Earth-Moon NASAThe Full Moon today at 11:14 AM PST acts like a cosmic slingshot, loading two tense configurations that we’ll be hard pressed to escape: a T-square with the Sun (10 Scorpio 30) conjunct Ceres and Mercury at one end, the Earth/ Moon conjunction (10 Taurus 30) at the other, with an arm formed by Mars in Leo; and a Fist of God with the same Sun/ Mars square, both sides sesquiquadrate the Juno/ Uranus conjunction.

Perhaps the most effective way to look at this is by defining each energy cluster; when we do this, and examine the Sabians related to the Full Moon degree, we find something unusual: that these tense aspects will bring a sense of relief and productive serenity. What a surprise! The Sun/ Ceres/ Mercury group in Scorpio brings a blending of the identity with a sense of authority and a natural ease of communication; in Scorpio this promises depth and intensity, the possible involvement of secrets, the desire to clear the air (and we’ve been seeing this for some time; we can assume this is, logically, the culmination, at least of this phase of development). The Sabian for this degree (courtesy of cafe astrology http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html) is, ‘A drowning man is being rescued.’ This promises the process has already begun; the conjunction of energies adds that our own capacity to embrace who we are, to believe in ourselves, and to communicate this is instrumental to the realization of the ‘rescue.’ This presents a challenge of its own: if we don’t, in some fundamental way, know ourselves and our identity, we will be at a disadvantage; the rescue may not be a success, our message may be garbled, our identity unclear.

The Moon/ Earth conjunction is at 10 Taurus 30, the Sabian for which is, ‘A woman watering flowers in her garden.’ This image is in radical juxtaposition to the one for the Sun, and suggests the serenity found both in the process of drowning (at a crucial stage the mind takes one elsewhere, to the memory of something calming and earth-bound) and evokes the flashes coming to the rescued: I will stay home in the garden from now on! It represents the natural reaching toward the polar opposite (water to land) that is the logical result of a land creature (humans) overwhelmed by an element where he or she is only temporarily comfortable (water)—and that brings us to the idea that what we may be rescued from by our sure knowledge of ourselves is the emotional, intuitive, and subconscious influences that have seemed to be overcoming us of late (Moon, manifested–Earth).

The Leonine Mars arm of the T-square suggests that the tension inherent in exercising the ego’s prerogatives (and these are keyed to the Soul’s needs, Leo) will bring about the rescue and resolution, which puts us in a position to tend and enjoy our metaphorical garden, the results of all we’ve been nurturing–in other words, we’ll get what we deserve by our actions that resolve this tension-need.

The other configuration, the Fist, takes the Sun-Mars square, bringing forward the productive tension of the ego/ identity energy mix, and puts both parts into a situation calling for adjustment to empowerment needs and the need to express the uniqueness (or, for some, the need to show themselves within a group). Though tense, this too allows us to resolve a pressing need, and to access some of our most vital Self-expression energies; these are certainly, as well, some of our most original.

Creative types should benefit enormously from this Moon, as will anyone dealing with boundary and empowerment issues, and so will those who have been stuck, in some sense, within the process of creating the life–they will be rescued by the coalescence of their own most typical energies and impulses, and placed in the ‘garden’ of their own creation.

Look to the House of the natal chart where the Sun influence is present (Leo cusp, natal Sun placement, transiting Sun) for ideas as to what areas might offer you the reflection your identity needs to recognize itself, and to the Full Moon House for the life area where the need to resolve the tension has been manifest (and accept that this is where the relevant tension shows–this elaborates on what we’re being rescued from). The dynamic across the House axis where the Full Moon falls is one of material renewal and spiritual resurrection. Where Mars in Leo falls in the natal chart is where the ego can act to end the crisis–but don’t expect this to go forward without some upset and conflict, particularly internally–that’s just the nature of all those squares and sesqui-s!

The Juno/ Uranus conjunction draws on the entire cosmos (Pisces) for empowerment and creative ideas–so even the sky isn’t the limit, in terms of what you can access! The slingshot quality of all these components is that tension, movement, and release will propel us toward the goal–just aim as carefully as you can!

Fun Fact: have any of your heard of this before? The built-in dictionary that comes with Works says:

na·tal [náyt’l]
 of buttocks: relating to the buttocks 
[Late 19th century. < Latin natis “buttock”]
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