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So we have this T-square formed right now with the axis of the Taurus Sun/ Scorpio Earth squaring Aquarian Chiron, and coming into orb as it did just in time for the pseudo-holiday celebrating guilt and obligation that we generally feel toward our mothers (and come on ladies, it’s up to us to break the cycle with the next generation–let’s free our children, so that when they come to us, they come to us out of love, simply and completely), and this touchy config may have led to some less-than-pretty scenes. Oh, things may have gone well on the surface, but how many of us cringed with carrying out the expected (no, required) obeisance? And how many of us saw dissatisfaction expressed, the kind that poked at the primal wound (Chiron) through a not-so-positive evaluation of our material choices (Earth) or our Soul’s necessary direction (Sun)?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a mother myself, and know what an incredibly difficult, long term task it is to even try to guide and provide for another human being who comes to us helpless and, to some extent, unformed. It’s been said that mothering is the toughest job in the world; but I believe that mothering well is the toughest job in the world. We definitely need to make a distinction between those who approach the job with the best of intentions and a willingness to do their utmost to provide what their child truly needs, and those for whom motherhood has been a role Self-centeredly, if not unconsciously, played.

If you were lucky yesterday (or today, or tomorrow, or the next day, until the Sun/ Earth moves askew to Chiron) you were or will be reminded of one or more of your most personal, unique, and useful skills/ strengths. These are talents you are born with (and as such your association to Mom may be in some way a trigger, or interwoven emotionally, with this, possibly triggered particularly by the Nodal proximity, which as we know is natally mother-related), that you are probably the best person on the planet to deliver to the world, that you don’t need a license, degree, or permission to use (though you may need to take this attribute from a sensitive spot to a positive ability before you can employ it), and these few days are ones that may bring this to the surface.

Now all of this is just a pre-rumination on the real-life possibilities of a terribly unflattering maternal Archetype, the Devouring Mother (and don’t worry, fathers get equal time; for instance, in the form of child-devouring Chronos, so frightened of a prediction that he would be surpassed by one of his offspring that he ate every one of them he could find!) I’ll post a second part soon, with the chart of a real-life example of the Devouring Mother for us all to inspect.