Just a Little AstroEssence 24 October 2017 Magical Thinking



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‘Reverie’ by Oreste Pizio 1900 {{PD}}

Usually I use the phrase ‘magical thinking’ with the implication that we’re fooling ourselves, imagining we can see meanings and apply a set of rules that are unrealistic or fantasy-driven, but today I mean it in its most pure, even literal, sense: when deployed ideals, and creative and imaginative energies, empower us; we think and process in creatively effective ways, seeing what can be–and we have the confidence and adaptability to make it happen. The future is a living, breathing entity at this point, one that responds to our actions and choices–so make them best choices, that reflect your best Self.

Today’s word image is anxiety, specifically that generated in you over the possible choices or suffering of those you love. This is pain that springs from worry about potentials. This anxiety came out-of-the-blue, based not in what is but in extrapolating from past potentials or conditions–and that’s our clue (at least one of them) that this angst isn’t originating with us. We’re acting as receivers at this time, and what we’re picking up is someone else’s negative energy aimed at us, which is churning up useless worry as our minds search for the source of our anxiety. Realize that 1) this agitation is not linked to anything currently extant, and 2) you should let this be your warning that you’ve gone too much into receptive mode–get your energies up and out, to ward off the psychic incursion of others.

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Excerpt of a single panel from a multi-paneled Mopsy comic published in TV Teens, Vol. 2, No. 7
By Gladys Parker {{PD}}

Just a Little AstroEssence 23 October 2017 Focus on the Fist



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‘Thor’s Battle Against the Jötnar’ (1872) By Mårten Eskil Winge {{PD}}

There are a few things going on today, but I think the one we’re all going to feel is the Fist of God (or Thor’s Hammer, for all you Valkyries). This one has a base of Venus square Juno, apex Sedna. The base is Cardinal, with Venus in Libra and Juno in Capricorn, suggesting the conflict of the square is dynamic, perceptible, and arising out of action; relationship values, aesthetic concerns, or relationships themselves or possibly financial circumstances clash with our sense of empowerment and its expression through practicality, autonomy, and ‘the bottom line’. That paints a picture of values, energy, or monetary issues rooted in a no-win need to consider the power spread and ‘bottom line’ in relationships and what they need from us (or secondarily, the clash of what makes sense with what we want, with others or what’s necessary or needed taking a contrary position to our desires).

The apex tells us what results from the conflict of the square, in this case filled in by Sedna, which is 135 degrees from each body of the square. Sometimes the apex point describes a non-result, an impasse or failure generated by the two base energies being unable to mesh or work out their differences, but in this case it describes a matter that, failing resolution, will get stuck sotto voce in our heads (though if it is resolved, we use our instincts or our capacity to ‘know but not know’ to do it). It may affect our ability to listen to our own instincts, may force us into dealing with (or, much worse, succumbing to) the ‘blind spot’ material we carry, or it may interrupt or somehow influence our own larger life-death-life pattern. With this latter, we may find ourselves disoriented, as if our lives were threading out, read by the needle on an old phonograph player, and someone jarred it, making it drag and skip.

First, know that if you do feel the disruption, it is temporary; once the Cardinal conflict is resolved, all falls ‘back into the groove’. Second, remind yourself that we cannot be off our Path–no matter where you go, there you are, it’s quite impossible to be sidelined (though it is possible to be sidetracked, tempted into a holding pattern from which progress arrives slowly or non-existent)–so, no matter what, you are still on track–only the momentum is in question. We might see the problem we need to solve as involving Wilfulness. There–should you experience this Fist, that is the initial place to focus, as that will help you solve the clash.

Today’s word image is broken eggs. They’re much like spilled milk; unless we’ve already started long ago in that direction, it’s too late to be a ballerina, jet pilot, acrobat, surgeon, or whatever dream it is you’ve held in wait since childhood (since you were an egg!!). Recognizing what will never come to fruition frees up hopeful energies and flushes regrets, so that what’s left is ready, willing, and able to take action on the ideal, and the attainable.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 22 October 2017 Hope



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Charles W. Hawthorne – ‘The Offering’ c1915 {{PD}}

Mars enters Libra today, and we may feel a little tug, a kind of pull-back on our assertive energies; suddenly it matters to us how what we choose affects others, and it matters to us what they think of us. If we get too wrapped up in this vibe, we end up losing confidence, convinced the world’s a harsh place and we are powerless–but today, reality is functioning more like this: physical and material matters show us the wise or practical thing to do, we just have to be open to seeing it; hope and opportunity are highlighted, again, if we can see them; and the Facts Reveal Truth (Sun enters Scorpio and parallels Jupiter)–and the only way we can miss this latter is if we are so focused on power and its implementation that we can’t see what’s been revealed right in front of us.

Today’s word image is hearing someone speaking very emotionally who you can’t see, and you can’t decide whether they are suffering a stroke and so garbling their speech, or if they are speaking Norwegian (not an uncommon thing to hear in the Seattle area–fill in your own softly silibant Germanic language). Let’s unpack this. The emotion in the voice alerts our primal senses; when we detect elevated stress in other humans, our cave man switches on, our instincts and ‘know but don’t know’ parts of the brain (Sedna)–so that means our animal ‘juices’ are flowing. Then we consider that we’re having difficulty discerning whether the other person is in trouble, or just using a ‘code’ other than we are used to; one would put those animal instincts to good use, jumping into action and helping, while the other not only doesn’t call out to us, it specifically excludes us. This may be about reminding us that not every message comes to us in a form that’s immediately translatable–and that some of those messages carry a kick, the emotions invested by others that are bound to stir us up, too. The need to sort useful and valid info from ginned-up reactionary interpretation and free it from the filters imposed by others (such as a language we don’t know) is ongoing–the information (and by that I mean the answers to our questions) is out there, being transmitted, and the questions are, can you decipher it? do you need to (is the message meant for you)? and does what you’re ‘hearing’ require anything from you at all?

I was off for a medical procedure last week, and there was one delightful bit I wanted to share: I was given some grippy socks that reminded me so much of this:

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Just a Little AstroEssence 20-21 October 2017 Think Like a Woman



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‘Self-portrait with Japanese umbrella’ 1891, by Olga Boznańska {{PD}}

What fresh hell is this, that we know the smart thing, the practical thing, the wise thing, and yet we talk ourselves into trashing the whole thing by telling ourselves what we’re faced with preserving, nurturing, or accelerating has no worth? We’ve got two days of it coming, of dealing with our own avoidance of reality, or insistence on living in the past; neither accomplishes what we think it will. There’s also the matter of opposites (or complementary) energies at odds, where we quite naturally find ourselves in a position contrary to that of our opposite number–and so at an impasse with them.

We may find it helps to ‘think like a woman’, whatever that means to you, preferably one who’s intelligent, Self-possessed, and not hesitant to exercise her own authority. Strangely, we may have persuaded ourselves that such an approach would be detrimental, beneath us, or ‘weak’–but it’s really about mustering the right kinds of sensitivity, which are almost certainly not the kinds most of us normally turn to when sending feelers out into the Universe.

So where’s our silver lining in all this? It’s in those relationships that empower us, where we are cherished and valued, where our ‘natural’ Self is the best thing we can be–there are no expectations for our conformity to social mores or anyone’s judgment. If one or more relationships just like that, that let you be You with a capital ‘Y’, spring to mind, your task is to recognize the Love you receive from them, and nurture them; if no such relationship in your life right now exists, your job is to get new relationships.

‘Friedrichstraße on a rainy night’, by Franz Skarbina, 1902 {{PD}}

The word image for these two days is this: while standing in an anteroom to a restaurant, a young man coming in sees you and holds the door open so you can go out; to be polite, you thank him and walk out into the cold, driving rain. You were not on your way out, but he didn’t know that. He was so proud of himself for thinking of someone else, of holding the door for others, that he didn’t notice what was really needed: shelter from the rain. Is someone ushering you into an environment you’d rather avoid, and to be polite, you’re going along with it? Or are you so proud of offering someone a grand gesture that you haven’t bothered to see if it’s actually what they need?

Check this out, for some absolutely spot-on observations–


New Moon in Libra 19 October 2017 Chaos and Instinct



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By file was donated to Wikimedia Commons by as part of a project by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. CC0,

The New Moon occurs at 12:12 PM Pacific time on the 19th at 26 Libra 35. It makes a close opposition to Uranus in Aries, sesquiquadrates Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, and is apex to a Finger of God with base of Sedna-Chiron, and at the same time is part of the base of another Finger with a sextile to the point Black Moon Lilith, apex Sedna. Most of the aspects for this Moon are close, which is why we don’t need to reach for other contacts (though we may count a loose semi-sextile to Mars, which just seems to bring home the Aries energy that’s already so prominently in opposition); the orb is too wide to count a conjunction to Jupiter or a sextile to Saturn–no need to stretch, we already have a concise picture.

New starts, beginnings, related to Libra always have an ‘us-other’ facet, and often emphasize aesthetic, asset, or relationship matters. There may be changes or shifts in cooperation and partnership areas that highlight the way Venusian subjects such as Love or Money are really interaction issues, with a requirement to weigh and measure levels of financial or emotional investment. These typical New Moon in Libra matters are shaped by aspects the NM makes to others bodies; this time around, they get a dose of chaos, which examined closely reveals a method beneath the madness.

The New Moon opposes Uranus in Aries (which of course conjoins Earth). This suggests material or real-world issues are chaotic, unexpected, avant garde, or intellectually advanced (Uranus), with the illusion (Neptune) being that these erratic or surprising moves appear to be the expression of individuals (Aries) responding to ideals (Pisces)–but they’re actually an emotional (and probably unconscious) response to the group and the individual’s unique place within it (Uranus). Projection of feeling may be something both given and received, at this time, and it may either be difficult to know what we feel, or may seem that others are acting as they do because they’re unaware of their own emotional reactions–or we could experience a mind-bending elixir of both.

The Finger with New Moon as apex suggests that instinct or ‘blind spot’ material combines with hurt or unique skill, and the result is the ‘fresh start’ of this Lunar cycle. With the NM as base with Black Moon Lilith, we see the new beginning reach deep into denied or ignored material (no wonder it all feels chaotic!), with the result being we are stimulated to act either out of material held in our ‘blind spot’ or instinctually. The Fingers create a kind of energy ouroboros, with a lot of the material suppressed, denied, unconscious, or projected so that things seem to leap out of chaos–but if we are honest with ourselves, we know there’s method here, in the form of circumstances forcing us to see and acknowledge what we may have been denying or rejecting–and so become more responsible to both ourselves and in our agreements with others (Libra).

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘An Airplane Sails, High In The Clear Sky’. Flight, at least that facilitated by an airplane, is relatively modern, with the mention of ‘high in the clear sky’ suggesting a successful ascension and safe travel in easy weather; this may speak to that Uranus-Earth opposition to this New Moon, with that planetary combo a perfect expression of successfully leaving the Earth via a modern invention. In opposition, this may imply that what occurs at the New Moon may, as we’ve discussed, seem chaotic, but in reality it will offer the foundation for something entirely new, an unusual (for the individual) way to soar. We get a clue as to what may come about with the Sabian for Uranus-Earth, ‘Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained’. What occurs stimulates the creative, imaginative, inventive spirit and the instinctual nature–even out of chaos, we find purpose, meaning, and a new way forward.

One caveat: the New Moon period, though bringing positive things, may be difficult in itself. The same day brings Mars and Chiron parallel each other and both contra-parallel Vesta, and Saturn sesquiquadrate Pallas. That suggests that the ‘real world’ may fail to support what’s wise or practical, and our inclinations may be to act out of hurt and so could sabotage values. Just a heads up about surrounding circumstances, and a warning to keep our eye on motivations and reactions.

Have a wonderful New Moon, everyone! I won’t be around for a few days–stay safe, live happy!


A Slice of Your Week 15-18 October 2017 Mockingbird



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By Ryan Hagerty – This image originates from the National Digital Library of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service {{PD}}

The 15th promises some sort of struggle, though I guess the good news, if we can call it that, is that this occurs within our own minds; erratic, unexpected, and fantastical thoughts lead to actions that arise either from hurt or from our own unique, underutilized skill set, the latter if we are tuned in to our own real-world empowerment position, the former if we’ve abandoned our values or allow rage to be our motivator. Go forward with an eye on the future, but focus most on making good use of lessons learned in the past.

Today’s word image is a mockingbird. These are ‘New World’ birds that are known for mimicry of the songs of other birds and the sounds of amphibians and insects. Has your intuition alerted you lately to someone ‘making the right sounds’ but whose assertions or language doesn’t ‘feel right’ to you? Consider why they might be hiding behind this camouflage–though it’s not necessarily nefarious, you should become consciously aware of the misdirect, nonetheless.

The 16th is one of those days that’s almost magically positive, showing us genius ways to profit or earn love that paves the way to the future, aligning thinking with beliefs (so that there’s no internal discord) and making surrounding opportunities obvious. Our attention is on the reality picture, which offers the benefit of grounding us so that efforts are solid and effective, propelled by an attitude that makes the most of what’s presented.

Today’s word image is the concept ‘Something to Hide’. Right now there seem to be two kinds of people in the world: those who are open, and those who are trying to manage others’ perceptions of them. Honesty, in the most fundamental sense, is what separates the two.

On the 17th Mercury moves into Scorpio, giving us the inclination toward (or maybe the impression of, if we’re really just skimming the surface) digging deep, ruminating on ‘The Mysteries’–as if Jupiter’s entry to the sign hasn’t already prompted some dark explorations–with the danger being we think we’re considering deeply, when we may just be going over old territory. With Scorpio, we may be obsessive or morose, but that doesn’t guarantee we’re plumbing the deep or profound–instead, if we’re afraid, we are likely to do the opposite but convince ourselves we’re diving in. So that’s the admonition for this transit of the Messenger through the dark places: be unafraid, if you want to make the most of it. With both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio, know that if you lack fear, you’ll get get the facts, and/ or think clearly about beliefs, and messages from others will show you just how serious, destructive, educated, or indoctrinated they really are.

On this same day we also see a tendency to act on instincts or from the ‘blind spot’–how do we tell if those urges are truly instinctual (and therefore to be seen as inner knowledge)? In this instance, if it prompts erratic or unreliable behavior, or an insistence on being ‘original’ that is more about resisting or refusing, then you know ignorance of the actual forces in play is at work, and so that the impulse is unhealthy. Center yourself on who you are, and being unique or original won’t be the concern–it will happen without you even having to think about it.

Jules Schmalzigaug (1914) – ‘Light + Mirrors and crowd, interior of a popular ballroom in Antwerp’ Photo By JoJan – Own work, {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a finely-wrought 18th century porcelain chandelier. A lamp of any kind is symbolically a source of enlightenment, and this one is from long ago. Are we carrying ‘old’ ideas of what’s enlightened, what’s not? If so, are they still of worth now?

For the 18th imagine your ideal state of Being, health in its broadest and most far-reaching sense–and that’s what you can have, if you’re willing to transform circumstances and attitudes to support that vision. Mercury and Jupiter are conjoined today, ramping up yesterday’s potentials and turning the dial to ’11’, at least in terms of our ability to seek out the Truth of any situation. Don’t act out of a need to hide or deny–obvious advice, and yet still people think they can outsmart the Universe. No we can’t.

Today’s word image is another couple of results of Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio: amplified or ‘broadcast’ sexual advances; people ‘getting real’ out of vindictiveness, masking destructive interactions with a pretense of ‘I’m just being honest’; facts cherry-picked and exaggerated for the power they give the speaker; ‘Big Talk’, with the potential for breaking things wide open or transforming the world into a more open place; hiding the facts.

Next up: the New Moon in Libra!

Notes for the Week: 8-14 October 2017 Shape Shifting



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By W.carter – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

When I first posted this I didn’t have any one image that I thought would apply to the whole week, but one found me very soon thereafter. I was walking in the woods, out where there was nothing man-made but a slim trail, and suddenly I looked ahead and to the right, and there was an enormous cedar tree, at the base of which sat a gleaming white plaster death mask. I say ‘death mask’ as there were no nostril openings through which a living person would breath while having a mask made.

This was startling, and eerie; I could’ve easily walked by and not even seen it–but once seen, I couldn’t look away. We had left the house without the phone (something we never do) so I was unable to take a picture. What was it doing in the middle of a forest, almost hidden and yet in plain sight? At first I thought it was an art piece, something remarkable for those who ventured into the woods, a kind of reward or surprise: look! Something you never expected.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it may be a memorial, made to honor someone who loved the forest; maybe in it’s own way it represents the living returning the spirit of someone no longer here to a wild state. Happening so close to my birthday it made me think about my death day. Maybe it’s a reminder that we will be leaving something behind, and maybe we should be as mindful as possible about what that is.

Update 9 October: we went back to that forest, followed the same path, and got a pic of the mask (which may be more like an entire head!) where it sits at the base of a big tree.

Just thought I’d pop in with a few points about this week. Sunday, the 8th, is the day to get ‘it’ done–real-world efforts can see solid progress that builds the future–and work done today plants the seed for new growth which likely springs from matters ended or conclusions drawn at the recent Full Moon. Neither finances nor relationships offer the kind of support we need, and perceptions may be fogged by guilt, a regrettable past, or something we are in denial of; that’s why aiming for, acting for, and keeping an eye on what we want the future to be is so important now.

On the 9th we may witness the transformative or destructive power of words and thoughts; realize that one must create détente between the values and obligations, and what we know to be practical and wise, if things are to work out today.

The 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio and we are alight with our ambitions and goals. This makes for an atmosphere where we may feel opportunity requires excavation–but in reality we would do better to recognize that there are things we just don’t know, and perhaps should reach out and learn the details before wielding a shovel. Make sure choices and actions aren’t sourced from hurt feelings or a need for revenge–those things may motivate, but what they make us do or accept is decidedly unwise.

Here’s a little more info on Jupiter in Scorpio–

On the 11th it feels like we’re running into a brick wall at every turn–but in reality we’re being required to access intuition and deep knowing (the kind where we ‘know but don’t know’), and find the worth in those matters that offend or enrage, or that we currently ignore or deny. Wading in and dealing with difficult or unpleasant areas shows us the way to make progress.

For the 12th I suggest doing what’s healthy, and being absolutely honest with yourself. Accept no delusions, in anyone’s thinking.

The 13th may be a very odd day, in that circumstances and even personalities seem to shape-shift repeatedly. Mine relationships to both understand hurt (your own and others’) and access skills (yours).

On the 14th Venus enters Libra and we must, I mean must, adjust thinking away from the inclination to criticize, cause hurt, or deny instincts. Relationships show up fresh in the psychic equivalent of a new suit–appreciate that this allows petty or irrelevant issues to fall away.

Have a wonderful week!

Full Moon in Aries 5 October 2017 Judged



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By Craig Deakin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom – #bluemoon #moon #nature #landscape #evening #sunset #summer #sky #eavig #photooftheday #iphoneography #iphonesia #picoftheday #instadaily #bestoftheday #jj #nofilter #instagood #igaddict #popular #ignation #statigram #webstagram #all_shots #followme #follUploaded by ComputerHotline, CC BY 2.0,

The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 11:39 AM Pacific time of the 5th at 12 Aries 43, and falls at the midpoint of Neptune-Pallas, and opposed Mercury (which, along with the Sun, is apex to a Finger with base consisting of Neptune-Pallas). The fact that the Full Moon falls in a sign known for its singular viewpoint suggests we’ll have an especially ‘alone’ feeling with this event, even more so because of the build-up in Libra, as if others are ‘facing’ us and considering (even judging) our choices, actions, and ‘fitness to lead’, even if that applies only to leading our own lives. Our thoughts will be the result of combining our spiritual ideals and our inner wisdom, practicality, and skills, and this means that we can learn the most from stepping back and observing our own minds, seeing how well (or poorly) we are able to make our ideals an active part of our lives–and this all occurs in the context of a culmination of emotional and intuitive energy that is Self-oriented, as it faces feedback from ‘the Other’, the audience, even from those who specifically dislike us (the build-up in Libra, which includes the source of all energy, the Sun). The natural outcome of this may be that we are experiencing inner revelations even as we are dealing with less-than-pleasant externals–and all of it meant to show us what within us and within our lives that is Aries-natured is at an end, or has gone as far as it can go.

Not in aspect to the Full Moon, but significant, together with only three minutes variation at the time of Lunar culmination, Venus and Mars sit at 19 Virgo, watching and evaluating it all. In my mind they represent a secondary faction relative to the FM event: they are those not engulfed in FM action, but off to the side, critiquing and commenting. They are an audience, a very Libran thing–and so drawing attention to the line-up there, which includes, between 8 and 28 degrees Libra, Vesta, Mercury (current ruler of Venus and Mars, with Merc-Venus in mutual reception, and Merc involved in the FM picture), the Sun, Zeus, and Jupiter.

This places a lot of ‘weight’ on our relationships and particularly on the way we function as an individual within them; that is, we’ll see ourselves as both separate from and entangled with others, with emphasis on our aloneness, our choices, and our potential for being ‘the leader’ within the interaction. If you are lonely, this Full Moon may highlight that, and if you feel regarded, judged, observed and assessed by others, this too may be highlighted, with the Full Moon assisting you in drawing conclusions, especially concerning how much you will or will not engage in partnership, acceptance, or intimacy in the future. This Lunar event offers the chance to establish a Self-image harmonious to the emotional reality, and it’s only natural that this involves at least some decisions made in the context of current relationships.

How much change can we expect from this? Little to none, it seems, at least that will show on the surface; the Sabian is, ‘An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest’, suggesting that we may try to ‘blow it all up’ in protest of our social role, responsibilities, or treatment, only to find it doesn’t work! This may be a very good thing, as our actions could reveal the true feelings of others: do they care how we feel? do they respond to our distress? do they agree with what we feel are injustices, or do they just look away, and hope we’ll continue in our role? Or, we could be the recipient of ‘a bomb’ that startles but has little effect on the social landscape. The idea is one of energy that is not successfully deployed–and that this potentially explosive scenario is justified by social conditions–and that may or may not be valid reasoning for attempting to ‘explode’ the current reality picture.

By Basile Morin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Sabian for the Sun may give us the final piece to this puzzle: ‘Children Blowing Soap Bubbles’. So, are we seeing ineffectual expression, in the sense that it is perhaps disguised as someone declaring they are care-free, presented as a cry for freedom or creativity, even an elaborate ‘game’ designed to make us jump or distract us? Or are we alerted to this within ourselves? In any case, the situation presented will not be a situation to take too seriously–although if it’s an attempt on our part to express a sense of injustice or a desire for change in our role, what we need to see is that the approach that might seem smart at the time of the Full Moon may not be effective, and/ or may not be taken seriously by others.

Whether we are lobbing the firecrackers, or they’re being lobbed at us, the reality is that this will be a period of communication centered on needs and powerand this may explain why things are addressed obliquely, perhaps dressed up as something else, or that actions are meant as a cry for attention or to address a state of emotional need and want. We’ll need to listen for the unspoken message, look at the symbolism, observe what’s done and what’s not done, what’s said and what’s never uttered–and then choose who we are, and how we will communicate our needs, from there.

Also of note: we’re on the verge of the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (the 8th); that will help thoughts coalesce, make messaging clear, and will show us what, inevitably, will be changing, after all (T-square Sun-Merc opp Earth all square Pluto).

A RePrint on Eros and Hugh Hefner



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Aphrodite, Pan, Eros, Photo By Jebulon – Own work, CC0,

Since Mr. Hefner has been in the news with his passing, I’ve seen mostly sentimentalized ideas of what he did and how he affected things–here’s my take, from March of 2008:

Eros as an energy that carries one away on a wave of passion outside the individual’s judgment and control is an idea I keep seeing put forward, and I feel compelled to poke some holes in such a Self-serving definition–it brings to mind those who say, when confronted with their highly un-loving choices, “But we’re in love!” Disloyalty, betrayal, or lacking respect for existing relationships is not a foundation of love, but of Self-indulgence, and it seems that these same people are the ones who want to point the finger and say, “Eros made me do it!” Well, all I can say is, that excuse doesn’t fly. (And in case you’re wondering, my vehemence doesn’t come from my own experience, as, even with a Venus/ Pluto natal square, it’s never happened to me; it comes from watching others feel that they are good, honest people who wouldn’t ever do anything to harm another, justifying causing others hurt in the name of love–and not seeing that what they are doing can’t be love when it’s perpetrated before extrication from existing relationships, causing pain based in duplicity.)

I thought a good way to show this is to illustrate an Eros that is being sold (literally!) as a combination of lust fulfillment, objectification, and the ‘appropriate’ expression of sexuality, defined as within a heterosexual Universe where the male is the aggressor and the female is a two-dimensional supplicant. You may recall from previous articles that in my view Eros is more of a projection than anything else, an eroticization of someone or something; as such, you choose the object; keep that in mind as we look at the chart of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (9 April 1926, 4:20 PM, Chicago IL USA). Eros is involved in what could be considered a definitive complex for this man, with Eros at 18 Capricorn in the 4th, conjoined the South Node–already we have an indication that his concept of the erotic is at the least drawn from a past era or experience, as this was as true upon the founding of his magazine in the ’50s as it is today–already upon his publication’s inception the objectification of women as passive sexual objects was on the way out as an acceptable idea within the Collective. Here’s the real heart of things, though: his Venus sits at 3 Pisces in the 6th (“Women are my job!” is perhaps the perception?) at the midpoint of Eros/ Sun. We can say that his Soul intent and his erotic nature meet in his ‘ideal woman,’ who, ruled by Neptune, is either malleable, illusory, or whatever his imagination says she is! His Eros is also opposed Pluto, putting an almost mythic spin on things–he may strongly feel that he is in actuality defeating thanatos by expressing his idea of eroticism, and he may feel it was imperative this express materially (sextile to Saturn)–certainly his lifestyle choices, unchanged through the decades, supports this.

Venus is sesquiquadrate Earth and semi-square Sun and Eros–this suggests that he felt compelled to deal with his Venus issues (and to make money from it, as they’re intertwined here), in order to succeed in both material and Soul purposes–and yet the aspects themselves say that the challenge was in doing this in a positive way–I think the Collective jury’s out on whether what he’s done has any worth beyond the exploitative. Venus also trines a Vesta/ Pallas conjunction, adding points for truly admiring women as wise and a part of the sacred–but a Jupiter/ Juno conjunction in the 5th implies he thinks women have far too much power, in romance and likely through the ability to bear children (wow, that’s an ancient concept–and we’re idea-wise back to the South Node/ Eros conjunction).

How does he see himself? His Mars is in Aquarius, so his idealized Self is likely an intellectual–this has certainly always been one of the most grating of the Playboy pretensions–and it is quincunx Pluto (see thanatos, above), semi-sextile the Moon in Pisces in the 6th (remember, the 6th is also the House of those who serve us, and his Venus is there, too–I’ll let you parse that out on your own!), and lastly, his Mars opposes Ceres, perhaps implying that he sees Mother Nature and the inherent authority of the female as ‘against’ him somehow. What little we’ve talked about draws a relatively unflattering portrait of a man who in many ways created his empire more out of fear than a true ‘philosophy’–but is this really surprising? More on Eros is available in my book, THE ASTROLOGY OF INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP, at Dog and Sunflower Press, and if you’d like to look up your Eros

I’ll be posting for the Full Moon of the 5th in a day or two. Have a great week!


Just a Wee Bit of AstroEssence 30 September-1 October 2017 Smart Love



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Just had to let you know about Saturday: sticking religiously to values and commitments might actually cause harm (so, be flexible in responses), and anything that embodies or expresses Love is Smart.

And then on Sunday the 1st: Action may be transformative or destructive, and we may not be able to tell the difference (Mars trine Pluto)–this time, align thinking with Nature and a sense of personal authority, especially moral authority, to handle choices successfully (Mercury sxt Ceres and nov NN).

And for a word image, recall the weirdest movie or scene you’ve witnessed in real life of late–and think about it as if it were a dream–what does it say about the way you’re facing things, right now?

That is all! Have a great one!