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As promised yesterday, we can look forward to:  “another emotional wrinkle in things (at) 10:45 AM PST or so of the next day, the 22nd, but what a kerfluffle: the Moon in Gemini trines Zeus and squares Venus (the latter perfects noonish, PST)–here we must watch for the tendency of those who feel vulnerable (the Moon) to side with power and ambition, with the strivers (Zeus), even when this is not in their own best interests. Love, relationships, earning the reward or using the talent may seem too hard (square to Venus), but don’t let making a little effort sabotage what could be an excellent opportunity.”

Gemini Moon-which one to choose, which way to go? image from http://karenswhimsy.com

As the Moon squares Venus it also semi-squares Mars, which may only exaggerate the urge to win, something, in some way, not anybody’s choice for how to start off the week. We’re all, unfortunately, susceptible to a tendency toward pushing forward with the fantasy (Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Sun all in Pisces) and justifying it with what seems like a rational train of thought, but which is likely either flawed from a basis in hurt or built on a fantasy (Chiron, Neptune, Mercury in Aquarius). Some can mobilize these energies very positively, with a resulting expression of the mentality based in imagination or ideals–aim for this no matter what your inclinations, and the results may be much better than you expect.

By 9 PM PST the Moon trines Mercury and we finally find out what we want to know–of course, this can appear to us to be positive or negative–just keep in mind Jung, and ask yourself, “What good can come from this bad?” or, “What bad can come from this good?” Not fun, but it not only prepares us, it keeps our emotions (and our reasoning ability and expectations) on a fairly even keel.

11 PM PST the Moon quincunxes the North Node, and we may feel we must adjust our course to accomodate feelings that surface; the problem is that no matter what time zone you’re in, this will feel like a middle-of-the-night, stressful, got-to-act-now revelation. Treat it as something to be mulled over, and 9 out of 10 of us will be glad we didn’t act, while that 1 will simply be in a better position to do what must be done. Then by 1 AM PST the 23rd the Moon quincunxes Pallas, and the Finger of God that forms (apex Moon, sextile between Pallas and NN) informs the emotional impulse with the wise choice. See? I told you to wait! And it pays off.

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Today’s Link: from one of my idols, Melanie Reinhart, an article on the Chiron/Neptune conjunction (click through to articles, by Melanie, Chiron/ Neptune–there’s no direct link to the article) http://melaniereinhart.com/

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