sxt Sedna, Neptune trine Ceres, Mercury semi-sq Pallas, nov Zeus, parallel Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is a man in full Viking dress standing in the parking lot of the Quiky Mart. What major incongruity have you seen lately? Have you noticed something that was absolutely not where it belonged? What in your life becomes meaningless, or at least strange or inappropriate, when it’s in the ‘wrong’ environment? This image may suggest that we’d be wise to pay a little more attention to placing the ‘right’ components in the atmosphere that allows them to thrive, rather than stranding them high and dry–and if we’ve failed to do this, it may point us in the direction of some portion of the life where we aren’t as honest, direct, or attentive as we might need to be.

12 December 2018 Renewal



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‘Ejiri in the province of Shinano’ By Katsushika Hokusai c1831 {{PD}}

Wow! Can you feel your mind (and so, especially if you’re Air-heavy, your outlook) expand as Mercury comes out of that Scorpionic cave? The thinking may be changeable and ‘on fire’ (Sagittarius), but what does the flame need to thrive? Oxygen, and that may be in short supply right now, with only asteroids and Earth in the Air element–but today the transiting Moon in Aquarius offers support. Mercury’s emergence (and our mentality’s ability to ‘come into the light’) may be accomplished through a marriage of intellect and feeling, and the determination to stay grounded (Earth in Gemini) even as the horizons expand. No matter what the elemental composition of your natal chart, a sense of renewal, of opening up, is yours, should you be willing to embrace the following: optimism, on a grand scale, while simultaneously facing the facts; the ‘Big Picture’, to include an awareness that there are things we don’t know or see; seeing the ambitions for what they will actually bring, if pursued; and perceiving the way empowerment may not support (or may require adjustment for) the identity. This is a shift that may be more strongly felt, and more disorienting, than we anticipate–hold on to your hat!

(Mercury enters Sagittarius, Sun sxt Zeus and qnx Juno)

Today’s word image is applause. How often are you applauded in life? This can be any kind of complement, accolade, praise, or absolutely literal. Do you live for this? Is it more meaningful to you than criticism, or do they carry equal weight? Are you able to hear only one, praise or criticism, and not the other? Does applause affect how you behave, your commitments, where you put your energy, or your feelings about yourself or others? The more susceptible you are to changing yourself and your viewpoint in response to praise/ criticism in all its forms, the more difficult it is to hear and follow that inner voice, to maintain personal standards, or to be honest with yourself.

11 December 2018 Provenance and Dominion



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‘Batseba ontvangt de brief van koning David’ (Bathsheba receives a letter from King David) By Jan Steen c1656-1660 {{PD}}

Why is it that, at the moment we need to muster our authority and prove our right to exert our Will, we allow our wounds to distort our sense of rightness, to mar the personal provenance that grants us our powers? Could it be because something, either external or in our own make-up, has surprised us, thrown us out of step–or is it the way the group has influenced our thinking? Our mentality may change character on a dime today, and if you need to innovate or invent, it’s the day to do it. In any case, our perceptions of the state of the material world, as well as the state of any obstacles we face or solid accomplishments we enjoy, is tremendously accurate–and this, and only this, should influence what we choose to do, and how we choose to exert dominion over what is clearly our territory.

(Chiron sesq Ceres, Mercury qnx Uranus and nov Saturn)

Invitation to Rex ball, Mardi Gras 1891, New Orleans, Attributed to Anders Wikström {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an invitation to a party. This image brings to mind that joke about introverts, where what they really enjoy is cancelling plans! Does the thought of a gathering that’s purely social sound pleasant or stressful to you? Whatever your response, honor it–you don’t owe anyone an explanation (much less your presence) if you prefer to be elsewhere.

Happy Birthday, Mom! She won’t see this, but I thought I’d say it anyway.

10 December 2018 The Sheen of the Ideal



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Close-up on the shiny aluminum panels from outside, of The Atomium building, Brussels, Belgium. Photo By Tomhannen {{PD}}

We have only a single, subtle influence perfecting today, Saturn parallel Vesta. Reality takes on the sheen of the ideal, we see our priorities and what we honor right before us, and we find they are either blocked or made manifest in a tangible way. We can see the results made manifest of our sense of right and wrong, of possible and impossible, of our own failures to hew to our ideals and those ways in which we have successfully woven them into our lives. If you see roadblocks wherever you look, it suggests you’ve set your sights too low, not seeing the potentials for birthing your highest ideals into your world; if you see real-world manifestations, you can judge the effectiveness of, and perhaps the level and purity of, your ideals; and if you see your highest vision take on real-world form, then you can know you’re bringing your ‘A’ game to your everyday life–you’re acting as a beacon to others.

By P/\UL / Paul Randall – Flicrk photo Emergency, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Today’s word image is a Tweet you wish you hadn’t sent. Or that can be a letter, a remark, a phone call, a text, or some other communication you regret putting out there. The answer to why you regret it is a mini-reading of some quality in you that needs your attention. Were you off-the-cuff? You might need to practice restraint. Were you cruel in what you said? You need to focus on empathy, on the other guy’s POV. Did you speak without thinking? The remedy to that one is obvious. Were you misunderstood? If the misunderstanding was genuine, then no harm, no foul; if it was deliberate with either party, then the relationship needs immediate resuscitation, or a swift execution. Did you speak your Truth? The question you must ask yourself is, Was it necessary? It’s not an automatic right to be ‘honest’ especially when we know it might result in harm. Did you have a hidden agenda you haven’t admitted, maybe even to yourself? You know where the honesty needs to be applied–unacknowledged agendas can read as anywhere between manipulative and outright deceptive–and you don’t want to be known as anything like that. Did you embarrass some else? Did you mean to? An apology, as long as it’s real, will fix that. Nothing’s unfixable–that’s important to know.

9 December 2018 Healing the Past



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‘An Invocation to I-em-hetep, the Egyptian Deity of Medicine’ By Ernest Board {{PD}}

We can visualize, or even ‘feel by immersion’, what would constitute a state of perfect health for us, and even better, we know exactly what to do to achieve it. The mind is healed, as well, if we are willing and able to put our attention on what needs to be transformed from the past. This may be a current situation formed in the past that must be addressed with love, or a matter of reviewing something we regret and healing it by rendering it powerless to make us feel guilt or to affect the now. Please note: this is not a license to indulge in Self-destructive behaviors from the past under the guise of attending to their healing. That’s not how any of this works.

(Chiron parallel Hygeia, Neptune nov Vesta, Mars parallel Pallas, Mercury trine Chiron, Sun nov SN)

Mandrake is also known as ‘The Devil’s Apples’ {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a mandrake root. The mandrake was believed to have magical properties, as the root often resembles a human. It has hallucinogenic potentials but is dangerously poisonous, as well. What rather ordinary thing in your life has been endowed with a magical aura because of associations you make–and what about it is so negative that, when you’re honest with yourself, you admit you really should eliminate it?

And now, one of my favorite poems:

Song By John Donne

Go and catch a falling star,

Get with child a mandrake root,

Tell me where all past years are,

Or who cleft the devil’s foot,

Teach me to hear mermaids singing,

Or to keep off envy’s stinging,

And find

What wind

Serves to advance an honest mind.

If thou be’st born to strange sights,

Things invisible to see,

Ride ten thousand days and nights,

Till age snow white hairs on thee,

Thou, when thou return’st, wilt tell me,

All strange wonders that befell thee,

And swear,

No where

Lives a woman true, and fair.

If thou find’st one, let me know,

Such a pilgrimage were sweet;

Yet do not, I would not go

Though at next door we might meet;

Though she were true, when you met her,

And last, till you write your letter,

Yet she

Will be

False, ere I come, to two, or three.

8 December 2018 Battle Plan



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Make sure what you’re going after is alive and kicking. Attic Black-figure Neck Amphora attributed to Group E – Workshop of Exekias, ca. 540 BCE, depicting Two Warriors Fighting Over a Corpse – possible the battle of Aias (Ajax) and Hektor over the body of Patroklos CC0

There’s no other way to say it, really: tamp down the delusions, quit allowing your most erratic energies to reign, and face head-on what’s been denied, avoided, ignored, or what enrages you; that’s the only way, I repeat, ONLY WAY, to make something of our current natural tendency to put our attention on what we honor or find sacred. That is, without a ‘battle plan’, a specific way to act out our caring, concern, and values, we will flounder and likely head off in the wrong direction (and by wrong direction I mean one that doesn’t address what we actually care about).

(Pallas trine Black Moon Lilith, Neptune qnx Pallas, Sun parallel Vesta, Venus contra-parallel Uranus)

‘The Flower Seller’ By Auguste Serrure 1870 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a vendor who makes it difficult to buy their wares. Have you ever seen this? Someone who claims to want to sell something, but makes it hard for you to pay for it (won’t tell you how much they want, accepts only jars of pennies as payment, considers allowing you to purchase only if you say “Pretty please” and spin around quickly three times, etc). Why do people do this? You’d think that if someone wants to earn, they would be open and cooperative to some extent–and if they aren’t, that tells us that what they are really after isn’t money for goods, it’s intangibles such as wanting to be honored in a particular way, wanting to enforce a kind of exclusivity, wanting to make a judgement over whether the buyer is ‘worthy’ or to declare how the item or material should be used once it leaves their possession, or because they don’t actually want to part with the thing they are ostensibly selling in the first place. That suggests they are trying to fill a hole in the spirit with a function that should be, as the phrase goes, ‘just business’. And be clear: I’m not speaking of those who can’t accommodate a request or order (for instance, if they are booked, or can only make their widgets so fast), I’m talking about people who make what should be a straightforward transaction unnecessarily difficult–and this can go in the other direction, as well, if one is trying to buy more from the individual than they are actually selling, such as expecting an emotional ‘payoff’ to come with purchase, or perhaps by approaching a transaction with the assumption that to get your money’s worth means to get more than the seller is offering–which, we have to assume, the seller isn’t willing to offer, making the extraction of such extortion, or even a kind of spiritual bullying! So, today’s task is to examine energy exchanges in your life in order to see who, including yourself, might hold unwarranted expectations–and conversely, who might be making something transactional (an emotional relationship between parent and child, for example) that should in no way be conditional.

The second part of the ‘Cinderella’ article is on the way–I’ve just got so much to do right now! And I know I’m not alone in that. Have a wonderful weekend!

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7 December 2018 Dream or Delusion?



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By Hendrick Avercamp c1610 {{PD}}

I’m always reluctant to post the very next aspects following a Full or New Moon, as I think it’s much more important to pay attention to that Lunar energy as it peaks and plays out–and always looking to the next thing can keep us from seeing where we are, right now, and dealing with it effectively. So, try not to be distracted by what may be ahead–live right now.

This issue today coalesces like a soupy fog around our actions and choices, and the question becomes, are we driven by idealism, by a dream, or are we deceived or deluded, and accepting this as fact, pushing forward? If the former, yay! but if the latter, we have a way to measure whether we’re following what’s best or what’s deceptive: if you feel yourself rebelling against that supposedly inspiring energy, symbol, or cause, that is your individuality urge, your uniqueness, the most original part of yourself, letting you know that this direction, impulse, or choice doesn’t resonate with or speak for you at core–and so is likely untrue, in some way.

Two other things to keep in mind: thinking is all future-aligned, so may neglect the here-and-now (sound familiar?)–and where we put our attention may seem to be loaded with restrictions or constraints–but that’s really just the Universe pointing out how Self-discipline (rather than that supplied by externals) is necessary for building, creating, accumulating successfully. That means that the more Self-disciplined you are at this time, the less you’ll notice ‘Stop’ signs around you.

(Mars parallel and conjoined Neptune and semi-sq Uranus, Mercury trine NN, Sun parallel Saturn)

Today’s word image is a boy who ventures out onto pond ice, trying to help a deer that has fallen through, and falls through himself. This image is about being sufficiently equipped (including sufficiently mature) to help another. There is a certain kind of person who habitually rescues others, with little regard for whether the effort is successful, or even appropriate (have you ever been ‘rescued’ when you didn’t need it? particularly by someone for whom the ‘rescuing’ was about them, not you?) That kind of person is ‘under the ice’ themselves–and whether the effort is a continuous attempt to convince themselves and others that they’re a ‘good’ person, or is a mechanism for ignoring that they themselves are in danger of drowning, matters not. The problem is one of knowing when to take ‘appropriate action’–which involves not just when or when not to act, but also what to do, the good judgment to know what efforts are truly needed or even welcomed by those in a predicament. Another way to see this, should it apply to you or someone you know: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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New Moon in Sagittarius 6 December 2018 What Will You Learn?



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The New Moon occurs at 11:20 PM Pacific Standard time of the 6th at 15 Sagittarius 07. This New Moon falls square to the close conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, which adds an active ‘punch’ to discovered facts, new journeys, new beliefs, new horizons, fresh starts, to knowledge exchanged and the exotic or foreign revealed. The NM beginning may arise from an action, choice, or assertion that carries ideals, creativity, or delusion, or may be the cause of such; in either instance, the event of the New Moon brings conflict or tension to a head: action or a choice based on a dream (Mars-Neptune), for example, could bring upset for what facts it uncovers or beliefs it reveals (Sagittarius).

By Johannes Hevelius 1689 {{PD}}

The New Moon also sextiles both Black Moon Lilith and Pallas, though it doesn’t fall at their midpoint, suggesting the interactions with the NM are unrelated to each other. The New Moon carries the aura of wisdom or practicality, or may call on you to use skills, and its new starts may also be driven by material that’s been denied, that’s enraging, or that’s perceived as unjust–and though we each may respond to both sextiles, my sense is one or the other sextile will predominate for the individual. Too, if you have a natal placement at 13-15 Taurus your natal body is apex to a Finger of God with NM and Pallas as its base, steering you in the direction of a smart beginning or revelation that inspires expression of the natal energy–or if you have a natal placement at 13-15 Cancer, you have apex to another Finger with base of NM and Black Moon Lilith, which points to the New Moon stirring up or making undeniable what’s been shunted aside until now, forcing you to deal with the situation using the natal energy.

We also have a loose configuration, a Fist of God, with base of Uranus square the North Node, apex the New Moon. Here the individual clashes with her or his own life direction, possibly rebelling from a long-planned route. Is this a good rebellion, freeing the individual from unfair restraints? Or is it a rebellion led by the insistence on seeing the Self as independent, or as ‘special’, trying to prove uniqueness via erraticism or an uncooperative attitude? This likely plays in tune with the Merc direction, described below.

The New Moon also rests at the (very rough) midpoint of the Venus-Vesta square, suggesting that the NM event may carry the essence of the clash between highest values and wants. With Venus in Scorpio and Vesta in Aquarius, the primal nature of both what’s revered and what’s desired may be displaced digging for a ‘Truth’ that may or may not differ from the surface, and in intellectualizing what’s better felt through New Moon experience.

All the aspects suggest at least some effort (the sextiles), or friction (all the rest of the aspects) occurs, and that may be the place to focus: on the ways in which we are causing or using the available energy. Don’t think of it as energy going out, so much as an undifferentiated flow, ebbing and surging all at once, so that we are receptive (Lunar energy) as much as we are active and choosing (square to Mars, all hard aspects).

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship In Expectation Of Food’. The birds are looking for sustenance, but what does the presence of sea gulls say to the sailors? That they are near land. This is an image of promise, beyond the survival needs, to arrival at a ‘new destination’. This suggests that the land we find ourselves in post-New Moon will be solid, whether it’s familiar or unexplored, verdant and populated or a deserted wasteland, welcoming or forbidding.

Mercury also goes direct today, ready to perfect a Water Grand Trine with Chiron and the North Node. That suggests that wounds and/ or the opportunity to employ skills figure strongly in thinking, and so in shaping the life direction. We find emotional balance in this regard, probably surrounding the mentality finding a ‘groove’ and falling into it. Sometimes a subdued rhythm to life is the most desirable thing imaginable.

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