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Friday's fashions are nothing like today's

For the past two days I’ve been feeling like we’re two days farther into the week than we are; yesterday I thought it was Thursday, and today feels like Friday–so I’m just going to give up and go with the (time) flow, and tell you a little something about what it’s like here and today, Friday, October 30th, 2009. I hope you weren’t expecting anything flashy; it’s really pretty much like it was Wednesday, with gray skies and cool, late Fall weather where I am. The world is still spinning (or at least, that’s what the media tells me) and life is still a piquant mix of tragedy and sorrow and joy and hilarity and nonsense. So, why did I bother to write to you, you ask? Because of this Fist of God, formed by a Sun/ Ceres conjunction, square Mars, all these sesquiquadrate the Juno/ Uranus conjunction. We really should be ready for it; it may come out swinging, not in a bad way, but in a challenging one, and if we’re on top of the energy, we can use it.

First, though, if any of the elements of the Fist touch anything in your natal chart, pay special, close attention, for God may be thinking of reaching out and poking you, just you, with this fist–or at least, that’s what it may feel like, like you were singled out for a special drubbing by the capricious powers-that-be. Sun/ Ceres at 7 Scorpio, Mars at 6 Leo, and Juno/ Uranus at 21 and 23 Pisces, respectively, are the points to watch, and if your contact is with Juno/ Uranus, be especially alert, as you will be at the apex point of the energy–and so receiving the brunt of the Sun/ Ceres -/Mars square. For myself, I have my natal Moon sitting smack-dab between Juno and Uranus, making my emotional state, my intuition, and my subconscious wide open to receive the energy of the square (in empowerment of the individual form, I hope!) You have to wait two whole days to experience the effects for yourself; I only have to wait until later this afternoon 🙂

Overall, the picture is one of possible individual empowerment (or group empowerment) via the conflicts between powerful authorities (Sun/ Ceres) and pure action (Mars). This suggests that the energy generated will arise out of authorities’ choices in the face of actions observed–and it may lead to opportunity for the individual, the rebel, the intellectually engaged, the innovator, the avant garde Artist, the modern, the revolutionary, the reformed. The Uranian energy is, somewhat strangely, keyed to both hope and cynicism–if we can maintain a balance between the two, while remaining poised to strike while the figurative iron of opportunity, choice, and chance is hot, we can make outstanding use of the energy offered by this Fist of God.

No worries; I’ll wait here (Friday, that is) ’till you catch up!

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Picture is from http://davidszondy.com/future/fashion/future_fashion.htm a site that has everything you’d want to know about fashion in the ‘future’!