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The Gemini Moon trines Neptune, then sextiles Vesta and goes Void, filling the time until 12:08 PM PST with the vibe of a sacred space. We can shape the inner and outer into a personal temple, a sacramental stage onto which we can place our ideals and the pure forms of our life goals to be acted out. This is a point in time and space to re-dedicate our lives to our Purpose, in the same way that we did before incarnation, before all our stuff got in the way.

Even if we don’t actively sweep the floors of our temple and dust off our gods and goddesses, we will see the sacred space we have already created in our lives at work. Look around you; ‘what is’ reflects all that you believe and honor. If you aren’t pleased (no, awed) then change what you see; if what you attract in this period is dispiriting, feeds only the ego, or is harmful to others, have the guts to recognize that you may not truly be honoring all that you believe you are, and change that way of Being so that what you wish for and revere is what you pour your time, energy, and attention into. Pour out into the world what you want to see in your own life, and remember that as long as spirit and actions clash, inner and outer harmony will be lacking (and this means, too, that we must recognize that trouble outside is a direct reflection of trouble inside, not something to be gotten rid of or dismissed as a ‘toxic other’).

Moon enters Cancer 3:29 PM PST, making the usual Cardinal trouble, kicking up nonsense in a T-square with Saturn and Pluto (starts around 9 PM PST). It feels serious, but really, we’ve been through this about a zillion times before; by this point, if we’re still feeling our security threatened or unwanted change being pushed on us, then we just need to face that we haven’t handled the energies in a way that would resolve them effectively–don’t blame Saturn and Pluto anymore!

Trines to the Sun (11 PM PST) and Jupiter (4 AM on the 24th PST) make us very glad to have done the temple-tidying we pursued while the Moon was still in Gemini. This is the payoff point, with at the very least a sense of optimism and a clarity of Purpose (especially emotionally) flooding consciousness.

Today’s Link: even though this is from January, I really like what Jo has to say about Saturn in Libra http://astrologyinmotion.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/saturn-in-libra-cutting-the-fat/

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