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It’s not supposed to be 93 in May in Oregon, but it is; why does reality constantly contradict what’s ‘supposed to be’? That’s so irritating. For once curious about the weather, I looked at the current aspects, just to see what I could see (or imagine, or make up). At first I had no idea what to look for; should I concentrate on elements, certain ‘weather-y’ planet characteristics, hard aspects? (And I’ll apologize right now to those who are more knowledgeable about mundane astrology than am I–I’m making this up as I go along!) Then it jumped out at me: Chiron/ Neptune/ the North Node conjunct in Aquarius, trine Mercury/ Ceres in Gemini, Mercury semi-square Mars in Leo. Debilitating (or perhaps wounding) weather, very humid (fog formed yesterday morning, with temps in the high 70s), a sign of climate change? (NN), contacting changeability and the seasons/ Mother Nature, all in Air, heated up by hard contact to Mars in Fire. Hot air. That describes so much!

Have you heard about the ants that crawled off a cargo ship in Houston two years ago and have now taken over five Texas counties? Dubbed ‘Raspberry Ants’ for the exterminator who first identified them, they are blanketing Pearland, and moving northwest. The good news: they eat Fire Ants, and their own bite is very mild; the bad news: they are unaffected by existing pesiticides. We see a possible indicator of their arrival two years ago with the Ceres/ Neptune conjunction–Mother Nature sneaks in under Neptunian obscuring cover. So why are we hearing about it now? I’m going back to that same well, with the Ceres/ Mercury conjunction in Gemini trine Neptune/ Chiron/ NN, communication, nature, the obscured facet revealed, the skills we need to develop (or is it Neptune, the poison we’ll create?) to deal with this; and today the Moon briefly creates a Grand Trine, perhaps making the importance of this obvious to all. The involvement of the North Node at this point suggests to me that we’re just recognizing that this may be ‘where we’re headed,’ and that it won’t just peter out, but needs to be addressed.

Two days ago my husband received an offer for a new job–it means a promotion, and also a move. The Universe truly does work in mysterious ways. The time when he was offered the job put transiting Sun conjunct exact N Jupiter, and the T Ascendant exact conjunct his MC. But what am I to make of the four horaries that all pointed toward this coming Tuesday, the 20th, as the day of resolution? I’m very curious to see what next week brings–he’s accepted the job, but no paperwork has been signed–in fact, it won’t be until June 16th. I do not like the looks of this day, and am going to ask him to change it to the 23rd (his other option to start). Among the problems: Mercury is retrograde, Pluto is back in Sag, Jupiter is quincunx the South Node, Chiron is conjunct the North Node, and the Sun is sextile Vesta (these latter three are exact). Some of this doesn’t change in just a week, but at least Merc would be direct, with paperwork on that date initiated before the Moon goes Void of Course. Though not an ideal situation (he’ll have to drive one and a half hours each way until we can move), we are grateful and in many ways, it’s a vast improvement over the current, soon-to-end situation. Many thanks to all who offered their kind words and support during yet another personal crisis! I hope that means I’m done with those for a while. UPDATE: The horaries were right! He received a second job offer, for even more money, in an even better situation. Now, I almost delight in bad news, for like Jung I immediately think, “What good will come of this?” I’ve got so much proof that that’s true!