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The Moon moves through Virgo and we all feel the attention put on detail–not necessarily with precision and fine work, but more in a ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ kind of approach–we want to parse the nuances successfully, but a lot of other energies are getting in the way of unfettered perception, particularly the lingering Fist described in the previous entry https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/30-jan-2010-config-a-palooza/ and also because of the long-present Chiron/ Neptune conjunction–the question here might be, Does it hurt yet? because many of us have been walking around believing it doesn’t hurt, covering the wounding nature of some aspect of our lives with illusion or denial. Now that Jupiter has moved along, it’s much harder to believe the concoction we’ve devised as a distraction–we’re becoming aware of the extent of the damage, and the way in which there is something wounding we must acknowledge and deal with–and the Virgo Moon’s journey helps bring us one step closer to resolution.

Elizabeth I, the perfect Virgo in her role as ‘Virgin Queen,’ is discussed in this issue of Eclipse

First let’s look at a few other features of the skies above: Vesta in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces, while Jupiter quincunxes Saturn, suggesting we’ll be faced with a real test of our values and beliefs, and must adjust reality to accomodate them; Venus at the midpoint of Ceres and Juno, and Mercury square Juno, placing relationships and values at the mercy of authorities and our own need for empowerment–this needn’t be unpleasant or have a bad end, so long as we don’t think sacrificing our standards or those we care for will bring us the desired power; and Mars is sesquiquadrate Uranus, implying that, as we’ve seen repeatedly of late, the ego is uncomfortable with the group, productive action vies with unconsidered impulse, and anger fuels an anarchic response in others.

So that’s a lot of potential discomfort, dicey decision-making, and possible chaos, isn’t it? The Virgo Moon at the very least helps to keep us sharp, or at least trying to stick to the goal–and that’s something we can be thankful for. The midnight hour PST of the 1st sees the Moon quincunx the Sun=emotions and intuition jostle with what’s illuminated for us–which do we believe, our inner senses or our outer ones? By 8 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Venus, trines Mercury, and sextiles Pallas=for West Coasters it’s quite a way to start the day, at odds with loved ones, telling it like it is, and feeling intuitively that this is the smart way to behave–and maybe it is, but we won’t find out right away, though the die will be cast by 10 AM PST when the Moon trines the North Node and quincunxes Juno=that says that what happens between 8 and 10 will have an affect on our destined direction, and that it may cause adjustments in the empowerment picture–just know that the events and choices of these hours will have a much larger effect than we may believe in the moment.

By 4 PM PST the Moon opposes Uranus, suggesting we won’t really be up for group endeavors, or that our own individuality urges may be something we’ll want to disown emotionally–and that says watch your reactions as being too insistent on having your own way may bring conduct you’ll be ashamed of (or at least regret) later. This sets the tone for the evening, until the Moon’s quincunx to Chiron and Neptune after 9–with any luck we’ll get some feedback on what the Virgo Moon has been trying to show us about that wound that’s been camouflaged until now. The Void begins at 10:36 PM PST–after that just sit back and get some rest, as the Moon’s entry into Libra brings it into the square with the Saturn/ Pluto dynamic duo–and we brace for another wallop of stress, likely through relationship. Moon enters Libra at 5:42 AM PST.

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Today’s Link: the wonderful work of Marilee Cody, with thanks for the above portrait of Elizabeth http://www.marileecody.com/eliz1-images.html