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We’ve seen startling transformations to the solid structures of the Earth, whether man-made or natural, in the earthquakes in China, with the unseasonal tornadoes across the United States, with the massive cyclone in Myanmar, and I’m sure there have been many other instances of destruction of the current reality, figurative and literal, in many many places. Saturn and Pluto have been showing their willingess to embrace each other; destruction and the solid easily combine, and humankind loses what they count on in the process. With Pallas entering Taurus, we’ll witness a Grand Trine for approximately one week, from the 20th to the 27th. What can we expect when Pallas puts down her shield and spear, and looks to plowing the field? 

The spirit of Taurus is of the Earth itself; when the Warrior Queen enters the sign of the Bull, she puts aside her armor, leaves the battlefield, and returns to the source of sustenance and creation. This is represented by Taurus as the sign of the fields, of gardens and growth (though agriculture is Virgo–why?–because Taurus is the seed, the act of planting that is akin to faith, while Virgo is the gathering in on a large scale of the product); as well, Taurus is the actual soil things grow in, and as such she is the sign that represents those crafts and artisanal skills that are quite literally of the Earth and its products, such as sculpting, pottery, cooking, the fashioning of jewelry, and use of stone and wood to build.

Pallas steps onto the fertile Earth, and a set of talents entirely different than those we’ve seen during her time in Aries come forward. Pallas is an indicator of practical and artisanal abilities herself, and when in Taurus she becomes the pair of hands that deals skillfully with all that the Earth produces. She is also a businesswoman, and as such will deal in Taurus with the material, the tangible, with the real estate (in its most expansive sense) of each one of us. She will help us re-build, help us find a home, bring us to fertile ground, in one sense or another.

When she enters Taurus she creates a Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto, and should aid in recovery from all the devastation that the Earth and her inhabitants have been experiencing. This aid will be practical and beautiful; Pallas is nothing if not wise in her choices. To respect Pallas is to honor our own wise inner voice, as well as our most useful skills and abilities. For this week long period, we’ll see some of the most meaningful steps being taken in building, planting, with energies rising Phoenix-like from Mother Earth. Check the House in the natal chart where this will occur for you to know where best to apply your Taurus and Pallas oriented efforts–you can make significant strides during the week long trine, and can exercise the wisdom of Pallas Athena in all Earth-related matters as she helps us move forward toward a productive and bountiful summer.