Just a Little AstroEssence 14 July 2017 Fortuitous Gifts



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Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop, Namibia, in the evening, By Hans Stieglitz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Why does exercising our values bring hurt, discomfort, or cultivate the erratic, surprising, or unreliable? You’d think the Universe would reward us for our efforts–and it does. We see after the fact how fortuitously things have evolved, and we come to see how the unexpected was really a gift, broadening our thinking (sometimes by making the facts incontrovertible), and shaking up our usual ways of seeing and doing. The best thing is how this disruption brings us closer to awareness of our instincts and instinctual responses; from there we can access what we know-but-don’t-know, and gain a tremendous amount of insight related to our circumstances.

Today’s word image is a globe so small you can hold it in the palm of your hand. It’s a literal ‘small world’. In what way have you noticed the world is a small place? Handle it with care in this area, and be as aware as possible of the repercussions of your choices–we’re all in this together, after all.


Just a Little AstroEssence 13 July 2017 Clear Communication



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Louis Léopold Boilly – ‘Conversation Dans un Parc’ 1812 {{PD}}

At least, that should and probably will be our aim, but clear communication won’t be easy; we suffer from our own delusions and fantasies and assumptions, as well as illusions and deceptions perpetrated by others. It may all feel very hurtful and dishonest–but the attention should really be on what things we have ignored or denied, or what matters of temper suppressed, that are now pushing up into the light and driving us to see betrayal or deceit when we would be better served by admitting our own deficits. Condemning ourselves serves no purpose, here, either–rather, being honest about our own feelings and reactions shows us how much of a part we’ve played in creating present circumstances, and emphasizes the cooperative nature of our reality. Be ready to see your part in things, and thereby begin the healing.

Today’s word image is something red, as a prompt for attention to synchronicities, moments of clarity, and reminders to be ‘in the moment.’

‘Red Swan Two’ Photo of a Rainer Lagemann statue taken by Rainer Lagemann Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Just a Little AstroEssence 12 July 2017 Almost Magic



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Yoshitsuya Ichieisai, The Battle of Magic, c. 1860 {{PD}}

It’s an almost-magical day–can you feel it? Something exciting, surprising, or amazing is tickling us in just the right way, offering satisfaction through relationships, finances, or by seeing our values in action; the only thing is that this will require we modify our idea of what constitutes our own empowerment. Being empowered may in reality not be what you think it is at all; you may need to see power and effectiveness as the same thing, or you may need to accept that power isn’t always an aggressive energy. There’s as much power in Being as there is in Doing–and until you understand that, the power struggles will continue. Whether you work out the power conundrum or not, there’s still excitement and a certain freedom to be had–make the most of it!

Today’s word image is a croque monsieur. Do you know this delightful French treat? In other environs this might be described as a fried ham and cheese sandwich–and that brings us to defining our symbol: What do you know by or define by a ‘fancy’ label that might be something quite ordinary if described differently? And why would you insist on an elaborate name rather than a more direct one–what do you get from that? It may just be a feeling you need to be more clear on, or a pretension you need to drop. For my French friends: What everyday treat do you need to appreciate just a little more?

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Just a Little AstroEssence 11 July 2017 Outrunning the Past



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By Paolo Villa – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Why are we trying so hard to separate ourselves from the past? Taking action to negate or in denial of where we come from and who it made us is to deny a little but very vital part of ourselves. We are wanting to think only harmonious, beautiful thoughts, to exert a graceful and natural power of our own, but this is impossible if we deny reality, and particularly if we deny our current circumstances and the rules, restrictions, and counterbalances those circumstances exert on us. Yes, seek harmony, beauty, and reward, but do so from an understanding that embraces who we are now without unneeded judgment or censure, not by pretending the past never existed, and that no limits exist now.

This is not the kind of dog that was dashing around in the street. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a lost dog, described so poorly that no one will ever identify and/ or find it. This image comes from a real-life incident wherein a woman came to my door, asking if I had lost a “weiner dog”, which she claimed kept trying to run out into traffic. I have lived here 9 years; no one in the neighborhood has such a dog. She left and I looked out the window–to discover she was trying to corral a small shaggy white dog, like a scottie, which appeared to me to be one of the dogs that lives across the street. The dog’s owner came out, then, and retrieved it, but I was struck by how poorly this woman had described the dog; she would’ve done better to give a physical description, something to hint at the actual appearance of the animal, and I wondered if her observational skills were that poor in the rest of her life. So, as a symbol, this may call on all of us to make sure we’re actually seeing, that we’re not making assumptions or overlaying our own imaginings and so blocking out what’s really in front of us. It also brings to mind those situations where understanding may fall so short of what we’re observing that we have no reference points, no way to describe it–and that, too, calls for us to take a step back and observe, without the distortions of inappropriate assumptions or labels.

Just a Little AstroEssence 10 July 2017 Obsessed



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By Osvaldo Batista de Medeiros – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The 10th sees Ceres enter Cancer and our thinking runs up against a brick wall; we become obsessed with having power over (that is, having control, or having a significant say in the action involving) what we care about. This may feel instinctual and so right, but what we need to do is stop and measure the validity of our own feelings, in terms of whether they entitle us to have our way in others’ lives. Do we have the right to oversee, command, require, or even give a nudge? Our values, and our sense of our own empowerment, are off the mark today. Let’s conclude with a quote from Carl Jung: “Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.”

I’ve always wanted to stay in this ice hotel, built yearly near the village of Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna, Sweden. By Stephan Herz (User:Stephan_Herz) – Own work, CC BY 2.5,

Today’s word image is an ice-maker that stops making ice in the summer heat. Well that’s inconvenient. What thing have you become so used to that you see it as a necessity, that really isn’t? Keeping perspective about need vs. want is important today.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 9 July 2017: The Lion’s Share



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Briton Rivière – ‘Phoebus Apollo’, 1895 {{PD}}

On the 9th there’s a Cardinal T-square involving Sun opposed Pluto with both square asteroid Zeus that probably grabs the lion’s share of our attention: we see the naked power picture, and how that doesn’t serve our ambitions and desires. This sounds like a harsh formula, until we see that by illuminating who enjoys what prerogatives, this circumstance shows us exactly what we need to do to remove obstacles, access our own power, and get what we want. Be prepared: we get blow-back from our own minds and ego, both of which may argue that problems are fixed and to think otherwise is unhealthy–but that’s not so. Take action, make plans, and do so with courage–it’s a time of unusual clarity of vision, so take advantage of that.

Today’s word image is myriad bubbles escaping from the sea bed. This image might suggest surprise, for who expects oxygen to burble right up out of the ocean floor? Look for something very necessary in an unexpected place, and believe it when you see it.

Just a Little AstroEssence for July 7th & 8th + The Full Moon in Capricorn: Power Position



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Since a Daily post is currently winning in the polls, I’m going to go for a two-fer to cover the 7th and 8th, which includes the Full Moon in Capricorn. Voting will end Friday, and I’ll go from there based on the final outcome.

Those are some nice gloves. The Workshop of Rembrandt {{PD}}

The 7th may feel like a gentle, velvet-gloved Punch in the Face, as Venus sets herself up as apex to a Fist of God with base of Zeus-Pluto. Change or conflict surrounding the goals or ambition picture may be rewarding but also tough in some regard; it’s as if we can’t receive the Love or Money without seeing the down side, or struggling with the power situation as it allows (or prevents) realization of our wants. No matter what form this Fist takes, it will hurt, particularly as it reveals our own role in making things the way they are.

No recriminations, though, especially if you’re aiming them at yourself; right now we’re too resistant to wisdom, and too influenced by what we’ve refused to acknowledge, to make good choices or sound judgments. Do your best to release, release, and release. Couple this with a policy of non-resistance (rather than outright acceptance) for best results.

Today’s word image is a red envelope. In some Asian cultures this is the form of a gift, filled with money, the dynamic energy of red a wish for good luck and prosperity for the recipient. This is a two-part question: who has recently gifted you with positive energy–mentally or otherwise send them thanks–and to whom would you like to gift a similar asset, in appreciation of what they’ve shared with you?

Gustav Klimt 1916 {{PD}}

The 8th sees no new aspects form, though it does bring us this year’s Capricorn Full Moon at 17 CAP 09 at 9:06 PM PDT. This Full Moon perfects exactly 1 degree before perfection of a conjunction with retrograde Pluto. Most of the other potential aspects are a little wide for the event, as well as being past perfection; the only other aspects meriting mention are a square to Zeus, and in proximity we see the FM also square to Jupiter. This offers clarity in terms of what the Full Moon energy reveals: we see the power picture (Pluto) as it stands, including who holds authority and why (Capricorn, Jupiter as the social sphere), as well as the ways in which that power structure restricts, curtails, or otherwise prevents us fulfilling our goals or meeting our ambitions (the square to Zeus). The facts (Jupiter) related to our ambitions and goals (Zeus) will create tension with the mandate of the Full Moon, which asks us to establish a ‘power position’ once and for all (the permanence of Capricorn). We are highly aware of the ways in which what we desire may force change, transformation, or even destruction, in the process of getting what we want, as our viewpoint may be exaggerated, making the issues seem bigger or more urgent than they really are (Jupiter). For many this may create a conundrum that offers no easy answer, though breaking a few eggs will likely be required before we can make this omelet (imagery courtesy of the Cancer Sun, with Sabian ‘A Hen Scratching The Ground To Find Nourishment For Her Progeny’).

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘The Union Jack Flag Flies From A British Warship’. This symbol speaks of identification attached to a defensive resource. This may imply we should be ready to defend what we can clearly identify as ours; establishing a power base is certainly indicative of the Full Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and is vital to being able to deal with those issues that become apparent in the Full Moon’s light. There is also the potential implication, at least for those of us in the U.S., of this being the warship of ‘the mother country’, the one on which our system of laws is based and whose oversight fostered a revolution in order to form ‘a more perfect union’ of our own. That could suggest something bequeathed by the ancestors, a defensive outlook or ability passed down or learned through the family behaviors or even in the DNA, that will be an asset now, should we need it to ‘go to war’ or defend ourselves.

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Your Choice


‘Post Office’ by David Gilmour Blythe 19th century {{PD}}

I’m considering going back to a Daily post, rather than one week at a time. The material for each day won’t be any longer than it is in the Weekly, it would just be a change in delivery frequency. What do you prefer? Choose your favorite, and more should you like more than one option. Thank you, and enjoy your Wednesday!

Your Week 30 June-6 July 2017 O! The Contradictions!



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‘A Hamadryad’ (1895) John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

Choices Without Rewards seem to be all that’s offered on the 30th; but is that really so? No matter what we do, clearly it won’t serve our desires or help fulfill ambitions, and relationships, values, and financial needs all seem to create conflict with our desired life direction. Are things truly that bleak? No no, and no. Here’s the thing: we’re thinking in unhealthy ways, processing events and alternatives in their most confining and least appealing forms; we’re telling ourselves there are ‘issues’ or impasses, rather than acknowledging that we just don’t want to, prefer not to, or that we are pretending circumstances are other than they are. The way around is right there, but you have to get real and be willing not only to accept the responsibility for making change but for its potential consequences, as well. If not, sit back and let the day go by–no harm, no foul.

Today’s word image is a driver who believes others always follow the rules of the road. I once had someone assure me in head-on traffic: “See that double yellow line there? Nothing can cross over that.” Yes, it was mansplaining, but beyond that, it was daft; paint provides literally no barrier at all–and as long as we don’t meet someone on the road with a death wish, we’ll likely all do our best to travel without incident–but that doesn’t mean we pretend there’s some magic at work, protecting us or our vehicle from mayhem or accident. Accepting that things won’t always go as we expect is required for successful navigation; is there some capacity in which you are exercising a kind of magical thinking, refusing to acknowledge that you must be more consciously vigilant, or cautious than you wish to be, after all?

The 1st arrives and we’re, well, out-of-sorts. Buried Instincts and things we know-but-don’t-know push up into relationship and financial matters and cause all kinds of bruising. Nagging too is the sense that we’re not executing our goals perfectly (let’s be real, who does?), and we’re haunted by a ghost or two from the past who insist on rattling their chains. How to handle it all? Strength at this time is found in mental toughness, in a clear and confident assessment of our own personal autonomy and ability. Owning one’s sense of authority within our ‘territory’ is a must. Those who bring forward a sense of their own Self-worth in answer to issues do best; those who pretend they lack agency place themselves at the mercy of those who would commandeer their power and use it as their own.

‘Cloud Shadows’ (1889) Winslow Homer {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an enormous shadow that passes over, with nothing above to cast it. Mysterious, right? Even a little unsettling. The issue isn’t that the shadow exists–we see it–but that we may spend an inordinate amount of time trying to locate the source. Think symbolically: trying to pinpoint what is forming the shadow may in the end help us eliminate it, but what we really need to do in the moment is accept that this shape of darkness just is–and then make choices that will provide some light, or take us out from under its breadth and scope.

On the 2nd our highest priorities and values literally and figuratively make up our reality; we see the results of our choices, our actions, and our investments–and we may feel a sense of power as we survey our achievements and their effects, or we may fight the impulse to burn it all to the ground–it all depends on how flexible we are in thinking about those concrete results. If we don’t mind admitting that we could improve our efforts, that maybe what we think we value is not what we actually value as revealed by our surroundings and outcomes, and if we Forgive Ourselves for not being all-powerful or all-knowing, then we are likely to gain a deep understanding of our inner workings and intentions that will probably make us a lot less concerned with worldly power, and a lot more proud of who we are.

Aspect to watch out for: Mars opposed Pluto across Cancer-Capricorn=could turn into a contest between the angrily passive-aggressive and the hateful won’t budge–or maybe the offended side that’s hosting a pity-party and the stern denier/ crusher of dreams. In any case, a situation where tempers and an insistent Willfulness may be disguised as sadness, vulnerability, ‘the rules’, the voice of authority, ‘it’s for your own good’, ‘do it for Mom’, or the warning to restrict yourself or risk ‘death’ of one kind or another. There’s a lot of rage covered over with what appears to be pretty innocuous stuff. No, there’s nothing dramatic about that at all.

If you want to harness the energy, be willing to choose or act based on what you care about, based on taking an empathetic view of the world, and by asking what nurtures the world, what harms it. Avoiding destructive impulses, especially when these are sanctioned by authorities, is half the battle; acting in positive and supportive forms is the other.

Today’s word image is a speeding red fire engine. Sometimes they’re fluorescent green, but the goal is the same: to be not just heard but seen and so avoided by bystanders, allowing the crew to get where they need to be as quickly as possible. Are you the fire engine, needing others to see, hear, and get out of your way? If so, ask yourself if your goal is that much more urgent or important than anyone else’s–and if your answer is yes, then I wish you good luck in separating those conjoined twins or negotiating world peace–but if not then you may want to consider how your rush or blaring siren or push forward may be creating a less-than-positive reaction in others. Or are you a bystander, in danger of being flattened if you don’t get out of the way of a Self-important someone in a hurry? And if you do see others speeding by you, does that suggest you aren’t motivated enough to make a difference yourself? Or do you lack a sense of urgency that may be needed if you’re to have a significant impact (‘put out the fire’ or ‘save lives’ in some form)? Finding a balance between pushing forward on our personal agenda and having respect and regard for others may be the theme today.

On the 3rd we’re just Too Open To Hurt from the social arena or from society’s attitudes or policies; it springs from our own imperfect processing of and understanding of the past and how it influenced our thinking. Trust instincts and skills, and be willing to look at how many assumptions, rather than facts, may lie beneath our beliefs. Seeing the gap between what really is and what we think is, should prompt us to drop some of our less successful filters. Too, we may see deja vu-like echoes of May 21st, when the Sun and Mercury met in Superior Conjunction, and so deal with things we thought were already concluded (this last reflecting Sun parallel Mercury).

‘Alice in Wonderland’, John Tenniel, Illustrator 1865 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a skull and crossbones–pirates or poison? If it’s pirates, you may need to be on the lookout for someone attempting to ‘raid’ your assets, while if it’s poison, this may be a warning you’re taking in something highly detrimental to your system.

The 4th we may become aware of the ways some of our values are based not on ideals, but on anger, injustices suffered, or our own insistence on ignoring certain realities–and that makes those Not True Values But Reactions. What we hold dear should be an expression of our ‘Best Self’, not created in a knee-jerk response to something we don’t find admirable; this sullies the ideal with negatives that almost guarantee our experiences of it will be full of conflict or disillusion. It’s time to be honest about those instances where our beliefs have been driven by fantasy or what’s unreal or out-of-touch; look for the thought sparked by choice, the ‘happy accident’, or the sudden realization fueled by the unexpected, to deliver insight and answers, right on time.

Venus enters Gemini=don’t live in your head or rationalize when it comes to relationships or finances, and look to the House matters where Venus now transits in the personal chart to see where you can gain through communicating, sharing info, or coming clean.

Today’s word image: a spaceship lands on an unexplored planet. What truly alien thing have you been brave enough to venture into, lately? Give yourself credit, just for the doing.

For the 5th, only Shakespeare will do (from Romeo and Juliet): “Why then, O brawling love! O loving hate! O any thing, of nothing first create! O Heavy Lightness, serious vanity, Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms, Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health, Still-waking sleep, that is not what it is! This love feel I, that feel no love in this.”

Oh, and also the Sun squares Jupiter and trines Neptune, making for intense creativity, as long as we don’t get pulled into a social brawl, waylaid by the facts, or find ourselves contradicting our own beliefs (see the quote above for the contradictory possibilities).

Today’s word image is a suggestion: a sunrise meditation.

Today, the 6th, is all chillingly-cool shadows on the hottest summer days (or sterile-bright glaring sun on snow, depending on your hemisphere), affronts and outrages that are both unjust and illogical, and exhibitions of strength that result in unhealthy developments. What do we have going for us? Somehow we are still pinging our Radar On The Future, and by keeping to our highest values and commitments, we create uniquely intelligent ways to proceed.

Giles Corey of the Salem Farms” (1868), John Whetton Ehninger {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a dip back into the past, where history gets re-written: a 17th century witch trial, where reason suddenly prevails and everyone goes home. It’s not always easy to admit that your cow just wandered away, rather than being transported to the next town by Goody Lowell, and it’s an inability to say, ‘Yeah, maybe that was my fault because I didn’t shut the pen’ that sends us looking to blame others who’ve irritated us in some way. Consider the modern equivalent, and vow that you will not allow small irks to escalate into life-changing accusations. The keyword here is, ‘Rational’.

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Your Week 24-29 June 2017 A Rough Patch, Redeemed by Beauty



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‘Idyll’ 1901 by Carl Larsson {{PD}}

Following on the New Moon in Cancer, we may feel on the 24th that we’re waking up from a fog, waking up to what’s dear, and we see (likely in an exaggerated form, to get butts moving) the dangers of destruction or loss. We may feel at odds with the social order, our own beliefs, or the facts, but we need to keep in mind that finding a way to get along is much healthier than being Willful or coming out swinging–either of those attitudes may create further obstacles to expansion, education, or getting ‘more’ that are not easily overcome. The good news is thinking is aligned with instinct and ‘deep within’ knowledge and this can guide choices into genius channels; be open to the ways communications and information can spark these smart answers.

By P Smith – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Today’s word image: a weather vane spins in the wind. Yes, we live in tumultuous times–but when have they not been? We’re all spinning, trying to adapt, feeling overwhelmed and disoriented–it’s not just you. It’s important to know it’s happening to everyone, that this state has always been and always will be more or less a constant (if you hold it, put your idea that things were more idyllic ‘back then’ to rest–it’s only a change in focus and awareness that makes now seem more disordered than then), and that your experience of it is not special in any way. Is it unusual for you? Yes, probably, but that doesn’t make it more unique than anyone else’s, or more intense. Don’t be vain (vane) in assessing what is essentially a state that our cultural and psychic ‘weather’ returns to rather frequently in the course of things. This should be reassuring; as it applies to the current situation, ‘This too shall pass.’

On the 25th we may meet obstacles to exercising our strengths and our Will; the way around this requires imagination and a creative approach, and maybe even an ideal-fueled refusal to acknowledge what’s in our way. Authorities, rules, and physical restrictions impede our progress, and how we think about these, especially how we choose to honor our own highest priorities, makes the difference between creative success and a move toward the ideal, or some unhealthy thinking that prefers the lie or the fantasy over reality.

U.S. nuclear test, 1954 {{PD}}

Today’s word image: an atomic bomb spills radiation everywhere. This is a man-made disaster, no question, and not even the biggest version of this possible; so what do we do, when we know better and continue the behaviors or practices anyway? Ask yourself how this applies to you–is there something you’re doing that’s destructive right down to the atomic level, that you’re with continuing in spite of awareness of its debilitating nature?

The 26th brings some consideration, even introspection, centered on what’s smart in terms of the material situation, and especially regarding shared assets, comforts, and the stability of financial matters. If you think you are disempowered, you are; reality follows thought in this matter. Angry? Use of practical skills will exorcise that demon.

‘Yamai no Soshi – (Man with Loose Teeth)’ Artist Unknown – {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a grown man who loses a tooth. This image presents a situation of childhood, that is unexpected, if not inappropriate, for an adult to undergo. What thing are you losing that you shouldn’t be? What mistreatment has caused a loss? Is this in actuality something that should’ve been gone a long, long time ago? Or are you experiencing right now something that normally happens to a child–and how do you feel about that? Are you losing your ‘milk teeth’ in some regard, signalling you’re ‘all grown up’ in some area or at a mature level in exercising some skill?

What we do today, the 27th, shapes the future through negatives; it somehow fosters anger, outrage, or foments a kind of rebellion that says, ‘We won’t take this, anymore!’ This can be a very positive thing, if we are willing to see the whole picture, not just the parts that upset us. Too, if we are braced to go against the social order or its beliefs or expectations, we can access a high level of creative thinking. Instincts are right on the mark and bolster our ‘Best Self’, as long as we are willing to tailor efforts along a line that’s truly natural for us.

By Betsypicks – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Today’s word image is a nest, thought abandoned, suddenly holds three blue eggs and the feathery wisps that indicate active parents nearby. Did you think that something that used to bring you great comfort (the nest) was all over? It’s not–look for it to start anew, very soon.

On the 28th our strength, especially to negotiate or to work our Will, comes from our past. What we learned there is of real value, but in order to take advantage of this, we must adjust our own boundaries or the reality picture itself, and we must set a limit that recognizes when our pursuit has gone too far and isn’t healthy. Special note: Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer, quincunxes Black Moon Lilith, and noviles the North Node=actions, plans, and choices can be especially effective right now if we truly care, but there’s also the danger that we or others could be destructive and aggressive if we are influenced by suppressed rage generated by issues we’ve buried, ignored, or denied. In any case, what happens today shapes the future in some surprisingly deft ways.

Today’s word image is: an individual, after many years, finally sees a favorite painting in person. This suggests a long awaited and very satisfying, highly personal event, significant only to you. Take a moment to enjoy it, when it comes or is achieved.

The 29th beware of bullies–but also be willing to exercise your own rightful power, and to acknowledge others’ rights, as well. It’s a tough line to draw, but you’ll know if you (or another) has crossed it instinctually. There may be a lot of tough talk centered on who holds power, and who will allow, support, or block others’ ambition fulfillment. You know what’s healthy, and what’s warped–respect your judgment, and withdraw the moment things get abusive.

Today’s word image is a clear glass bottle, turned purple after years in the desert sun. What thing has revealed some startling and beautiful ‘colors’ after some brutal ordeal or scrutiny? Is this you, after life’s trials, now beginning to show your best, most refined (Royal purple) colors? Good on you, as they say 🙂

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